Date: 9th July 2007 at 11:52am
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With the Craig Bellamy deal seemingly tied up with West Ham United, Blackburn Rovers have today been linked with a move for Bayern Munich`s Paraguayan striker, Roque Santa Cruz.

This is certainly a big name, the kind of striker with a sound pedigree that Rovers should be looking at but despite John Williams confirming interest in the hitman I am personally loathe to see him move to Ewood.

Williams told the Lancashire Evening Telegraph:

We have been made aware of his availability by a number of agents. He’s a player that Mark is aware of.

It is reported that the fee involved for the gangly front man is around £8million. This story was originally broken by a Sunday newspaper claiming that Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City were believed to be mulling over a £4.5million bid. The difference in price there is startling and I would bulk at the idea of paying £8million for a striker un-tried at our level and from a continent of players who notoriously fail in our league.

Santa Cruz has been with Bayern Munich since 1999 and held the reputation as one of the world`s most exciting potential talents. Alas, despite being relatively prolific for the Paraguayan national side he has failed to replicate this form in the league for Bayern.

Their signings of Miroslav Klose and Luca Toni have pushed Santa Cruz down the pecking and it would appear as though eh is now surplus to requirements.

For me though £8million is far too much, I would even question £4.5million but in Hughes we trust and we will wait in anticipation for an outcome.


22 Replies to “Santa Set to Visit Blackburn Early”

  • Although he is a recognised name on the European stage and at an excellent age…I doubt that he is the man rovers need. Indeed this does indicate that Hughes is looking at bringing another front man. Although Santa isn’t right for us.

  • You beat me to this roversman, I had JUST finished writing an article on this and a couple of others things, ready to publish when I saw this LOL!

  • I personally think he would be a GREAT signing and I would have him here ANY day of the week!!!
    My concerns are though he has had some injuries (so how will they hamper him), although they don’t appear to be hampering him too much do they at the moment. Another thing is that price tag! Would Rovers pay as much as £8 million for him?!?! I think he would be worth it but would we pay it???

  • I would seriously differ with you here dude. Although I do rate him and don’t rate the quoted price tag and have reservations about him making it in the prem. Tis nice to be linked with top names in the game though. You should have seen how quickly I wrote this one dude. Didn’t want to get beat by Mikey again!!!!

  • LOL, we have to move fast these days don’t we, but just getting things covered is the main thing 🙂
    There is that dude, the adaptation COULD be tough for him, but I don’t think it would (but I am often wrong LOL!) I know he wouldn’t have any Premiership experience but with all due respect to Bellers I would say he is superior to him, so would be happier at us paying £7.5-8 million for him more than I would have Bellers (even though we knew EXACTLY what we would be getting.)

  • That is a good point fella. You only have to look at Berba at the Shadow to see how well he did. Took time to adjust but, corect me if im wrong, aren’t they similar types of players in style and physique? You may have a point fella!

  • As I said earlier I am the oricale LOL!
    The added bonus with Santa Cruz is (unlike Berbatov) he wouldn’t really come out of nowhere to burst onto the scene. Don’t get me wrong Berbatov WAS known throughout Europe but a fair few eyebrows were raised when Spurs paid so much, but they were right. So if Sparky and co think Santa Cruz is right then he will be too.
    Yeah dude, I think Santa Cruz is a complete striker, will link the midfield, create for others AND score goals. If he arrived though I think this could be the end for one of my favourites after all (JR?!?!)

  • (As an aside – Anyone noticed that 8M euro translates roughly to 4.5M sterling – Breakdown of communication somewhere amongst the rumours methinks)

  • Great point HRH, I didn’t notice that and would make sense for my confusion over such a steep difference in prices!

  • Ive only heard good things about him. Wasn’t he Munichs top striker 2 years back before his injuries???

  • Perfect in my opinion…..Wish the deal can go through and not just another rumour…Don’t think we have good options in england besides Healy and Nugent.

  • To be fair their haven’t really been many (if any) rumours involving possible arrivials published on Vital Blackburn have their, and in general there haven’t really been many rumours about players signnig for Rovers full stop (in all areas of the media have their?!?!)
    I’m more than happy to see him here, but would say there are still plenty of options that Sparky could explore if needed.

  • Well Hughes knows best and although I was initially optimistic I have reservations. You guys would appear to differ on this one with me but we will see. Would rather the money go on Nugent!

  • We dont really have much rumours at Rovers because Hughes likes to keep his targets very quiet. Most of the speculation is exactly that… specualtion.

  • As much as it is annoying to to hear us linked woth players as it does get the juices flowing I do prefer the way Rovers do business now.

  • It is nice to have a little speculation isn’t it but you generally know if something is true (transfer target wise) as someone at the club says something, if they don’t it is usually bull*****.

  • i like this guy. He has plenty of talent, and age is on his side. I really like the ambition shown by the club this transfer period, scrapping the players who wont feature and strengthenining.

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