Date: 23rd March 2009 at 9:25am
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Chris Samba has not ruled out playing more as a striker if Sam Allardyce asks that of him.

Allardyce was quick to point out after the somehow draw against bogey team West Ham that Chris Samba could be used more often as a forward with his aerial presence very important as it strikes fear and scares opposition players.

Chris had the following to say in reponse to Sam’s comments.

Chris, speaking to the LET said – “I don`t think the manager means scare with my personality but I think I can do what he wants.

“I have played as a striker so I`ll definitely try to contribute. If the manager wants me to be more offensive, I will.

“If I can contribute one goal here or there it would be very important, like last year when I scored the winner against Spurs.

“I hope I will score an even more important one this year. It may not be a pretty one but I hope the best is yet to come.”

Interesting. The thought never genuinely occured to me but if we are in the last 20 minutes of a game then this could be a potent weapon.


10 Replies to “Samba : I Can Play As Striker”

  • Samba does and aerial presence to Rovers and this could be used if we need it but surely it wouldnt be a full time thing?

  • he would be good to throw up there at times but im not sure we should panic, its not as if we have crap strikers…… i still think it was strange to let Derbyshire go at Xmas, but then who knew that Santa would struggle with injuries after..

  • Hindisght is a beautiful thing but I would of loved Derbyshire still to be here. He scores goals – no-one can deny it.

  • He does indeed mate, he would have been more reliable than Benni in the run-in and as much as I rate Roberts he’s not a massive goal threat!! i mean not double figures a season there… We have stuggled with Santa being out and has he scored a goal since he got told to stay and help Rovers??

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