Date: 29th April 2008 at 6:02pm
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Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz has NO intention of leaving Ewood Park this summer, despite reported interest from Manchester United.

The exploits of Santa Cruz this season have inevitably seen him capture the interest of other teams, with Man United understood to be interested in the Paraguayan following a near dream debut season in the Premier League. However, although he did go as far as to admit that if he did make a move it would be to another English club, he played down the Manure interest and again stressed how happy he is at Ewood.

Santa Cruz is quoted as telling a Radio Station in Asuncion: “If I have to be transferred I expect it to be inside England because I would like to stay in this country.

“To tell you the truth I’m not thinking about leaving Blackburn Rovers.

“I know about the interest from Manchester United after what has been said in the press but nobody has spoken with me about that

Rovers have NO need to sell, so they WILL NOT sell unless players want to leave and they all seem happy enough where they are don’t they!!!



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  • It’s hard to say no when Manure come calling isn’t it, hopefully these links are nothing more than media gossip as if they did make an offer then he might find it hard to say no. However, I FULLY expect Santa Cruz to be here again next season.

  • Great news for you. After his performances this season, it’s no surprise that he’s being linked with Man U. I would love to have him in our team!

  • Santa Cruz satyed at Bayern for year without getting in the team, he has moved to Rovers who along with hard work from himself has shown wot he can do when fit! I believe him when he says that he owes Hughes and expect him to stay. Why would he want to move to Utd and find himself in the same position as he was at Bayern, not starting every week!!

  • I read an article in the paper about this – and I was delighted. He said he wanted to stay, things are going well and he wants to repay Hughes… why can’t all footballers be like this??

  • I remember Santa’s Paraguyan pals on here saying he is a loyal guy and wouldn’t jump ship at the first chance and his words strengthen this sentiment, which pleases me. I think he will be with us next season. But may I add why is the price tag only £10million?!?!?!

  • Ignore that £10m price tag, nobody’s going to get him off us that cheap. Its a figure being bounced around by sections of the media with absolutely nothing to back it up. We’ve never quoted him as being worth £10m, and we have had no offers for him as of yet. City enquired about him during the transfer window but that was about it, nothing concrete.

  • I’m telling you guys…he won’t leave unless Hughes decides to sell him (My source is called Roque Luis Santa Cruz Cantero). He is a men of his word, plus why would he leave the team that made him re-born. My brother (who play along side Roque in Parguay U-20 national team) is visiting Roque on sunday, and I’m pretty sure he’ll get the same answer I did “I’m not leaving Blackburn”

  • I think the offer in Jan was something like £4.5m, when u think Roque is only behind Ronaldo – value is priceless lol and Sulky Berbatov – valued at £30m by some then you do have to laugh at £4.5m from City. £10m wouldnt even begin the bidding if Dietmar is still worth anywhere near the figure he was last yr after Spurs miserabloe season, taking into account the cup win, b4 anyone starts but Spurs were supposed to break the top 4 THIS season by many

  • diegoveron – I have no doubt that Santa Cruz will stay, he seems very honourable and a man of his word, a credit to his nation! Who is your brother, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Hughes Da man- Roque is indeed the biggest pride of current Paraguayan football. And I dont mind answering to your question: My brothers name is Carlos Veron, he’s a goalkeeper and played for Paraguay in the South American Qualifier for Under 17 FIFA WORLD CUP NEW ZEALAND 99, and also played in the World cup itself (in these tournaments he was Roque’s brother teanmate) and also was part of the Under 20 roaster for the Nigeria 99 U20 World up, alongside Roque..but my brother didn’t make to the WC for being too young! Tomorrow my brother is flying to Manchester to participite representing Paraguay in an amateur World Cup in the Old Trafford, called “Budweiser 6versus6 World Cup” he’s meeting Roque to hang out a little.

  • very nice diego, congrats to your brother, we have an insider on the site lol. Anyone else fortunate enough to have a family member with such a high profile. My mothers first cousin was married a French women and was a delegate for France for Fifa. he then moved on to become the head delegate for the Saudi Arabian Federation. Not sure what he is doing with him self these days, il find out a name and post asap.

  • Hey diegoveron…long shot I know but any chance on perhaps hooking us up with a short chat with Roque himself…or perhaps your brother for an interview piece on the site? Great that we have an inside source to put our minds at rest.

  • Reversman: I’ll ask Roque…maybe one of you guys can get in touch with him there in England and get an exclusive interview!

  • He wont be going anywhere. There is no need for him to.. he scores goals, he gets games and he gets to improve. NUFF SAID.

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