Date: 1st April 2009 at 8:43am
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Rovers legend Alan Shearer is set to be appointed as Newcastle manager until the end of the season.

The former Rovers and Magpies striker, 38, has been penned in for a caretaker manager role that has often been rumoured in the past.

Shearer would replace former interim manager Joe Kinnear who is struggling with ill health.

At the moment borderline useless coach Chris Hughton is in charge.

With Hughton in temporary charge, Newcastle have slipped into the relegation zone and are third from bottom of the Premier League.

Kevin Gallacher, who played alongside Shearer at Rovers, told BBC Radio 5 Live – ‘It’s a surprise appointment – it’s thrown me a googly to say the least.

‘Obviously with Joe being out unwell something had to happen. You’re just hoping that with all the hype that’s going to follow the team is going to pick it up. Not all great players make great managers but Alan has a great football brain.

The fans will be out celebrating as soon as they hear the news. Alan is so high on the pedestal at Newcastle’

‘Players always need a leader and now Alan’s there he’ll command the respect of the players. He has eight games to pick them up, starting with Chelsea, and that’s a tough order. The fans will be out celebrating as soon as they hear the news. Alan is so high on the pedestal at Newcastle.’

April fools or a suprise story?


15 Replies to “Shearer Set To Be Appointed Newcastle Caretaker”

  • Was announced last night, so most likely not an April fools joke. Think the Geordies will definitley go down now and Ashley is appointing Shearer to deflect attention from this fact. The fact that there are only 8 games left means that Shearer will not get blamed if they do go down, and he’s bound to be given more time than anyone except perhaps Keegan. Good luck shearer, you’re going to need bags of it!

  • I think maybe Ashley si trying to get people onside if this is true? try and gain some favour… its either gonna be a roaring success or a massive failure. No middle ground here!

  • Being a rover fan I hold Shearer in high regard – and therefore wish him the best of luck… however, I do want Newcastle to be relegated, along with Boro and West Brom – so that rovers won’t be. This appointment will get the fans onside and cheering the team on – it will build morale and will probably improve their performances – bad news for us.

  • It will instill the spirit but is there good merit in appointing someone who literally has no management history at all?

  • … and don’t forget he is a truly awful pundit. I’ve never seen him offer at insight at all in fact. I’m very dubious about how this one will work out.

  • Good luck to Shearer, but if its him or us it’ll be him (and them) all day long. Personally I think Newcastle will stay up, and would’ve with or without big Al, however, he will now be the next messiah and get all the glory.

  • Shearer doesn’t say anything, Lawro does. But when he does, it’s usually wrong. So fair point Mikey 😀

  • Shearer will always be a hero for both clubs but on Newcastle’s front its seems like a desperate move, anything to try and motivate a pretty bad team, by their standards… He has NO experience but u must believe that the board are hoping his charisma carries him and the team until the end of the season, on the Shearer front, its hard to turn your favorite club, especailly in times of crisis, he’s on a hiding to nothing – if he keeps them up, he’ll be bigger than God, if he’s not already, in Newcastle if not he could simply say – no experience, either way he’s pocketing a tidy sum – quoted to be £100,000 per game and £1m if they stay up, another good reason to take over, well if your cynical lol Good luck to him but, as its been mentioned b4, its a strange time epecially after turning down the Rovers/Newcastle jobs in better times b4!!!!

  • I wish him luck… but at the same time. I hope they get relegated! (beggars can’t be choosers in the bottom half)

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