Date: 2nd February 2011 at 11:26pm
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Its a shame. In an era where players hold the power, an era where if a player wants out, they slap in a transfer request and move on with their lives, peeving off everybody at their previous club, we have a man, who

A) Is on pennies

) Gives his absolute best

) Cops a heap of bollocks, yet comes back again….

Incase you dont know who I am talking about, its Keith Andrews.

How dare those in the stand bag him out, week in, week out. His performance was actually pretty decent today. He moved the ball just fine, probably didnt get as forward as some would like, but he tracked back well and covered outwide as needed.

Did Jermaine Jones get booed when he lost the ball in midfield 3 or 4 times?

Did Chris Samba get booed after his poor marking for the opening goal?

Did Michel Salgado get booed after Lennon dazzled him 3 or 4 times?

Did MB Diouf get booed after missing his third opportunity, or every time he fell down…


Then why the heck does Keith Andrews become the target, every single game. The lad is not a superstar. Oh Boy not even close. But he doesn’t carry on like one either. There are many midfielders out their plying their trade who would sulk at their banana going off yellow, yet Keith pulls up his socks, warms the bench and slots in when called on.

Its an arguement I am not going to win, but as long as Keith wears the Blue and White halves (or the red), he will get my support.

To the boo boys in the stands, shame on you….the lot of you.


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  • Sorry Sas but this is totally wrong.. Andrews was nowhere close to giving 100% today.. Wimp tackles.. when he actually bothered to tackle anyone.. he gave it away several times with no effort to win it back.. when we were breaking out he ran out at a jog.. He should never play for us again. He is not prem quality.. what the Hell are Grella, N’Zonzi, Pedersen, Lowe all doing out the team with this clown in.

  • I thought it was pretty disgusting the way the fans were today. rover23, i can agree with you to some extent in that he put in ‘wimp’ tackles and he gave the ball away several times. However, i cannot blame the kid for giving the ball away several times (by accident). He must have been papping it everytime the ball rolled to him because of the boo’s coming from the stands everytime he got on the ball. Seriously, ur own fans booing you? It just wasn’t deserved.

  • whether he should be in the team or not is a different matter altogether. Fact of the matter is he is in the team, and has been when fit. Disgraceful in the stands

  • TBH I didnt think he played that Bad, But thought Keane was again got it all wrong, Roberts was once again shocking, whilst the substitutions were as shocking, Taking dunny off summed it up for me

  • andrews started the match well, but faded away. he’s certainly not the worst player on the field tonight (i think roberts and jj were worse), but he will always be the scapegoat unfortunately.

  • I have to say I was surprised to see him in the starting line up with the likes of N’Zonzi back to full fitness but to boo the lad is absolutely ridiculous. It’s not going to help him play any better and achieves nothing for the team. Well said SAS

  • Agree totally Sas… He may not be very good but if someone can tell me what exactly booing your own player is going to achieve then I would be glad to know?

  • I completely disagree, Sas. He was woeful tonight, us fans at the match don’t all agree a player has played bad just for the fun of it. I don’t condone booing your own player, and never will. Those that booed ought to be ashamed of themselves, but I agree with rover23, he should never wear the Rover’s shirt ever again. We have a squad ripe with midfielders, so why the heck did Kean pick a guy who looks lost at this level? It’s Kean’s fault every bit as much as it is Andrew’s fault.

  • I completely agree with Sasman. as soon as he is selected he is a Rovers player and should be cheered and encouraged. no player should be booed. In his case it was from the first whistle and not even about whether he played well or not.
    Those who booed are not proper fans in my view.

  • Sas’s article isn’t whether he should play or not its that is an absolute disgrace that certain sections of the fans would choose to boo their own player instead of backing them and I agree, its disgusting.

  • I have to agree with Sas – we can boo our own team: it has such a negative effect on us. Andrews bless him, is woeful and there is no denying it. If asked to predict the score, I can never give us a clean sheet if he’s in the 11 because as much as he runs he’s going to make a cock up – not unlike when you knew if jeff kenna was left one on one at the back it would end up in either a) a penalty or b) a penalty and a red card. But we must back our team (like we did when we were relegated) and give them 100%!!

