Date: 15th February 2007 at 11:59am
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Blackburn Rovers head back to the Emirates Stadium on Saturday for the FA Cup fifth round clash after Arsenal eventually saw of Bolton Wanderers.

After Rovers’ highly entertaining UEFA Cup tie in Germany which yielded five goals and plenty of entertainment Bolton and Arsenal replayed their FA Cup fourth round tie and another match of high entertainment and drama eventually saw Arsenal take their place in round five to be our opponents this Saturday lunchtime.

Despite two penalty misses and a Bolton injury time equaliser Arsenal still managed to come through eventual 3-1 victors against a ten man Bolton side after extra time. A trip to the Emirates was looking certain when the match rolled into the second minute of injury time at the end of the ninety when Bolton dramatically equalised to send the match into extra time, all this after Gilberto Silva had blazed a penalty over the bar that would have given Arsenal a 2-0 lead.

During extra time Arsenal and Bolton slugged it out with chances coming and going at both ends but it was Arsenal that eventually broke through as the match neared a conclusion. Bolton then went down to ten men and as they went in search of an equaliser got caught on the break time and time again conceding another penalty again amazingly ballooned over the bar this time by Julio Baptiste! In the dying moments victory was secure after another breakaway this time no mistake was made.

So a return to the Emirates on Saturday lunchtime, the scene of a 6-2 mauling on the eve of Christmas (even though the result doesn’t tell the true story) awaits Rovers. Arsenal have to lose at the Emirates sometime, could Saturday be this time…

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23 Replies to “So Rovers Face Arsenal… Again!”

  • I remain positive most the time and as everyone always does hope for a positive result but do fear this could be a bridge too far for Rovers? Arsenal do have to lose at the Emirates sometime but they are in fine form at present and seem to be able to grind out results against teams when maybe they couldn’t in the past. A lot will depend on what team Wenger fields, but even then some of the kids, probably most of them are good enough for most other first teams?!?! Let’s just have a go, with the Admiral back we should be tighter at the back and have to think we can do it. Despite the games stacking up if it means we stay in the Cup I would settle for a draw and a return to Ewood for a replay. Should this happen with Arsenal by that time back in full swing Champions League action priorities could switch to that and a top four finish as opposed to FA Cup glory???

  • One word HDM – bo****ks! As much As would love to see Rovers turn over the Gooners it is very unllikely to happen! they are a our bogey team! 🙁 🙁

  • Don’t you have some injuries to contend with aswell?? I don’t know about how you lt feel but these tv companies have a lot to answer for. Both our clubs were playing last night (away from home) & now we have the early kick-off on saturday, Why couldn’t man utd v reading be the early kick off considering they both had a free week.

  • My english gets worse everytime I come on vital football!! The BBC knew before their tv picks were announced that blackburn/arsenal/bolton all had to play in the midweek. Considering its about 48 hrs rest for each club I hope they don’t expect a great game.

  • Missing penalties and Bolton, I recall Rovers missing a couple earlier on in the season (Roberts and McCarthy?) Should be a good game if Blackburn come out to play like they did during the league game at the Emirates. MGP will certainly be a big miss for you guys. No van Persie for us either 😀 I’m pretty sure most of you don’t like that guy!

  • I hope that “One word HDM – bo****ks!” Ex Ewood Resident wasn’t aimed towards me? Merely towards the fact we have to play the Gooners again? I’m assuming that is the case.

  • Yeah we missed two, both saved by Jaaskelainen, but noth poor penalties. You make a VERY good point Ashburton Gooner, so long as they get their audience they don’t care do they. They were looking for cover on the off chance they’d have to “settle” just for for a Bolton – Rovers game.

  • “Some injuries” could be the understatement of the year. Unless we absolutely rob you i can’t see us getting anything from it. Hopefully you’ll come into the game “knowing” that you’ll beat us. Maybe that way we can snatch something. Unless the entire team plays like Bentley did last night, we’re gonna struggle in this. Can’t wait for our treatment room to be emptied of in-patients.

  • I certainly don’t agree with the point about players being too tired shall create a poor game. Quite often in games is when tiredness creeps in mistake are made and a game opens up. Both teams will want to win it on Saturday and not have a replay, so I envisage another great game. If your performance at AG last time is anything to go by it could be a cracker. You are still one of only two teams that have come to our place and genuinly tried to win the match by attempting to outplay us. Fair play to you, I’m looking forward to it.

