Date: 31st May 2007 at 11:42pm
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BomBom on the latest reported Tottenham Hotspur bid to prise Morten Gamst Pedersen away from Blackburn Rovers’ grip.

Reports in newspapers today are indicating that dour old Martin Jol and his Spuds team are preparing to test Mark Hughes’ resolve with a bid for Morten Gamst Pedersen.

Whilst this has been long rumoured in the media and the story refuses to die away, Pedersen signed a long-term deal last summer and if indeed Rovers were to consider selling the free kick king of the Premier League it would be for a very hefty premium.

Their apparent need for a left sided midfielder intensified today when the next Portuguese superkid and rumoured Spuds target Nani has all but signed for Manchester USA.

Given this purported transfer and its apparent monetary value (apparently between £15 and £20 Million) for a raw talent, can a price be put on Pedersen as the finished article??

Whether Rovers Cash in on Pedersen will be an intriguing issue to monitor, although, with a fully fit squad and minor tinkering, could see Sparky and Rovers pressing Spuds for one of the top 4 positions next season.

Don’t hold your breath guys and gals!




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  • This just won’t go away will it. Personally I think MGP should give it another year to see how far Spurs pull away from Rovers (if indeed they do!) then decide what he is doing in the summer of 2008.

  • It would be a sideways step for MGP,we’d gladly take him at the Villa though.The gap between the teams in 5th – 11th is not enough to really seperate us.I also think yez should sell McCarthy while yez can still get a good price for him.And Its a bit off the subject but would Blackburn be willing to pay 12 mil for Bellamy?as it seems Villa and Blackburn are the two sides in for him.

  • Totally agree that there isn’t too much between the top dozen clubs (the top four aside, and even some of these aren’t as far ahead of others as we may think!) so it wouldn’t be a forward move, not yet anyway. Let’s see how Spurs progress over the next season. I WOULDN’T want Rovers to pay £12 million and don’t think we would, personally I think £6 million is more than enough!

  • I hope no one pays the 10-12 mil for Bellamy,I don’t think MGP will join anyone outside the top 4,His fee would be very expensive if he did.Hughes knows what he’s doing yous will be alright.

  • Blackburn = Top 4? Do me a favour! And also, MGP = finished article? I think not! Blimey. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • typical pathetic Northerners .. lets be clear on one thing, Spurs have a tradition .. oops you lot will not know what that means ( the fluke was the TEAM Jack Built !). We are clearly moving forward, unlike you lot .. sorry its the InterTOTO for u lot. If this lad wants to progress, come on down to the Nations Capital and join the elite .. CoYS ! .. McCathery will be gone as well !

  • LOL guySpur, if hes not the finished article, why on earth would Jol want him then? Hes been a great defensive addition this year but his attacking side of his game suffered as a result, when he is on form there are very few in the Prem that can match him for accuracy of crosses and set pieces, go look at the goal Benni scored against the spuds the last but one game of the season, get it? you get it!

  • cant see why hed want to got to spurs anyway, i think if he and some other stay and we bring one or two in, we could be heading for the top 5/6 ?

  • Pederson signed a new contarct early this year, plus he has been doin a lot of charity work in the area, i think he really likes the place, dont see him leaving any time soon

  • ped clearly isnt all that good, he doesnt compare to lennon, ronaldo, nani, robben, therefore his value is less then £10million, by someway. besides, blackburn are a small selling club, no one will listen to a club like that when they try to demand more money. real football teams just laugh at them

  • Any team with the idea of progressing should hold on to their best players and Rovers are no different. So I expext a hefty price tag if they decide to let him go, if he wants to go? If he doesn’t I can’t see anyone losing sleep over it, the search will go on and on and on………………..

  • Spurs have a tradition??? Of what… not winning anything at all…. And last time I checked Rovers had been in the Premier League for a while, and just to refresh Spurs memories, when Spurs bid for Steven Reid last year he immediately signed a new deal wit the “FAKE” football club…. doesnt comapre to Lennon!?!??! lol ha ha ha Lennon has been palying pap now for about 3/4 months.

  • its quiet at the lib…. If Benni does go we win either way, we either keep and he scores loads again next year (more than Berbatov AGAIN) and if he goes we make a huge profit… if your gonna try and wind us up at least think of something intelligent to say.

