Date: 16th June 2007 at 4:39pm
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With Graeme Souness coming back into the public eye recently (for the wrong reasons!) I thought it a good time to look at some of his signings during his time at Blackburn Rovers.

Unlike Mark Hughes, former Rovers Manager Graeme Souness spent a lot of money. However, likewise Souness purchased some pure quality for Rovers, but who was his best buy?

Souness might not have been everyone’s favourite but he was the man to bring us back into the Premiership after the days of relegation and an early struggle in Division One (now the Championship).

He did purchase A LOT of footballers and despite some being anything but near the quality we would have wanted he did sign some world-class talent, some of which have/will go down as all time Rovers greats, with some still here today!

Players such as Brad Friedel, Lucas Neill, Morten Gamst Pedersen, Steven Reid and Tugay (to name but a few) had arrived during his time.

But which Souness signing (in your opinion) do you think was his best and why? Leave your names and reasons below…



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  • One of the best signings Souey made for me was Sparky! Had he not tempted him to drop down a level to Rovers when he did chances are he wouldn’t be the man in charge at Ewood now and god knows where we would be!!!
    Other than that as much as I love Tugay I’d have to rate Bradders very highly as he’s won us countless points over the years, saved many others. Without him in goal we may very well have returned to the Championship I feel?

  • There’s no doubt he did bring in some brilliant players. But he wasn’t able to get the best out of them, so can we really thank him that we have the like of Pedersen & Reid playing so well, whenever Souey completely over-looked them.

  • For me there some great names mentioned but one stands out above all the others for just pure week in week out performance… and that is our Goalkeeper.

  • Wait a second, you didn’t mention the best signing of the lot. I do believe it was Souness brought in the rock solid defender that was Lorenzo Amoruso!

  • Amo is gimme Kev, he needs no mentioning EVER again LOL!
    I’m with you Mikey, you can’t look past Bradders can you. Bradders could quite possibly (although I may be proved VERY wrong?) be Souness’ best signing for ANY of the clubs he’s managed?!?!

  • He is, no doubt, I can’t think one better, he has been worth Millions and Millions of pounds and he cost nothing…

  • MikeyGamst – Would you agree with my thoughts that he (Bradders) is quite possibly Souness’ best signing for ANY club he has managed?

  • Ciccio, Ciccio, Ciccio!!!!! I actually still have a shirt with GRABBI 21 on the back LOL best signing in terms of their effect on Rovers would have to be Friedel. Tugay a close second

  • Your all spot on Super Brad is the best free transfer ever in the history of football why didn’t they see it at liverpool I am gob-smacked he has stayed, but so happy he did he is worth an easy 5-7 points a season and shows no sign of dropping his standards. Get in Brad your a Leg-End.

  • It’s AMAZING to think that Bradders came as a FREE TRANSFER!!! (I had forgotten this so even had to verify with my man roversman to confirn this) What a signing!

  • Friedel narrowely pips tugay. Thinking about it, souness really was inconsistent in the market, he got some superb players and some absolute shockers

  • yeah, he got Ciccio and in contrast, he gets Amoruso. Now be VERY careful which way I meant them to come across! 😉

  • Unfortunately I think that most rovers fans got used to Friedel making outstanding saves (just kidding!)- so that’s why I’ll go with him!

  • sasman – Souness signed some *****e (but a lot of managers do don’t they in fairness) but some of his *****e cost a HELL of a lot of money, and generally A LOT more than it should have. But he also signed some BRILLIANT footballers for this club didn’t he. But I do think similar to you dude that Souness (on the whole) has been pretty inconsistent with the signings he has made at ALL his clubs.

  • I think Souness knew good quality when he saw it but he did also go to the Sven Goran school of buying on reputations as well.

  • Big brad without a doubt lads. Tugay has been huge for the club, Pederson, Reid and Neill have all been very good as well but Brad his been one of the best signings in the history of Rovers not just Souness. I’d agree with Hughes as well, he may not be the manager now without his stint at the club after all

  • Desert Kiwi – That is priceless isn’t it. The notorious Ali Dai the so called cousin of George Weah! What a tosser Souness must have felt for falling for this LOL. I remember this happening, and remember seeing him play GOD he was bad. This guy featured on a Sky One programme in the past for football con-men.

  • I actually remember the MOTD when dia made his debut, coming on as a sub then getting SUBBED 18 minutes later LMAOOOOO

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