  • hatespur, you make a good point about the game opening up but both teams like to play football. All I can see is players not wanting to run & passes being misplaced due to fatigue. Both teams have important european games the following week so I just don’t see a good game happening. Could be wrong though………………….I usually am!!

  • Let’s hope so AG. I just think that the last thing either team needs is a replay and we’ll both have to go for it. I haven’t heard if TH14 is playing, but I would assume he will.

  • This will be a tough tie indeed. Ashburton you make some valid points about the tv and tiredness of the players. Saisho, I too hope that Rovers attack you and play aggresively and maybe with a little bit more luck we may get a result. Should be an interesting tie. Let’s hope there are no penos for both sides sake!

  • I think cesc, henry & senderos will all play saturday. I would think adebayor would be rested for us. So it will probably be Baptista & Henry upfront. Whats your injury situation like?? Do you know who is definately out yet??

  • all i want from the game is that rovers not repeat what they did at ewood park.. last time out.. i personally felt they were overly aggressive and deliberately tried to injure our players.. tugay on cesc comes to mind.. i know quite a few rovers fans wont agree.. but thats what i recall and thats what i made out of that game.. anyways.. in all probability.. seeing that the rovers are a good footballing team as well.. i’d say its gonna be an immensely difficult task for the rovers to grab a win at the grove.. even a draw seems improbable.. and yeah.. i’d like an update on ur injuries asap too..

  • I too hope we don’t see a repeat of that, we are better than that showing but will disagree with your thought that we went out with the intent to injure players, I can’t believe orders would be given for players to do this. I think the best we can hope for is a draw, know it sounds defeatist but hoping seems to be our best chance as things are starting to click for Arsenal, their dominance of English football will start sooner than I thought it might?!?!

  • This could be the shock of the round, Rovers are often brilliant or very average, send out the brilliant team and the gooners may get a shock.

  • AG – Our injury list at the moment consists of :- Reid (Back/Knee – Out for season) Savage (Broken leg – Season) Ooijer (Broken leg – Season) Gamst (Hamstring – Next week) Dunn (Dead leg & Fitness, but could possibly play) Derbyshire (Thigh – couple of weeks). On top of this we have Roberts and Nelsen who have both only just come back from injuries from the summer and have yet to reach fitness. All first teamers if fit.

  • Right, not sure of the swearing rules on here, so be careful replying to this one, but Tugay and McCarthy (Fatigue and Ankle) have just been added to that list.

  • Must admit thats a hell of a list. I do genuinely feel sorry for you (although obviously it helps our cause), any arsenal fans knows all about horrific injury lists over the past two seasons. It was only last year we had 8 defenders out at the same time. You just cannot plan for that, especially on our recent budget. Luckily ours has improved no end, so we only have a couple missing now & there are a couple who could play, eg hleb, but wenger won’t risk them because of europe next week.

  • The job was tough enough as it was with Reidy, Sav, Ooijer (all going to be out anyway) as well as the missing MGP and Derbs, add the possible absence of Dunny and now the missing of the Maestro and Benni McGoalmachine (we’ve *****ed someone off haven’t we!) our chances are growing EVER slimmer!?!?

  • Wow that would be a blow to lose them for this game. I really don’t see us getting anything unfortunately, which could make it the shock of the round?!?!? Nah I think it’s there for the taking for the Gunners!

  • Also why don’t some of you arsenal guys join our ‘Walkerbout’hour forum on Sunday. One of the top topics is the Rovers .v. Arsenal cup clash. We have enjoyed some good banter before, why not again? Check out our forum.

  • Think we’re going to have to “concentrate” on the League and UEFA Cup of course after this weekend you think, obviusly I’ll be screaming my lungs out for a Rovers win but at times you have to be realistic don’t you, Arsenal are one of the few teams I don’t hold out much hope against, especially away and especially with injuries we have! GREAT idea roversman, yeah Gooners why not join us Sunday evening for some light and friendly banter, I’m sure we’ll give you credit where deserved and be fair; as we hope you will.

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