  • I’d rather be arrogant than diluded, Blackburn top 4? You are having a bubble. Thanks for the laugh though.

  • Its not just about sticking the ball in the net but thats what we spent £2.5 million on… a goalscorer, we don’t have the funds that Spurs have so we can’t afford to go splashing out on big priced players. Compare the relatice spending to success between the 2 clubs. You should be ashamed. I’m glad you laughed mate, your not the only one… some of your lots posts are shocking!!!! We all laugh not just our fans and why do you lot post on other teams’ boards??? are you considered too stupid to post on the Spurs board???

  • Pedersen to Spurs? I don’t doubt for a minute that Spurs can afford to buy him off us, but why exactly would he want to join Spurs? We will be in the UEFA Cup next season via the Intertoto and there is very little to choose between the teams the two clubs put on the pitch.
    The argument from Spurs point of view would be that they are a richer club, financially closer to the top 4 and the gap between them, Arsenal and Liverpool appears to have narrowed this past season. Also, London nightlife is better than Blackburn’s.
    The argument from the Rovers perspective is that this view is touchingly naiive. We have less money to spend but we spend it wisely. Our squad is approximately equal to the Spurs squad but on lower wages and for lesser transfer fees, so the financial inequalities are irrelevant as long as we remain so well managed.
    London nightlife is excellent, touche, but so is Manchester and the travelling time between home and the best night spots is probably about the same for players in each club.
    Make no mistake Liverpool will be MASSIVELY stronger next season with the cash injection they have received and Arsenal will be fantastic next season – they only needed a goalscorer and they would have kept pace with the top 2. With either Henry back or Eto’o in exchange if recent speculation is on the mark, they’ll be far ahead of Spurs and Rovers next season.
    The title will be a 4 horse race decided mainly on injuries to key players next season with Spurs and Rovers 5th and 6th with the positions decided on a 6 pointer at either Ewood or the Lane late in the season.
    Pedersen doesn’t have a release clause and is on a nice long contract. His defensive game has improved significantly and he’s been carrying injuries including a broken rib so it’s no wonder his form appears to have dipped. The finest free-kick taker in the Premiership and in my opinion the best all-round left winger too (heading, crossing, shooting, passing, tackling set-pieces, work-rate…) will not come cheap and he’ll want and deserve Champions League football soon. Neither Rovers nor Spurs can offer him that opportunity, but supporters of both teams can share the Champions League dream…

  • good post Snapey lad but dont suggest the teams are similar… Spurs are apparently much mcuh better despite the 2 1-1 draws this year.

  • LOL i would rather be DELUDED and follow a club that wins things occasionally rather than be a fan of Spuds who flatter to deceive every god damn season! Snapey. nice write up mate.

  • HERE WE GO AGAIN! Spurs fans “giving it all that” as usual. Hear something they don’t like hearing (or don’t agree with) and hear of another club with ambition to match their own (yes Spurs OTHER clubs also have ambition believe it or not!) and they have to ridicule…….I can see I have a lot of posts to look at and reply to, let the games begin!!!

  • I’m ready, bring it on…. F’N pathetic the lot of them. They don’t realise that every club laughs at them for the air of superiority they create for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON…

  • GuySpur – MGP is MORE of a finished article than the kids Nani and Anderson (is that his name?!?!) that Manure have just signed, and they paid close to £20 million for Nani who is NOWHERE near the finished article, granted MGP still isn’t but the simple truth is he is proven in this League so SHOULD go for a fair bit of wedge and as for you loffree the gap between fifth and eleventh isn’t that great, teams are more evenly matched than you might think, LOOK at last seasons League table, not a huge gap is there!!!

  • alfiespurs – At the end of the day when all is said and done WHEN we qualify through the Intertoto Cup we’ll be in the same European Competiton! So you haven’t moved as far forward as you think if you are still “only” playing UEFA Cup football like us. Tradition, you say we have no tradition, whatever you say. As for the “fluke” of winning the Premiership at least we have done that, so we “paid for it” if you believe that but at least we’ve won it dude, Spurs will NEVER win the League again and you seem to be paying a fair bit of cash to try!

