Date: 3rd January 2009 at 9:09am
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Roque Santa has given a short statement to Rovers fans.

He feels his interview with a Paraguayan radio station was not translated in the correct way and things have been taken out of context.

The Paraguayan radio interview was displayed on Vital Blackburn yesterday, Santa has moved to rubbish what was said.

Santa Cruz, speaking in English so there can be no doubt to Sky Sports News, ‘It’s an interview that hasn’t been translated properly,’

‘All I have said is that I only know what has been said in the press – I know nothing more.

‘I want Blackburn fans to know that I am happy at the club and I am concentrating on getting match fit.’

This is great to hear and a good sign for the club. However Mr.Cruz may want to refrain in future from giving radio interviews in his homeland – that’s twice he has been misquoted now.


18 Replies to “Santa Cruz’s Message To The Blue And White Army”

  • Hate to say it but he seems to be suffering from “Benedict Saul McCarthy Syndrome” his head has been turned, no doubt with the assistance of his agent and possibly his dad. He should keep his mouth firmly shut from here on out and do his talking on the pitch, be that Ewood or the Council House in Eastlands. Am having to stop myself calling him a liar here but time will bear me out on my gut feeling i guess!

  • Lets hold back judgement till the 3rd of Feb eh? we’ll see as the old proverb goes – actions speak louder than words.

  • he will do a shearer say one day he is happy and then move on the day after, i think he has spoke out cos he knows the other strikers are playing well and now he is no longer guaranteed first choice and unless that bid comes in he may find himself on the bench for a while at rovers

  • you could well have a point there Glen… he has hedged his bets but I suppose he is kind of doing it in a smart way.

  • i think he has burnt his bridges with alot of fans, cos everyweek he is being quoted in various medias of wanting to leave, some players get linked with moves and stay quiet but he has shown a desire to leave

  • He has also stated several times here that he is committed to the cause. I wouldnt say he has burnt bridges he just has to show with his body language that he is prepared to graft.

  • Dont give interviews if you’re gonna be misquoted, once bitten twice shy and all that but clearly Roque is angling for a move but trying to keep Rovers fans sweet at the same time in case he doesnt get his move. I’ve had enough of him just as I did when Benni was at this. Just shut up get on with it

  • If we are using footballers logic then yeah youre prob right but Rovers arent going to be willing sellers. You will have to put a big bid in and pay over the odds my friend if Hughes wants him.

  • heard on manchester radio on way home tonight that city expect to unveil cruz and parker in nxt couple of days and he will be followed by bellamy

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