Date: 23rd June 2009 at 9:36am
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Sam Allardyce has been told he will be able to spend £13 million on new signings this summer after the deaprtures of Santa Cruz and Matt Derbyshire.

The Blackburn Rovers gaffer is back from holiday tomorrow and will crack on in his pursuit of new signings. The £13 million he has will be expected to fetch in a new striker and probably two more additions – a right back and a central midfielder most likely.

It is believed Rovers will receive £15m for Santa Cruz straight away before receiving in the region of an additional £3m in add-ons that are almost guaranteed based on future performance.

Add into that the imminent transfer of Matt Derbyshire and we have some much needed funds for this summer.

Now before everyone jumps in saying ‘where has the rest of the money gone?!’ from the two sales here is your explination. The £8 million that is left will be used to offset the loss on the season ticket prices that have been reduced for this season and also to service fixed asset debt. The Roque sale in particular will ease the pressure on finance at the club – a massive long term boost.

With Allardyce’s knack of picking up a gem on a free transfer – there will be extra capacity for wages as well if Sam can find them.

Happy Tuesday morning everybody!


17 Replies to “Sam’s Transfer Funds Made Available”

  • May sound crazy – but maybe we should go in for Owen on a free transfer and offer a basic wage – and bonuses based on games played.

  • Iv thought about that one too Friedel but i just dont think Owen is Big Sam’s cup of tea…..he’s very derbyshire-esque!!!! Small, nippy etc…just dont think it will happen…but i’m PRAYING that we dont sign Davies!!!

  • True, but a fit Michael Owen will score us 10-15 goals in a season. I’m not sure if he and Sam get along – he managed him at Newcastle and seems to be the only Newcastle player we haven’t been linked with!

  • I vote no to Owen and Davies. Has the world gone mad! I read today that about £3million in going to Bayern Munich in sell on fees…. bah! £13m isn’t really very much though, 2 players worth £6/7m. Also, do we not need 2 new strikers, given the fact we ran out last season with only 3 on the books?…

  • Yes but Diouf can slot in up front as well…. I am happy with that amount of money as Sam can buy a lot with that!!!

  • We can 3 good signings with £13 million…I think we could do with a player for each area…A Striker to replace the departed Cruz and Derbyshire, Centre/left sided, and Defender/right back to replaced the departed Ooijer and Zurab…With Emerton back though, we have a utility player who is second to none! And Warnock can do the same job as Emerton, except on the left side…Or maybe we only need 2 players…Samba as the new striker…When is Reid back?

  • i think 13 million is pityful, if we had not sold any players does that mean we were not getting any transfer funds???? ooijer,rigters,axe,derbyshire,tuguy,cruz are off the wage bill as will be a few more before season starts. yes season tickets are cheaper, but if the product is bad then they should be, it was what i expected to be honest, again we have sold valuable assets with he purpose of keeping money and tring to replace it with a lot less

  • £13m is good as its just really from 2 deals, as im sure the Matty deal has been included there…with that amount of money we can buy in players no problem, its not as if we’re top 4 club were the bidding usually start at this….we will prob get a few more million from the sales of Zurab, Brown, Bunn, Gallagher, Rigters etc ( the deadwood ) Glen as u said getting that 6 or so players off the wage bill is good step, hopefully allow us to offer better wages, not over the top though, to atteact players like Gudjohson, Owen, Nolan, Smith etc and whoever else we get linked to this week lol but it does free us up a bit, Rovers are just rite not splashing all the money and balancing the books, we have a good wee squad, when everyone is fit, we just need to add in a a couple of positions….

  • Would be nice if the Walkers offered a further 13 million to go with the sale generated funds but of course that won’t happen.

  • I assume that without the sales the Walkers were planning for a transfer budget of zero. Oh but at least they are honest about having no ambition that’s a great consolation.

  • I dont think it is a lack of ambition it is a lack of money!!! 2 totally different things – I suppose you want the club to go gung ho and rack up debt to sign players?!?!

  • If we can spend the money right and avoid a lot of relegation fights, then I will be happy. We have to remember we almost got relegated this year. 13mio is what we got, we just have to use them right….cheers

  • i dont think Blackburn suffer from a lack of ambition, we are a well run club, yes in debt but not to tune of £700m for most of the top 4 or i think i read on here that Fulham are £200m in debt, to reach the Ufea Cup ( Europa League lol ) i like every fan want to see his club do well but i would rather have a club as well…we have had buyers interested in us, but Williams is getting the best for the club instead of hocking it to anyone with a deep wallet

  • good call Clint – I agree completely. I think that if there is a takeover at some point I would like to think that John would be kept in charge of things in some way.

  • It’s not a lot to work with is it, HOWEVER, I would expect Big Sam to be able to do quite a lot with that sort of money.

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