  • adrianbrfc – Welcome to Vital Blackburn dude, it’s usually FAR more friendly than this, but not when Spurs roll into town lol 🙂

  • SonicBorg – Blackburn ARE not a small selling club, we don’t need, want or have to sell players but much like Spurs some players want to go onto “bigger” teams so they do, you get this a bit yourselves and will get this again with Berbatov next summer if you don’t crack the top four! How the ***** can you put Lennon in the same league as Ronaldo, and Robben (I don’t know enough about Nani to comment.) I do like Lennon but he’s had a POOR season and isn’t a patch on the other guys you mention, nor is MGP for that mater, but he is certainly on a par with Lennon at least.

  • PUREGOLD – You forget (as I think it was you on Vital Arsenal forgot then?) that we are only a couple of games away from Europe dude, so we haven’t missed out!

  • London may be more appealing to some, but to a lad who grew up in a tiny hamlet in the hills of Norway, for some reason i would have thought the beauty of Lancashire was slightly better than the smog of London. Spurs are theoretically in a better position to attack the top four than Rovers, thanks to the amount of cash in the club, however, there’s no argueing over who’s spent the more wisely over the last few years. Either way, why would MGP go to spuds when it may have affect his chances of playing for one of the top clubs in the next few years.

  • its quiet at the lib – The difference between Rovers and Spurs is we say we “could” potentially push for a top four place, we NEVER if EVER say we will, Spurs all to often seem to think it is ASSURED that they WILL be pushing for a top four place!

  • snapeylad – Nice one dude, again welcome to Vital Blackburn! From a footballing point of view (as a football fan!) I would love to see a four horse race and think you are spot on, we could get that. Spurs’ squad cost A HELL of a lot more than ours to assemble, but is there much difference in quality?!?! Honestly, unbiased view, NO! But as Mikey says Spurs HATE it if we say this so we’ll keep it quiet lol!

  • I think my work here is done, I assume I will have to do the same on the “overrated” Jermaine Jenas part now too lol!

  • Yes you will HDM…. Spurs fans don;t like anyone pointing out there weaknesses. What they dont see is that we accept ours (small fanbase, lack of money) but they don’t.

  • Aren’t Spuds fans ever so tiresome. I popped on their site yester about this subject matter. Tradition pedigree history blah blah blah. Stop hiding behind it and win something if you’re that good. As fopr Gamst going there, I reiterate my stance in the sense that I would be very surprised to see him leave. Can we please ignore the absurd hollering of Spuds fans from now on? We are proud of our ‘modest family’ club and continue to enjoy seeing exciting football at Ewood. We don’t need to listen to the talk of the disillusioned.

  • I can’t really bring myself to visit Vital Spurs roversman to be honest because I either find myself getting so angry that I want to smash up my computer (and I don’t want that!) or I laugh so much at what is said that I p i s s my undercrackers and run out of clean ones (and to be honest with you it’s not exactly warm at the moment so little HDM gets a little cold, and when he gets cold it doesn’t really do too much for my self-esteem lol!)

  • Mikey Gamst – nothing shameful about the money we have spent, you look at money from transfers out as well as in and think you’ll find we have spent less than 10 mill. Hardly a fortune, though I guess it could be for you guys.
    SnapeyLad – don’t know what you’ve been smoking but puff, puff give as it must be great ****. Liverpool are going to go on a spending spree but that doesn’t mean they are going to challenge the title – you can’t replace half the team especially with players from overseas and expect them to just fit in both with each other and get used to english footy – there has to be a transition period and it all depends how long this takes. Arsenal I think will be top 4 contenders but not title by any means. They are not making any significant transfers and need to look at their training schedules with the amount of injuries they have – something isn’t right. Needs to be sorted and they need Henry and Fabregas fit to have a chance to get anywhere near the top spot. Now I’m not as arrogant or diluded to say stupid remarks like Spurs will easily compete against top 4 after buying quality this summer to tweak a very good side, that is pretty much as ridiculous as saying Blackburn are pretty much the same level as Spurs…what rubbish. I think we’re going to have to dig deep and hope Liverpool and Arsenal have some problems, but its doable – and GMP knows it too unless he’s as brainwashed as the fans.




