Date: 27th June 2009 at 9:09am
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Sam Allardyce has revealed he would like to bring Ruud van Nistelrooy to Blackburn from Real Madrid – if he can persuade Ruud to take a pay cut.

Allardyce is looking to continue his trend of brining flair names to an unfashionable club as he has done in the past. This is only a preliminary link but one that Sam is likely to chase up given even a sniff of a chance.

The transfer fee is suggested to be low – £1.5 million maximum – but the wages are the stumbling block. Ruud is on £70,000 but Sam wants a crack at talking him round to lowering his demands in exchange for guaranteed first team football.

Throw into the mix that Van Nistelrooy knows he is not going to get a kick at Real next season.

Allardyce is convinced he can pull in the big names, speaking to the Independent – ‘I [spent all the money on one player] a few years ago with Nicolas at Bolton, is goals took us up to the next level. It’s what it did to the rest of the players as well as what he did. Who’d have thought Bolton would get Nicolas Anelka? Nobody did. But I went out and did it.’

‘It would be nice to do it with a Van Nistelrooy, I don’t know, It was hugely difficult at the time but it’s much more difficult now. The sort of salary [Van Nistelrooy] would be on at Real Madrid may be beyond us. But maybe he wants to come and play in England again and take less of a salary, then we’d be interested. It would be a major coup if I could pull it off.’

Allardyce also appeared to rule out the signing of Michael Owen with major doubts over his injury record.

Allardyce continued – ‘I just question the injury scenario, I need a striker that’s going to be available for 30 games next season. That’s not happened for Michael over the last four years.’

So thats that then.

Although what becomes of this Ruud Van Nistelrooy link could either be complete tripe or a shock coup – and I for one hope it is the latter as he is a goalscorer and a fine one at the that, even if he is 33.


18 Replies to “Sam Wants Van Nistelrooy!!!!”

  • Just why would Nistelrooy — who is crocked by the way, he wouldn’t pass a medical — accept a pay cut to play for a team managed by Sam Allardyce?

  • How do you know he wouldn’t pass a medical Sindbad? Do you have close up access to him and know his current state of affairs? I’m betting that you don’t.

  • YOu have just signed Santa Cruz sindbad – he is hardly bullet proof. And we know ytou dont like Allardyce but havent you just read that Nicolas anelka played for Sam? And he styed for a whle and he enjoyed it? The ignorance mate is unbelievable!

  • Im more excited with the links with Gignac, apparently he is our more realistic target ahead of Ruud, Toulouse want £10 mil, but did any of you see his debut for France last week? He played amazing he can set up goals like he did for Elmander when he was at Toulouse and this season he has been a proven goalscorer

  • Also throw this into the mix as well – When Andre Ooijer asked whether it was a good idea to join Blackburn a few years back he was told by a certain RVN (his dutch team mate) to def 100% do it because they are a well run club with good fans. I might be readin too mcuh into this but that is a good sign!

  • I’d take him, especially for that price. I think Shirt Sales would bring in some good income from this. 45 goals in 65 games for real. I know he will have had great service, but if BSA can get him this cheep, we can afford to purchase some good creative wingers and midfienders.

  • I hated RVN at utd. Usually the sign of a good player. Hope he comes our way now. Imagine the chants of Ruud and Diouf! And shirt sales would bring in a lot, especially paying for each letter of his name on your back!

  • god its like Khiza all over again!!! Ruud and Diouf – god we’ll be more hated than ever! lets bring Savage back as well!!! lol

  • We need to replace Tugay – at 33 would RVN become the new elder statesman? Not quite what I expected!! I think another obscure up and coming striker is more what we need (is there another RSC?). On the other hand, if RVN were to score a hatful of goals and earn us a place in, say the top six, then his meagre transfer fee and wages will be dwarfed by the increased prize money for finishing so much higher in the table – could be a shrewd business move? Probably nothing more than press gossip anyway – it is silly season – has anyone been counting how many players Rovers are supposed to be chasing? I’ve lost count.

  • Sound interesting with Van nistelrooy, this could be a very good scoop. Just learned that Ramirez has already signed a contact with Benfica, unfortunately, liked him a Ewood. Cheers

  • his wages would just cripple us, he’d score tthe goals ok, he has done in every league he has played in, he has obv Premier League experience but i do think we should be going for younger, hungrier players……though I do back Sam to pull off a coup!!! done it b4

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