Date: 14th November 2007 at 6:42pm
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Former Blackburn Rovers manager Graeme Souness has ruled out the possibility of taking over bitter rivals Burnley.

Souness, out of work since he was sacked by Newcastle United (who he left Rovers for) had been strongly linked with the Burnley job (as well as the vacant position with Wigan Athletic, as he was Bolton Wanderers and takeover bids at Wolverhampton Wanderers and Southampton), but he has declared that his history with Rovers would prove too much of a stumbling block, and is not going to be taking any job unless it appeals to him (which clearly this didn’t!!!) so has declared himself out of the running to take over from Steve Cotterill.

Souness told the Lancashire Telegraph: “That would be an impossible job for me to do because of my Blackburn connections.

“I’ve been linked with a lot of jobs recently but I’m busy with other things.

“Unless something really excites me, I won’t be making a comeback

Such a shame, Burnley’s search will now have to continue. However, former Rovers striker Mike Newell has also been linked with the job and IS understood to be much keener than Souness was to take over at Turf Moor.



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  • I might not have been Souness’ biggest fan (however, you can’t doubt the good he did here as well!) but good on the guy for saying no here, wins a few extra points from me lol!

  • Lollllll ah merlin, even i no about the rivalry lol, those inbreds…… anyways I did like Souness. Apart from his dust up with Dunny, Souness brought us back in the league, won the cup, and signed a few quality players ( lets forget about grabbi and oestanstad lol). Poor old Egil, i still remember him missing an open goal against Man U

  • fair play nd id say anyway as soon as the ***** hit the fan the fans would turn on him anyway as id say they wouldnt exaxtly welcome him with open arms!

  • it wouoldnt exactly be a marriage made in Heaven would it!?!?! sas dont bring up Grabbi… you already runied my day lol!!!!

  • MikeyGamst – Fair point dude, there was A LOT of bad about Souness’ reign, but he also got us back to the Premiership and into Europe and won the Worthington Cup didn’t he. He’s not my favourte person by anymeans, but he deserves credtit as well, more so for telling Burnley where to go lol!

  • I don’t think he wanted the job and was using the Blackburn connection as an excuse rather than saying – they’re s**t i’d never take that job! He dropped us like a hot potato when he the glittering job of Newcastle came along… still we’ve got Hughes now and him leaving led to that – he did do some good!

  • …and fair enough he did a good job, got promotion and I loved winning that cup over Spurs, especially as I watched it with a load of spurs fans! Great day!

  • i remember that day well myself spurs name was on the cup and then we stole the show! also after the game the song “hate to say i told you so” started playin over the speaker system in the stadium touch of irony there and it was on when one of the spuds was bein interviewed!

  • Wasn’t it Hoddle who said he didn’t pick Cole for England because he needed 5 chances to score 1 goal? My spurs friends were laughing and counting his chances in the match – then he scored with his 5th chance – how funny was that?!

  • It was the one that counted wasn’t it. Spurs are still in the Carling Cup at the moment aren’t they?!?! A replay this season would be nice (the fun and games we’d have on here lol!)

  • Back to the Souness thoughts though, I think it was you FN1 that said he was just using the Blackburn link as an excuse (as good a one as it is, and plausable) I think you are probably right, the diplomatic approach was taken by Souness wasn’t it.

  • I don’t know Dazza – I think he won a trophy with every club he’s managed except Newcastle and Southampton (sure I’ll be corrected if wrong!)

  • FN1 – You are almost right dude, he won things with Glasgow Rangers, Liverpool, Galatasary and Benfica but not with Newcastle and Southampton (as you rightly say) but also won nothing with Torino, but he was only there for a few months.

  • The thing that I’m most thankful for from Souness are some of his signings… Tugay, Friedel, Reid, Gamst, Emerton – still doing the business for us – gave Hughes a good squad to work on

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