Date: 3rd June 2008 at 11:02am
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A report on the BBC’s Sport website has Dean Saunders, our former Assistant Manager to ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’ warning Mark Hughes on the perils of leaving Ewood Park.

Saunders spoke of his time at Rovers and the shock that he got when he moved to Newcastle with ‘Him’ in 2004.

Saunders said ‘I had a shock going to Newcastle’. (No real surprise there to Rovers fans, eh?)

He went on to say ‘Graeme took a risk going to Newcastle but you don’t realise how well Blackburn is run until you’ve left.

‘Over the last eight or nine years since returning to the Premier League, Blackburn have steadily improved.

‘Mark has done well and taken the club into Europe a couple of times by finishing seventh twice.

‘But that is because of how it’s run and because the chairman and the directors are very stable people.

‘Mark will have the same problem at Man City that we had at Newcastle and he’ll realise it should he get there.’

So, the grass isn’t always greener, even if it looks more expensive and inviting!

Maybe Deano is angling for a shot at the Rovers Hot Seat if and when Hughes departs.

Nevertheless, it shows how well Rovers are perceived by ex pros and management within the Premier League.


20 Replies to “Saunders Warns Sparky”

  • Oh and its nice to see that we get some recognition. Whoever is next for the hotseat should look at the club as a chance to grow and work in a “family” environment with no meddling in managerial business. I;ve just heard Alan Shearer be mentioned!!!

  • ive just heard paul ince mentioned?! i dont know about anyone else….. but if hughes does choose to go… i would not mind having incey at the healm one bit!!! i just hope hughes stays!!

  • I heard Inces’ name mentioned. What about Mike Newell? He did a good job at Luton and Hartlepool (prior to Luton). Granted, no Premiership experience, but neither had Hughes.

  • aye i just read about alan shearer too and for some reason it kinda excites me a little bit. i know he hasnt had much experience in management except for the assistant job at newcastle to roeder (in which he performed well in and then after he left, it all went wrong for ol’ glenn) but i dunno. it’s obviously not ideal for us but i can’t think of anyone worse than Steve McClaren for the job and that won’t cheer up bents would it? Big Sam too represents the kind of football we needed a couple of seasons back before we started playing real attractive football(sometimes). i dunno, even with his VERY limited experience, i prefer shearer to every name that has so far been put forward

  • dont want shearer just listeneing to him on match of the day makes me cringe!! allardyce well he can just ***** off! ince is a good shout and i think would stick around for a few years!!
    it is good that people view us as a good and well run club!!

  • tommy the blue – Dean Saunders knows what it is like to leave Blackburn for the “big club” and then regret it. Thats what he knows.

  • Big Sam would be a good shout although i worry about the players he’s interested in while at Bolton, Ince has no predigree in any of the top divisons, Newell has kinda disappeared after he left Luton and Shearer, i would like to see but again no experience!! It would be a good place for him to start though, a team that not much needs done with, only a couple of minor alterations, important especailly in the 1st yr. I can see Big Sam getting on the experience side of things but i think we should punt for one of the lesser known men (on the management side of things) but still big names in the game

  • But its nice to see that Rovers are seen in the light that Saunders was speaking about and hopefully he will have said this to Hughes, after all they must know each other from the Welsh Connection. There’s hope yet!! Well if City appoint Zico and Chelsea go for Big Phil there is

  • Exactly Diego, everyone is taking for granted that hes gone, hence why I refuse to put a poll up asking who will replace Hughes until he has officially left, even if it is a matter of time now.

  • Big Sam for me same style as Hughes and he did very well at Bolton..but our board has to be the greediest in the country with millions coming in they allow someone to get our manager..if he didint do a good job next year no one would have him and he knows that..

  • Dean Saunders – what a well loved person he is by all Chelsea fans – I think not – remember Paul Elliott!

  • Going to Chelsea I could accept, Man City baffles me!!! Sparky always tells his players that “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side” doesn’t he, I assume he is thinking about this himself?!?! I’d be gutted to see Sparky leave, but its looking VERY likely now isn’t it.

  • i met robbie savage a while back (at my work) he had moved to derby by then, i asked him how it was ar derby, dropping in i was a rovers fan, and he said that you dont realise how ell blackburn is run until you’ve left!!! maybe there will be some regrets next season hughesy???

  • Blackburn is the best run club in the division. People praise the managers but the board appoint the managers and control thingsat the highest level. Maybe Hughes will regret things if he leaves?

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