Date: 14th October 2008 at 6:28pm
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Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz has been quoted as basically saying that he wouldn’t mind joining Manchester City.

The Paraguayan International signed a new four-year contract in the summer to ward off interest from Man City (among others) but with them now VERY MUCH in the money it is understood that Santa Cruz could be one of many players they look to recruit in the New Year.

Santa Cruz told Radio Station Primero de Marzo: “Manchester City is a team that has a very important financial support that is getting prepared for winning the title.

“I am very happy at Blackburn but I like the idea of playing for a team that will be fighting for important objectives.

“I will keep on doing what I do at Blackburn but if the coach of Manchester City is interested in me I would like to join Robinho in that team. He is a wonderful player and I would like to play next to him.

Have you ever noticed that these stories usually come out more around the International break, usually when he is back in South America? No doubt he was asked a question, which he answered and this now leads everyone to think that he DOES want to go. Santa has merely stated an admiration for City and a fondness for Robinho, and a desire to play alongside him nothing more (and words have probably been twisted to suit those printing them as well!!!)


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19 Replies to “Santa Cruz Open To Man City Move???”

  • At least IF City did come in for Santa in January we know they WOULD pay a huge amount for him, which wouldn’t really be much consolation but it should at least give us money to spend. If He wasn’t happy at Ewood he wouldn’t have signed a new contract would he!!!

  • He is ahppy here. I am somewhat sceptical of these articles at the moment. Well if its true, at the least the guy is honest!

  • Roque was quoted out of context. I heard the interview, and it was somthing like this.

    Interviewer: So, Roque, we understand that M.City is after you

    Roque (R): Manchester City is a team that has a very important financial support that is getting prepared for winning the title, and I understand they have many players on their “wanted” list, and is not just my name that is mentioned, they have many options.

    I: And how do you like the idea of going there:

    R: I A M H A P P Y here at Blackburn, but if there is again an offert for me, it should be one that the club can’t resist, otherwise I am staying.

    I: Would you like to have Robinho as a partner?

    R: Well, Robinho is a great player and anybody would feel honoured to play next to him.

    And that was it…Roque is not planning on leaving any time soon.

    By the way, he didn’t come to Paraguay…he is recovering from his injury.

    Roque & Rovers R 1!

  • If Santa wanted to go he would have done in the last transfer window… he didn’t and signed a new deal instead… nuff said!

  • I revert back to my previous comment re Stevie W interview. As soon as something said against Rovers, it’s untrue, or out of context! Maybe Santa Cruz hinting that he would like to play along side Robinho is a plea for Hughes to come and get him. He did say he likes the idea of playing for a team that wants to be fighting for important objectives. He knows the price will have to be right for Rovers to even entertain an offer, but maybe he does want to go…?

  • But WHY sign a new contract a few months ago if he wanted to leave? IF he wanted to go now, he would’ve wanted to have gone then!

  • His agent has been ferociously denying what was said saying it was indeed taken out of context. I hope this is true but how many “out of context interviews” can we have?!?!… I do hope he didnt say it the way it sounded though!!!

  • Yeah but Carlos made a retraction himself the other week and people were sceptical about that! Maybe Roque asked his agent to say somet… we dont know?!?! We can just back him and show him how much he is wanted here.

  • Well every player dreams of playing at the top but ( and plz dont get me wrong here ) BUT I dont think City will be there, its ok having all these dreams about buying all these players and u can have all the money in the world at ur disposal but u have to remember that City will have to lure these players to the more unfashionable side of cold and rainy Manchester from clubs such as Milan, Barcalona, Juventus etc the list will not doubt go on… Im not saying this wont happen cos as Rovers fans we all know – money talks in football – but i will just say i will believe it when i see it!! Roque i think wont quit for money, i think he sees wot Rovers has done for him after his time at Bayern ( which again proves u can be at a big club, one with money or in the running for honors ) and not get anywhere, so with this in mind i think we are save enough. Again and this is not anyhting against Roque but i think he will be a back up to City, as he’s not the “BIG” name player that City and its owners will be after to make the big splash im sure they feel they need to

  • Great reasoning that Clint… couldnt agree more. If roque cant see what he has here (and I think he does) then he is not very clever at all.

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