  • It is disgusting that he gets booed, but let’s not kid ourselves. a) he does not play for pennies, it may be less than others in our team but give me £10,000 per week and I would be happy to do as bas as he does for us. b) His best is simply not good enough, and he should not be on the pich to begin with. Asking why Samba and Salgado did not get booed is ridiculous, they make the odd mistake but for the most part they play brilliantly, whereas Andrews makes nothing but mistakes. I don’t condone booing, but he is not good enough for the PL and he is a major liability. Fair enough, have a go at the fans that booed him, but please don’t pretend like the guy doesn’t deserve the negativity that surrounds him, he is paid decent money to play for our team and our fans pay decent money to watch our team, if he is going to play so badly every week then our paying fans have every right to say what they want about the guy.

  • What a set of wa&@£rs some of these rovers fans are. You boo the guy and then slag him off when he gives the ball away. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a big fan of Andrews buy even a 5 year old would know that booing your own players is wrong. Andrews looked petrified every time he got the ball last night and it got to a point where he didn’t even want the ball because of some small minded tossers. Well done lads, we might as well have played with 10 men thanks to your ignorance. One more thing, van de vart and Lennon were pretty poor last night, why was that I here you say, maybe because Andrews and jj did a job on them and did the simple things like stopping the ball getting to them. Oh and a reality check wouldn’t go a miss, we are Blackburn rovers, not man u or Chelsea, therefore we are never going to be full of world class players like some people actually think we have now

  • in fairness, he is probably a player who will not be with you much longer or is one that will have to be happy with a squad place, but he has given really good service in his short(ish) spell with you and though he may not be top quality, he is someone who will always give 100% and perhaps as fans there is a danger if getting ahead of yourselves with your expectations at this early stage.

  • as fran said, this is not about whether he should play or not, its the notion of booing your own player, regularly, regardless of whats happening.

  • Don’t believe in booing a player and did not boo him last night, but he did not give 100%. From the off he was shirking challenges standing off players and hiding from the ball, it wasn’t just after people were booing him! He is not good enough for the team, fair enough we are not Chelsea and we are not going to have a team full of international superstar players, but we shouldn’t have mediocre championship players in either.

  • would you give 100% if you were getting booed when you name is called out before the kick off????? He didn’t even have chance to do anything wrong last night. As for Keans subs, i dont think he was left with much choice, could you imagine what the fans would have done if they had taken Andrews off, it would have destroyed the bloke. Now I know a lot of Rovers fans would be happy with that, but as far as I am concerned that is out of order. So maybe all you booing fans caused him to stay on the pitch. Again I would like to say well done to all those super intelligent individuals

  • sorry ladies and gents, looks like I lost it a bit earlier on. As you can probably tell I dont agree with booing our own players, so lets all get behind our team no matter who is playing, da da da dah Jason Roberts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No questions that he gave 100% but he always turns back before looking forward fine sat in front of back four but JJ was doing that job he slowed momentum down everytime he got the ball no imagination! But to boo your own player is still wrong in my eyes probably the worst thing is that had to explain to those around me that it wasn’t the general performance but Keith that was being jeered! but also can anyone argue that he shouldn’t have been subbed? JJ, precaution, ok and longest game Dunn played no injury but my girlfriend thought Keith was not playing well and she was on the internet working in a restaurant and said he was as much use as a chocolate fireguard after the 1st half! Is kean going to be another Ray Harford or Brian Kidd?? great coach but no manager??

  • well said Sas, unless a player has been mouthing off about the club (Croque anyone?), there is no excuse for booing them, espcially andrews who, while not particually skilled, has always given his all. don’t mistake his lack of natural ability for a lack of effort. frankly, i like the guy and he’s done well to keep quiet and not react to the fools who boo him

  • If you guys want to boo someone then boo the manager – he picks the team, he subs players – if you’re unhappy tell him! Andrews is an average player – but we bought him, he wears our shirt, we should encourage and support him. If we booed every poor performance we’d hardly clap and cheer!

  • There will always be a boo boy,the great brazil teams will have had one,I have witnessed first hand Ryan Giggs getting stick at old trafford,I am a season ticket holder at Ewood,living in Manchester and loving football,when Rovers were not playing,I took the opportunity to take in a game,before u start havin a go! I am not comparing,obviously,just makin the point.When we won the league it was Atko who got all the stick.We all get frustrated,booing our own team is music to the ears of our opponents,all we can ask is that our team give their best,we cannot ask any more,anyone who who thinks that givin Andrews a hard time ,will improve his performance is deluding themselves.

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