Date: 31st March 2008 at 3:31pm
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Sergio Peter is returning from a season ruining injury tonight as the reserves take on Bolton.

Having been out since September with a thigh injury having Sergio back is a big boost for Rovers as we look for options ahead of our European Quest run in.

Maybe a spot in centre midfield could develop some creativity in the Rovers midfield. He’s got the talent for sure.

And for those of you thinking Sergio had vanished off the planet… he hadn’t, this is where he has been.


9 Replies to “Sergio Finally Returns”

  • This could be great news. Would certainly freshen the team up. This could also give us the boost we need… like a new signing.

  • good news and always a great sub to bring on, might take a while to get back up to fitness so might not be able to really make an impact till next season

  • “Serge” is a lovely footballer. I was beginning to think that we had given him away – like we seem to have done with so many others. Nocriticism intended, just still rather disappointed about M Keita.

  • I was also disappointed to see Keita return to German football, as I had VERY high hopes for the dude, so would’ve been disappointed to see Sergio (who I rate HIGHLY) go the same way, and he still might but I hope not.
    It’s good to have him back, I don’t think he#ll feature this season, but hopefully he still does have a long-term future here?!?!

  • I too was wondering what had gone on. I just thought he had fallen out o favour and his lack of chances was testament to the fact he wasn’t good enough after all. Still I hope to see him make in roads before the end of the season.

  • He’ll be back in contention sooner than we think… based on what Hughes has been saying he will be back soon.

  • Wondered where he had got to, surely he can push Gamst on current form for a place on the left hand side??

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