  • You do make a reasoned argument stretch but saying Blackburn are on a similar level as Spurs is as sensible as saying Spurs are gonna break the top4 next years. You have a lot of confidence about your team but we have a lot in ours too and for good reason. We are managed and coached by some of the best staff in the League, MGP, Reid, McCarthy, Nelsen, Bentley, Warnock and Friedel could all for a top 4 club no problem. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • Good debate life the hard way, see you put a lot of thought in that post, don’t really know how to come back to that, other than using caps lock and a load of punctuation, think I’ll leave that style to you doesn’t really suit me.

  • spurs fans are to$$ers,spurs are ****e,they cant go onto a Man U,Chelsea,Liverpool or Arsenal site so they go on everyone elses site and give it loads.Finishing 5th is nothing to brag about.Their gonna get their arses kicked next season.

  • To be honest the bar is going to be raised, so much money now in premiership and the top 4 are going to fly away with the way things are going. May be a case of us just trying to make some ground on them next season but I think this is our chance because I have too, if we don’t get CL Berbatov will probably go and he is pretty much irreplaceable. We are loaded and we’d get loads of money from him, but as you guys know its not just about who you can afford but who you can attract.

  • A message to all Spud fans…Why are you so verbose with all your verbiage, splurting phrases of deluded arrogance? Are you all high on the stench of crap that permeates from the dauldrums of White Hart Pain?

  • Pking – no offense mate but you have an article with Spurs being a pretty big part of it, yes? Don’t really see how youi can complain spurs fans coming on the site?!

  • Sometimes SHOUTING is the only way to make yourself heard over the Spurs fans Stretch!!! But I’ll think you Life the Hard Way makes some valid points (but just a note unless you have to dude don’t make the whole post in capitals if you can avoid it as this is viewed as “shouting” over the internet and isn’t something Vital Football like.)

  • The article is about speculation between two teams… And GuySpur decided to have a go so we are defending ourselves… fair game if you ask me…

  • It is a fair point but why can’t topics just be debated civilised?!?! This isn’t the case with all Spurs fans but sooo many just seem to want to shout and scream about “how great they are” and mock others, such as Rovers, this isn’t needed or wanted.

  • If fans come on from teams and want to talk normally, like human beings and honestly about football then we can have a nice chat, the more the merrier in my eyes. If Morten decides to stay at Blackburn and snub Spurs then no-one in the football community will be shocked at all.

  • Alot of last seasons mid table teams will improve this summer,and include Wham,Newcastle and possibly Man C in their aswell.So mid table will be more competitive than ever,so the ”battle” for 5th will be immense.Any Spurs fans with a superiority complex against teams like Blackburn will be in for a shock next season.

  • Pking – Probably the best post within this whole “debate.” There have been a fair few good points raised within this debate and many (even within some, shall I say not so tasteful posts) have touched on Pking’s thought, something that you rasied RIGHT at the start of this debate. I agreed then, and agree now.

  • That is a dark view of your own clubs fortunes west-upper. Although I too think Spuds will be out of all comps and have little to play for come April 2008.

  • Balckburn??? never heard of them… If I were MGP, I would stay at Rovers to work hard, become the best i can be and help the club that gave me a chance to progress instead of go to a club which has w****rs like west-upper spur as supporters….

  • Pking, its the best league in the world theres going to be competition and even teams which have finished lower down in the league will attract good foreign players. I admit it might not go to plan and we don’t make the gap bigger between us and the teams who finished below us this year, but I also think it could go the intended way, and it’d be nice if other fans recognised that rather than just calling us to$$ers and putting us down.

  • The only thing that will seperate Spurs,Villa,Wham,any other team with a new owner by the end of next season will be the fact we’d all have spent far more money than yous,Everton,Reading.There will still be relativley small gap between us all and huge gap between the top 4 and the rest.

  • By yous I mean Blackburn of course,Spurs fans are always on the Villa site acting like to$$ers Im sorry if I offend you strech.

  • We recognise you have a good team mate and out of the other clubs outside the top 4 you have a strong chance of progress next year but to assume it is a devine right or something is ridiculous. The only reason we call your fans tossers is because of posts like west upper spur above….

  • I browse on lots of other vital sites and there is one common theme on all of them,Spurs fans on every site acting like to$$ers,and everyone hates them,they seem to unify everyone.

  • I was the man who discovered this player on Football manager 2 years before he came to you guys, so i think Mark Hughes should thank me!

