Date: 4th June 2008 at 8:44pm
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Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes is no longer, he has decided to take up the challenge at Manchester City but was this the right thing?!?!

The day was ALWAYS going to come when Hughes would eventually leave Ewood Park, but a week ago did anyone REALLY expect this would happen so soon? Manchester United, or even Chelsea would come knocking and understandably he would have taken the challenge but leaving for Man City is just not sitting right with me personally and I keep coming back to the thoughts that Sparky HAS made a mistake!!!

Before I carry on I must (in fact ALL of us should) give MASSIVE thanks to Sparky for the job that he has done with the club, turning us from a relegation threatened side of “bully boys” into a team that are still capable of holding their own but a side that now has some superb footballers (that should we keep CAN still carry on building even further under the right man) with us now firmly established as a top Premier League club.

With the uncertainty at Man City and the lack of stability in place do we really believe that Man City is much more (if any!) of a step forward than Rovers? Many people feel that Sparky had taken Rovers as far as he could, but had he really?!?! He didn’t seem to believe this as he often himself said that there was still work to do so why has Man City been the club for him to leave for? Rovers has a wonderful board in place, who have offered us stability but had the lack of funds made available to him finally frustrated him enough into going? Could we have offered him more money than we have been to have strengthened us and given him even more chance to take us to that next level?!?!

I can’t but help feel that Sparky is walking into a dangerous job that could have consequences for his future (maybe damaging, even if only for the short-term) and could do more harm that good? Is the move made really a move forward at all for him? Many features about Man City make them a “bigger” club than Rovers, but many others make this switch one that is hard to grasp. However, the time had obviously come for Sparky to make a move and seek a new challenge, which the job at the neighbours of his former club Manchester United (with whom Sparky is a legend) will be a MASSIVE one and one he felt he needed to take.

I accept that Sparky was always one day going to leave Ewood but as much as I do appreciate all that he has done and EVERYONE must be very thankful for what he did in his years with the club I can’t help but feel a little let down as Sparky hasn’t really left to move forward in his career in many ways has he. He always spoke about people honouring their contracts and remembering that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, these believes were not held by him in a way were they (which although not right could have been a more understandable move for a MASSIVE club with more to offer than Man City) and although I’m not wishing him bad who knows what position he could be in this time next year having accepted the challenge that he has? So overall as much respect that I have for Sparky I don’t believe that his job was finished at Ewood so he might just find out that the grass might not be greener on the City of Manchester turf for him either?!?!

The thing we NOW have to worry about is WHOM will he now be coming back to Ewood Park to poach, now THIS is our next worry!!!



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  • Great piece mate. My view is he will regret this decision. City have the money, the fans, the history and have a good squad as well as some exciting youngsters but I can’t see tham amounting to much in the next couple of yeras which won’t be good enough for Sinawatra! Sorry Sparky but I think it will all go wrong. Good luck though and thank you for everything you did at Ewood!

  • Haha… and they call us the ‘bitter’ ones? Very impressive use of the word MASSIVE Mr Editor (Hughes Da Man) – incredibly subtle! Listen as a Blue I’m gutted at the prospect of having an ex-Rag in charge of our club but even I have to begrudgingly recognise that Hughes deserves a chance. You Rovers fans know what he can do – all this nonsense about how ‘unstable’ we are – Based on what exactly? He’s sacked ONE manager! Isn’t our chairman allowed to change his mind? Isn’t it possible he believed after some of our tame surrenders on the road this season (Chelsea 6-0 and Boro 8-1) that Sven just wasn’t the answer after all. Thaksin is planning on taking a back seat now he’s appointed this Gary Cook fellor – from what we hear Hughes was Cook’s choice. Perhaps they wanted a new start. All I’m saying is I’m not prepared to mark Thaksin down as this as you say ‘trigger happy chairman’ in the Ken Bates mould until it’s happened on more than one occasion. Look we’ve been a club going nowhere since 1980ish – we appear to have the investment to push on to another level now potentially – surely you can’t blame Hughes for wanting a crack at the City job? Abramovich managed to turn Chelsea into a force with his dough – we all know that previous to that they were a club in our ‘mediocre’ mould so it can be done. You might be right – he might make a Allardyce at Newcastle style balls up – but I get the impressive it’s more wishful thinking from you lot. Surely you know he’s better than – even if I find it hard to swallow! 😉

  • He still lives in Lancashire you’re right but he’s a West Midlander by birth – you can clearly hear his broad brummy accent every time talks!

