Date: 4th January 2011 at 6:55pm
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Chris Samba has again re-iterated that he is considering his future at the club by claiming Venkys have a lack of respect.

Samba sent out some mixed signals by declaring he didn’t want to be part of the Venkys run Rovers but then saying he’ll wait and see how they spend money in the window.

Confused? Me too…

Kong spoke to L’Equipe and said – “This is my fifth season here. I`ve had ups and downs but today I don`t want to waste any more time,”

“New owners have arrived, they have fired the coach when he saved us from relegation two years ago.

“The least they could have done is come to us and explain their project.

“They haven`t done that, it`s a lack of respect. I don`t want to be part of it.”

Samba did reveal however that Steve Kean has told him he has the funds to make Rovers a force.

“He (Kean) told me he had resources to build a good team. We`ll see,” Samba told L`Equipe.

“Today I want to go higher and I wonder if Blackburn can take me there. I`ll take time to think.”

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17 Replies to “Samba is not a happy bunny”

  • I’m sorry, but he has stabbed Keano in the back.

    For this there is no turning back.

    I am disgusted with him and he can bugger right off out of our club as far as i am concerned!

    Where did we rescue Samba… From B team obscurity… Ungreatful little turd.

  • But Villa aren’t better than Blackburn at the moment so it seems like at strange move. I would say Arsenal as they have been mentioned about him….cheers

  • if a good offer comes in i’d take it. He’s a decent player on his day but on a bad day he’s terrible and ends up making silly challenges. Would rather do a straight swap for Ireland than Davies + cash though. I think the moody sod shouldn’t be captain if he’s not 100% committed either.

  • just shows not everyone is happy at Ewood.. The people who boo him at liverpool tomorrow are tw*ts .. he has obviously been happy at Rovers up until now.. and Venkys have changed something for the worse.. which has made him re-think.. can’t blame him.. only thing you can blame him for is running to the press like a little girl..

  • Yeah you can’t blame him for feeling a little bit baffled by the way the new owners have gone about their business, just like the rest of us…but frankly this is not the behaviour of a captain of a team…cheers chris, just we need in these uncertain times, our captain wanting to jump ship…kindly go f*** yourself!

  • His coming to tottenham :-))) well everyone else is, so if he gets linked with us, you know that’s a safe call, his not…

  • I wanted to tell you that I read l’équipe this morning and that Big Chris has been misquoted..again!he has never said he wanted to leave but just made the french media aware of what had happened two weeks ago in England…

  • honestly, i am surprised no bigger clubs have moved in for him yet. samba is key to our defense. i understand why he wants to leave but i don’t think we could afford to lose him

  • Dont blame him, clueless owners who dont know the basics, sack a great manager and expect to go far. Go to a better club samba, you dont want to much chicken now!

  • spu 4 life, you can have him… Hey let’s take your valuations for players for instance. Krankjaer purchased for £3 million and now you value him at £9 million a few months later.

    Samba… £15 million and you can have him.

    Or chuck in Bentley and £8 million.

    We don’t want Samba at Rovers so feel free to sign him.

  • The confusion for me is that he says Venkys havent even explained their mission and yet Nelsen says they did it last week…

  • he should not be captain, he should stop commenting negatively to the press and if he has been misquoted he should come out and say so….. if he wants to leave then he does it professionally with Kean and the club and we move on…… the 1 comment i read earlier that sumed this up is that – better have come and gone over the years so if he does go so be it we will survive move forward and get on with it…
    I wont be booing him – its always cheers for the team in my book !!

  • We definitely cannot afford to lose Samba right now. Nelsen is not getting any younger, Phil Jones is out for the season. Grant Hanley is still very green. We are already down to bare bones, any more injuries, or replacements cannot perform, we will be in deep trouble.

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