Date: 30th September 2009 at 1:01pm
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Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has called for some of the press and the fans to not get frustrated when it comes to the limited game time of some of the new Rovers players.

Players such as Michel Salgado, Nikola Kalinic, Steven N’Zonzi (who is freaking awesome) and Elrio Van Heerden have seen sporadic appearances at best so far this season but the big man has stressed there is no adverse reason behind this.

Allardyce appreciates supporters want to see more of the new signings but insists they will need time and space to come to terms with the league they are in given their lack of Premier League experience and England itself.

Sam, speaking to Sky Sports, using Andrei Schevchenko at Chelsea as an example – ‘This wasn’t a young man, this was an old experienced player.

‘Because Chelsea put him in too quickly, and because he wasn’t ready he became a complete flop.

‘It was far too quick for him, far too physical and the lad’s confidence just drained away. He never, ever got to it.

‘So when I say adapting, I talk about three, six, nine and 12 months. Not two and three games like you lot (the media) talk and the fans talk about.’

I agree with Sam to an extent but can I suggest not annoying Chelsea too much – we have one of their players that we wouldn’t mind keeping past January!

In all seriousness though we are all guilty of wondering what has happened to players such as Kalinic and Van Heerden but I personally trust in Sam to use him as and when he is ready. We have a strong enough squad to help bed in some new players.


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  • I think we can in all honesty expect everyone to be up and running in full by Xmas. I do have a sneaky idea that players like Van Heerden have been bought with a view to next season as well.

  • I agree that we shouldn’t rush people into the team and get them up to speed – but 3/6/9/12 months!!! Firstly, why would we buy a player who isn’t adaptable to our league faster than this? Secondly, why would we spend a small fortune on a player if they can’t play for a season?! Come on Sam you can do better than that! Just say they’re coming along well and theres plenty of competition for places!

  • To be fair – there is nothing wrong with a bit of long term planning IMO. When we get to next summer they are then in full stride we benefit through not spending so much!

  • Jep agree with Sam, the premier league is fast and psysical – so people have to adapt. I normally give players 6 month but the premier a year, because it is so different. Kalinic is very young and comming from a whole other part europe away from family and friends. It takes time. Ronaldo only got 5 goals in the league first season….cheers Riisenholt

  • Don’t get me wrong guys I know that it takes time – to to suggest a whole season? So basically if Sam buys flops now he’s always got a get out clause – they’re not flops they just need more time to adapt!

  • You cannot deny he has brought in some very decent lookin players with the exception of Salgado (Not made my mind up as yet!) and Sam appears to be lookin out for them which IMO is a great decision, we just have to be patient and they will all come good, N’zonzi being my fav so far. Big Sam knows what hes doing.

  • The thing I don’t get though (and I have faith in Sam and his buys) is if Kalinic wasn’t ready and it may take months – why play him already?

  • im with freidel on this one….Rovers dont spend 6 (up to 12) mill on a player who will be ready in a season. Arsenal do, Chelsea do, Man U do, but rovers, no we dont. So far so good though, Nzonzi- Amazing, Jacobsen- Supoib, Di Santo- Looks class, Elrio- Who knows, Salgado- he will get there, i hope….Kalinic? we shall see….

  • You forgot Chimbo as well dude who has looked very solid as well! Kalinic will be fine as far as I am concerned. There is also IMO nothing wrong with a bit of long term planning!

  • I actually a little bit *****ed right now. I don´t understand Sam in this one. If he really are a transfer- genious, then he also have to predict their abilities to manage PL level pretty fast, specially in Rovers after selling two stars and a becoming star (Derbs) After reading that it could take a player up to 12 months to get their strenghts to play in Premier League, then i start to wonder how weak they really are? Maybe they shouldn´t play football, but rather chess or darts?
    And how can a “superstar” like Salgado who´s bragging with talk of playing with stars the last 10 years in Real Madrid, need up to a year to get ready for the PL?

    Though I like all his new signings, but if they can´t play this season, then he should be aware of that fact that we maybe doesn´t play in PL next year.
    I´m sure that we´re not being relegated this year, but when Sam say things like this what the **** should we believe?

  • I think he is just generalising when it comes to the players lazyfrog – 12 months is playing it safe. Elrio will prob be the last summer signing to be up to speed IMO. Kalinic didnt have any pre-season so its no suprise he aint totally ready yet!

  • I can say boys that Sam tried to sign several “ready to go” players but was rebuffed due to financial reasons. Iv no problem with the situation….if Kalinic takes 6 months then so be it…top strikers are hard to come by and Sams use of the “shevchenko” situation is perfectly good to me….We still have Di Santo, Roberts and Mcarthey and were currently employing a lone striker anyway…

  • Aahh, I understand, Mike Delap, since kalinic haven´t had the pre-season, then he needs 12 month to get fit, but if he had been here in the pre-season (1 month before PL starts) then he would be fit now? Didn´t he practice when he played in Croatia? Yeah yeah, Croatian league is way off compared to PL, but anyway, 12 months make it looks like he´s weak, very weak.

    And for you mani13963u485u894u5894u85u489: We still have a young lad who is going back to Chelsea in january, the leagues most ineffective finisher and a fat bloke.
    Wasn´t Big Sam talking about that we needed a striker who can give us 15-20 goals this season to finish a good season.
    Does anyone see who that striker could be? I put a bet on Gael Givet as our topscorer this season 6 goals. I have never seen worse strikers since…never?? We should have sold Mcart and Roberts instead of Matt Derbyshire. As I can see it now, we should even have bought kewinje Jones from Sunderland instead of small boys who need 12 monts practice before their ready to face PL.

  • Calm down lazyfrog dont get ur panties in a bunch just yet. Big sam is just being cautios my bet is that by christmas kalinic will be up and runnin and hitting thje back of the net regulary. People were criticising mccrthy and roberts even last season but show them some respect were here because of them

  • “the leagues most ineffective finisher and a fat bloke” classic… but I think McCarthy is better than you make him out to be… he should start sometime and be given a chance…. otherwise he will be gone alo”the leagues most ineffective finisher”

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