  • Malcolm, lets get one thing straight here……Hughes is one of, if not THE brightest managerial talent to emerge from the UK in a long time. He has the desire and ambition to match any chairman. He is also a straight talker and wont take any prisoners when it comes to prima donna’s sulking and moaning. However, we, remember, have had the pleasure of having him as our manager and in that time have seen the squad not only improve in terms of ability and skill but in terms of fitness too. We have also closely listened to every word that comes out of his mouth and the one thing he liked to point out on a consistent basis was that he had ambition, that he wanted to be the best, that he wanted a big job, preferably at one of his former clubs, which, to be fair, they don’t come much bigger than Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona and Bayern Munich in terms of World renowned teams, albeit that Chelsea are just emerging into that category. He also liked to point out that he was doing a job at Rovers, one that he had not finished. This leads me onto the ultimate question then…..Why has he left, not to take one of those prestigious jobs, but to take a club which, as you honestly assessed, has done nothing for nearly 30 years, that, at one time, was languishing in the old division three (League 1). Yes you have ambition, do you not think Rovers are ambitious? Without your new owner, would you not still be as ambitious? I concede that the money he has brought can finance that ambition but still, without money, do you not have ambition? Yes you have the Stadium, whilst we cannot compare stadiums, we own ours outright and it isn’t exactly a degraded ***** hole such was Maine Road, (no offence intended BTW!), you do trump us when it comes to support, there can be no argument there but for population to ratio, Rovers have one of the most impressive turnovers in the football league but that leads me to the final, and in my humble opinion, decisive issue and that is, bottom line, Money. Not in regards to Hughes salary, however, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to double their annual salary? but in terms of investment in the team. Hughes has proved incredibly astute in the transfer market in being able to identify a prospect that fits into his ethos and style and then getting them for a very economical price and turning them into very effective, if not star players (for the former, see Aaron Mokoena, for the latter, see David Bentley) It ultimately comes down to Hughes being allowed to challenge for the best players to forge the best possible team he can and in no doubt, in Thaskin Shinawatra, you have that. Like was said in this piece, I will echo, the thoughts and sentiments of HDM that Hughes was a spectacularly good appointment and proved to be a very, very promising and clever manager, the sad and “bitter” thing is however, that after all the talk about ambition and finishing the job he started, he leaves to join a side that finished below us this season after your manager spent as much in the off season that Rovers have spent in the last 5-6 years combined. I don’t disagree that Man City have the potential to have a bloody good go at cracking the top 4’s cartel-like stranglehold on the premiership, in fact, I applaud it, its something Rovers themselves have attempted but it is a very big risk for Hughes insomuch that..he fails and is fired by Shinanwatra (or Cook, or the Cleaner ;)) then his reputation is tainted and he can forget the “Big” job in the future that he so brazenly and wantonly craved. Whatever is to come for Hughes, I think he accepts that by taking this job, he has all but ruled himself out of the running to replace Ferguson. Personally, I wish Mark all the very best and thank him for what he did to Rovers, I am just sad that he didn’t finish what he said he had started and has come off as slightly hypocritical in his words based upon his actions. I wish you Citizens and Sparky the very best for the coming season, except when you play Rovers of course. Play Up Rovers…BLUE & WHITE FOREVER!

  • Hughes has gone to play a dangerous game, its make or break for him now. Frank will not be happy with anything less than a top 6 finish. I wish him all the best and hope it works out for him. I do however feel that perhaps he thought Chelski wanted him. Good luck all the best Sparky, thanks for the memories.

  • Wow thats a long post Bom…I hope Sparky does well in his new job and I wish him all the success for the future. Lets concentrate on the future now and the new boss. We need to get our asses to ewood and back the team. Thats the only way we can come out fighting. As the Bom says… BLUE AND WHITE FOREVER!

  • MalcolmPowder – Would you not be a bit bitter though if you genuinely believed that your manager had left for a club, that as big as Man City is in many ways (finances aside) is in no ways a step forward to your own when you had always been under the impression that would be the only time he went? I thank Sparky for his efforts and wish him well but Thaksin WANTS instant results, and if he doesn’t get them from Sparky he will be joining Eirksson next summer in being out of a job, well he is now Mexico manager so he’s done OKAY. However, it is now time to move on, Sparky is gone time to focus on what WE not HE will do next.

  • Just spoke to my bro (City fan) and he has mixed feelings. Feels he is a good manager but doesnt like the red connection….

  • Then your brother is a moron! If Burnley were in the Premiership (I know, too funny!) and they were in our position and we were in City’s position, would I welcome Hughes? I should bloody well think so. Hes left your rivals to come manage you! Geesh, fickle football fans. Its fans like your bro that dont deserve to have such a talent in charge of their team!!!!

  • K_Chelski – Okay I’m slightly wrong there! Bates mortgaged you to the hilt to get you into the Champions League – you’ve got to admit if you hadn’t of been taken over by Abramovich you’d of headed the way Leeds have. I know all about because if you remember we were similarly up to our eye balls in debt. Despite that Champions League experience though – before 1997, you were absolute *****e just like us. Infact if you remember we were promoted with you lot in 1989. Anyway – it’s old ground, all I’m saying is that you don’t have the successful history like the Big 3 have but you’ve managed to muscle in! There’s about 5 or 6 clubs that are desperate to do that!

  • and therein lies the problem malcolmpowder, with so many clubs now having billionaire owners and wanting to win the top prizes, many people are going to be very disappointed and thats the danger for sparky will he be the manager who finishes seventh or eighth and end up being sacked because thats not good enough?

  • Even if his opinion is wrong? Come on, if Ferguson was the new Rovers manager, ok we all hate the cud chewing red nose glowing ******** but ******** hell, we would be chuffed to bits that we got a great manager, irrespective of his previous clubs. Im sure your bro will be queueing for Sparkys autograph on his sky blue shirt at the end of the season if Citeh won the FA cup or League cup wont he!

  • I’v got to agree with Bom here – if Fergusin turned around and said, he’s sick on the way his utd was run and was joining rovers, I’d be a happy man! (not sure if the Liverpool fans would be as happy tho) at the end of the day football is a fickle thing… feed the crowds success and they are happy – if Hughes gets off to a bad start tho, I’m sure the fans won’t be too happy with him

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