  • I’m a Spurs fan and I’m not going to be all bitter etc. – I’m just going to discuss things like a normal conversation if anyone would like to do that? Firstly, I don’t think that you can argue that Blackburn are approximately equal to Spurs considering we finished 5th and got further in the cups. MGP is a good player and the reason why he might go to Spurs is because 1) Money. Wages play a big part in transfers unfortunately nowadays. 2) Assured starting place. Although he has got it at you lot, we don’t have a LM so its not like he needs to worry about competition. 3) Europe. Although you will probably get into Europe through Intertoto, Spurs are assured of a Uefa Cup spot. 4) The challenge to the big 4. I’m sure teams like Blackburn, Everton, Newcastle all have chances of breaking into the top 4, but Spurs are more favoured for it because of the money they have to spend on players and the fact that they have finished 5th two seasons running. If anyone finds any of this offensive then have a go at me but I don’t see where I have been. On the McCarthy/Berbatov debate while I’m here. You got better value for money, no doubt about it but who would you rather have honestly? McCarthy is the only striker for Blackburn who scored more than 12 or so goals. He scored more than Berbtaov but remember, Berbatov scored more than 20 along with Keane and Defoe wasn’t far behind. Berbatov’s assist rate was also better than McCarthy’s. Anyway, good luck to Blackburn and any of the teams who offer a challenge to break into the top four!

  • Good attempt at a reasoned argument Daz, although i fear any responses may be tainted by the idiocy of the supporters who posted before you. Spurs are definately better positioned to attack the big 4 because of the cash, but it’s the combined 990 minutes of every match that make the difference – We’ve been doing pretty well recently, and MGP is settled into a side he knows, and an area of the country he likes, under a manager he admires greatly. Also, his (well publicised) dream is to play for Man U – I can’t see a transfer to Spurs helping him in this cause, and i think he knows that. (Oh, re the cups – Really? Further? 😉 ) I see Arsenal and Liverpool as both catchable this year, and sincerely hope one (or more) of the “mid-tablers” get there.

  • Good argument dazspurs but further in the Cups???? You did in the Uefa but as far as the Fa Cup was concerned we got to the Semis. I would honestly prefer McCarthy as he is a better goal poacher than Berbatov and the team as a whole helps the cause. MGP will stay at Blackburn becuase he knows he is on to a good thing and is working under a manager than can constantly improve him. I appreciate Spurs are a draw as a club but we are as well. It just a shame 90% of your idiot fan base don’t see that.

  • Im sorry HDM didnt mean to use capitals was just too idol to retype when i realised. he he!! i apologise to any Spurs fans that wants to come on and have a debate, Stretch my rant wasnt on you!! you actually make some good valid point!! i was merely pointing out to alfiespurs when he said we have no tradition. it really bugs me when people make such ludicrous statement as that!! any way carry on ….

  • Pedersen needs competition if im honest Daz, we had no direct cometition for him this season and his form suffered, season before we had Sergio Peter breaking through an Gamst had to keep on his toes. As for the Spuds fans, the majority that frequent the Vital sites are mindless $hit stirring trolls and as the old adage goes……DON’T FEED THE TROLLS! With regard to Spuds being a more sucessful team in more recent times, the last Final you got to, we beat your a$$es in and you forget that we got to the 2nd round of the UEFA and you lot got a bye to the 1/4 finals! WE got further in the FA cup than you lot after you “died on your collective @rses” against Chelsea. Ok, Chelsea knocked us out of the league cup at the 3rd round where you lot got further, then were humiliated by Arsenal, christ, even we managed to beat Arsenal in the FA Cup! Point is, with a little luck on either side, last season couldve seen you lot finishing 10th and us finishing 5th, there really isnt that much in it, as both league matches between the 2 teams proved.

  • Good call BomBom…. We have a good bunch of players here and with a little more luck with injuries we could of finished a lot higher… having Steven Reid, Ryan Nelsen and Jason Roberts out for long periods is like Spurs without Lennon, Keane and King (yes i know he was injured).

  • Life the Hard Way – No worries dude, as I say at times the old CAPS LOCK treatment is needed to make a point isn’t it. And a worthy one at that, unlike the guy who posted after you who I would assume (not that I know for fact) used them because I said it was something that wasn’t liked.

  • I see MGP’s agent is shouting his mouth off, or so the reports are saying with him claiming the big five (his words apparently, not mine!) are after him.

  • OH well…. its boring this afternoon… lets start a song.

    I’ll start… lets all do the samba, lets all do the samba.

  • I think Pedersen wants to go to spurs because in Tromso Chas and Dave are massive – just like the Hoff in Germany.

    That’s who spurs are famous for!!! Rabbit Rabbit.

    They have the cheek to call us deluded – they “think” they are a large club and have for years – the only cups they have lifted are in the canteen!!!!

    Look at it this way Pedersen will not leave rovers for less than £8M – Hughesy will just bring in a cheaper replacment and spend the cash improving in other areas – aside from his flashes of genius, he doesn’t do much in a game. I think we would survive without him – bring back the duffer….

  • Can’t understand why people here keep saying we can use the money of Pedersens sale. We don’t need that money- we’re supposed to get millions because of the TV rights issue.
    Unless we spend some good money this season I can’t see us improving….

  • welcome back IsraeliRover, where you been hiding? Simple fact guys, gals and the Spud muppets, we do not need to sell UNLESS it is in BLACKBURN ROVERS BEST INTEREST, not in Gamst’s best interest or one of the “top 5” (LOL top 5, as if Spuds fans) best interest. If Anyone leaves the club this summer it will be on Rovers terms not anyone elses. FACT

  • I see Wellsy’s point. I have said, despite being one of Gamsts biggest fans, that he is replaceable and a fee of £10mill plus would be nice. Yes he is a match winner and yes he is a natural threat but I think he is replaceable. Still don’t think he will go to Spurs though!!!

  • Absolutely 100% correct BomBom. Gamst doesn’t want to leave anyway… he has stated he is happy, knows the club is going places and is happy to be a part of it. Plus he has a hot missus as well and she is eye candy supreme.

  • Personally I think Liverpool should sign him. They only have the useless Zenden on the left – excluding Riise who I think is more of a left-back. Think of the combination of Crouch and Pedersen.
    Actually Hughesy, you want a striker – get Crouch!! I am joking of course.

  • Wellsy, I’m not going to argue but you can’t really say much about cups. Ok you wont the title in 94-95 and you beat us in the Carling Cup, but we do have more cups than you, in case you haven’t noticed. You have never been champions of Europe either so you can’t really talk about cups. I’m not starting a debate with you lot, just stating the facts. And Wellsy, the Chas and Dave comments…if people did like them I’m sure they would have mentioned. (now you’ll all mention it :D).

  • Have you seen your centenery shirt Dazz? Its paying homage to the original team kit, inspired back then by the most successful team in the land, now who could that have been? 😉

  • Our centenery shirt relates back to the kit worn in 1885 … and in those days you were the most successful team in the land. But that misses the point :S lol

  • I was relating your comments to your new shirt, we won 6 FA cups in those early years and whilst i am not about to do a Liverpool and bask in former glories, that’s not many less cups than you have won correct? you have won 2 more league cups than us (wow) and you have won the English top flight league 2 times and we have won it 3 times. So, 8 FA cups, 3LC, 2 titles VS 6 FA Cups, 1 LC and 3 Titles. Domestically, we are surprisingly even. OK, i cannot argue Continetally as we had a decline from the 20’s to the start of the 90’s really and your lads took that chance in that time to get European success, something that, had it been around in those early days, Rovers would’ve, no doubt in my mind, been equally as successful, if not more so. All in all, theres not that much difference in history, tradition and success, so why do your lot bang on about it so much??

  • Well there is really. 2 Uefa Cups, 1 European Cup Winners Cup and your 6 FA Cups all came before the turn of the century.

  • Whats the Villa fan on…??”there”s no difference between 11th & 5th” He he he….LMAO..!!Despite taking just 4pts from our first 6 games,playing 59 fixtures & missing King for a huge chunk of the campaign we still baggsed our second successive 5th spot & performed well below our best in doing so…!!Villa didnt even finish in the top half & looked at one stage a joke that were going to get relegated to The Championship where their awful kick n rush football belongs.They are just 3 (yes,THREE!) places better off than O”leary had them last season..!!Crikes,they are still zhit even after selling their souls to a Yankee dood…!!How sad is that..He he he.!!Randy Learner (who”s not worth anywhere near what THFC owner is worth!) must be sooooooo chuffed at your progress………….ROFL

  • I think you will find that all of your Cups came before the turn of the century also :p At least we have won something this century! For the record however, the last FA cup we won was in the 1920’s, like I said, around the time of our decline into obscurity for numerous years.

  • People are saying we do or don’t need to spend the money we’ll get for MGP (if he goes!) personally I don’t think we need to worry at all as we have a highly rated and talented winger by the name of Sergio Peter already here don’t we!!! He could turn out to be as good as MGP anyway?!?! We also have Keith Treacy, who would then move up the pecking order even more (he made the bench for the final game didn’t he, and had it not been a must win, at least not lose! I think that he may well have played.)

  • chalky – Dude you leave yourself open for so much grief don’t you! Villa could VERY likely be one of the teams challenging you (and us!) for fifth spot next season, if they do you’ll be eating your words.

  • WE have potential behind Gamst, nothing more. They are,as yet untested in the premiership over the course of a season and this does concern me slightly. Its easy to come on as a sub for 20 mins and contribute, but to do it for 90 minutes, every week, sometimes twice a week, tell me by march their performances would still be up there, thats the worrying thing.

  • Hughes Da Man-Spurs are far closer to breaking into the top 4 than Villa are of establishing themselves in the top 6.Blue Sq bet have Spurs at 66/1 for the title & Villa at 400/1 whilst Hills i notice have Villa at just 14/1 for relegation next season & us at 150/1 so that is how far the experts think the gap between 11th & 5th is in terms of quality.I not only predict top 4 next season for us but i fully believe that Tottenham will have a serious title chasing side within 2 seasons & it”ll be younger than Fergie”s babes of 95.Even Jose this week said EXACTLY the same thing on Chelsea TV.We have 2 youth sensations about 1 year off the 1st team.Dixon is touted as better than Rooney & Pekhart is touted as the best talent the Czech Rep has EVER produced.We also signed a 15yr old from QPR for £2mill & he”s the best kid the experts have ever seen.Dont say i didnt warn you chaps..!!

  • BomBom – True but unless they get a chance we’ll never know will we? And if they don’t get this chance they will go elsewhere and Sergio (I am sure!) would be a player we would regret losing BIG time, but regret losing more than MGP?!?! It is almost inevitable that we will lose MGP at some point though isn’t it?

  • chalky – But as your lot keep saying it’s the “money” that will make a difference and Villa have LOTS of this, attracting players may be another matter but money often talks A LOT more for some players than it does others?!?! We’ll see dude, I personally think you will find it hard to be challenging for the Title in two-years but you obivously know your young talent better than me (I genuinely mean this and I’m not be sarcastic) IF (the big if) Spurs contiune to progress (and finishing fifth constently WILL NOT be enough of a progression!) then your best players will stay and these highly promising youngsters will not be prised away either, so maybe you could challenge for the Title, but Spurs NEED to be in the top four next season and the season after to stand ANY chance of keeping this talent and having than chance (but I still can’t see it, but good luck as it would be good for the English game for the “big four” to be broken up) If it happens I will be the first to publicly congratulate you (Spurs, and you personally) and would forward and article for the Vital Spurs Editor to publish saying how wrong I was!

  • Dont know much about the Czech kid but i have heard very good things about Dixon. Better than Rooney tho? He would have to be a tad special (and a bit better looking lol) I cannt see spuds breaking the top 4 monoploy either but good luck to them. HDM, if MGP does stay this season, i feel that it may well be his last with us!

  • Having said that that Agbonlahor is the dogs dangly bits. Attracting talent is tough sometimes due to the extreme competiton in the market for talent. Villa are an attractive proposition this year however due to the higly respected manager and genuine Chairman… sounds like Rovers!!!! get in.

  • oooh merlin here..? Whys that then? Again, has to get involved if its Spurs. Most of his articles, involve in some form or another Spurs. Blackburn and Spurs are the sort of teams that will break the top 4 and thats what anyone, not in the top 4, want to see. If one team out of these “superpowers” falls into fifth place, there will be HUGE consequences for them.

  • why won;t spurs break into the top four? because someone will poison the lasagne again… so near yet so far! Dear Spuds… our two teams are very much on the same level… along with Notlob, Toffetown and Villa… wake up and smell the coffee… If we lose MGP it will be to Man United…

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