Date: 3rd August 2011 at 9:43am
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Rovers are back on the defensive after it has been reported that Spurs have made a bid of £10 million for Chris Samba.

In a world where Gary Cahill and Phil Jagielka are worth close to £20 million in today’s market I can only imagine the laughs bandying round the Ewood offices when the transmission came through from White Hart Lane.

Maybe it was on a par with the comedy THAT advert provided last week?

The Sun are reporting – ‘Spurs do not want to spend that much (ed – tough) but are willing to offer some money while offloading a player such as Jermain Defoe, Robbie Keane, David Bentley or Sebastian Bassong.’

Lets do this chronologically –

Defoe wouldn’t come to Ewood.

Keane would be too much in wages.

Bentley is too busy kicking balls into skip and wouldn’t return, furthermore we have three right wingers in the squad.

Bassong would probably be worth it as it is a direct replacement but why swap him when we already have Samba?

Message to Harry – you expect everyone to pay top, top whack for your players and pay derisory amounts to other team’s for theirs.

It doesn’t work like that me old son.

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48 Replies to “Spurs make opening bid for Samba”

  • I think we may be missing the point here guys…It will not be Rovers who decide to sell Samba as we do not need or want to sell our club captain! It will be Samba who pushes any prospective sale to a “Bigger” club. I would however be pointing out to him that Spurs are NOT in the CL and nor are they likely to be with the re-emergance of Liverpool this season….The best Spurs can hope for is 6th and i do not see why we cannot aim for 7th!!

  • you say defoe wouldnt go to ewood, but he did go to portsmouth? I think you have a chance with robbie keane aswell, he has to realise he cant demand his current wages if he wants to continue playing football.

  • You can buy alot of frozen chicken with £10m . David Bentley for one lol. Reports I have seen suggest its £10m PLUS Keane or Bentley. Sounds good to me.

  • “Message to Harry – you expect everyone to pay top, top whack for your players and pay derisory amounts to other team’s for theirs.” Can’t help but agree with that although it has more to do with our chairman than Harry. We seem to do 90% of our dealings on deadline day which only leads to panick buying/selling because we quibble over a couple of million.

  • Frankly I’m not sure we want Robbie Keane on any wages! Another busted flush after a final payday. Tough this but I would take Defoe, Bassong and 8 million or so. If Samba really wants to go, what’s the point keeping a man against his will? Furthermore, his positioning (one of his big strengths apparently) let him down a few times last season as the ball sailed over him to a forward free on goal (I’m thinking Bolton’s winner particularly here).

  • Defo agree we should stand firm over the price we value Samba at. I do think he will want to leave though if a price is agreed. £10 + Bentley for me anyday, wasted at Spurs IMO. Shoulda been an England regular by now.

  • “I have seen suggest its £10m PLUS Keane or Bentley. Sounds good to me.” It doesn’t sound good to Rovers though!!!

  • David Bentley would hack off his right arm to come back to Ewood for regular 1st team football.


    How about we bring in Bassong, Krancjar and Bentley in a straight swap for Samba and use Junior as a center forward.

    Leaving us needing a defender and striker to sign to finish our summer shopping?

  • Tombo, i doubt kranjcar will be going anywhere now. If spurs really value samba at 10 million, and yourselves reportedly holding out for 12, there is no chance niko will be heading your way as our chairman rates him nearer 15 mil. Whether its right or wrong I cant see any of these deals being possible aside from the keane one. Levy will not take such a big loss on bentley either. Of course, if the money being handed over depend on what player/s are being swapped, thats a different matter. I doubt we are really in for him anyway, our downmarket neighbours are more likely to swoop

  • Your chairman needs to go into rehab then.

    You paid £2.5 million for him 2 years ago and he has been barely a fringe player for you guys.

    How can you value a fringe player at near the £15million mark where as our team captain and main goalscoring center back in only worth £10m-£12m.

    Funny how the media calls our club and owners a joke?!

    If Kranjcar is worth £15million then Samba must be worth around £28million.

  • Id take 10million and Pavlyuchenko for Samba and if Arry can throw in a couple of fur coats, some nylons, rolex and something for weekend then the deal is done!

  • How can we consider selling Samba when we STILL havnt got a replacement for Jonesy? Only Deal i can say I’d be happy with is Samba for Bassong + Defoe/Pavlyucheko. I don’t want Bentley back and Robbie Keane? Maybe a few years ago but not now. Oh… Is there any dodgy clause in Samba’s contract like with Jonesy that is being kept quiet till last minute? Hold out for £20m or take 2 players off them!

  • Tombo1984, the reason we got Niko Kranjcar for 2.5 million was because he had only 6 months left on his contract if i remember correctly and we loaned O’hara to Pompey with the option of them buying him in a year. But Kranjcar is a cracking player, the only reason he is not playing is that his 2 best positions are occupied by better players in Van der Vaart and Bale. Any team that signs Kranjcar will be getting a player who will score 10+ goals and will rack up around 15 assisits if played regularly, hence the high valuation

  • Sorry Yid_From_India but nobody, not in a million years, is going to pay £15 million Kranjcar. Not even close. £5 million tops…

  • The objective of any transfer deal has to be to come out stronger than you were before. I don’t see how any of the players mentioned would really move us on when you work in losing Samba. We’d have to be very, very sure of getting someone in as a strong replacement CB before even considering any kind of deal. And £10m? Jog on…

  • If Rovers do agree to Samba transfer with a player + cash deal, the best suitable for you guys is Bassong + Cash. But then, there were some reports that Rovers bid 2m for Keane sometime back. So, why not Bassong+Keane for Samba

  • Thank God these lot are not looking after Blackburns finances..Think your club would be doing a Leeds by now..In the real world you enter low and then the 2 teams come to a compromise. At the end of the day, Spurs must pay want Blackurn want or the deal wont get done.. To suggest any team in the World even citeh would immediately come in with a mega bid for any player is folly..Jeez!!

  • “If Rovers do agree to Samba transfer with a player + cash deal, the best suitable for you guys is Bassong + Cash. But then, there were some reports that Rovers bid 2m for Keane sometime back. So, why not Bassong+Keane for Samba
    sydqcb5” – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Oh your being serious!

  • “Thank God these lot are not looking after Blackburns finances..Think your club would be doing a Leeds by now..In the real world you enter low and then the 2 teams come to a compromise.” – Like you did with Darren Bent, Luka Modric, David Bentley etc….

  • Tombo1984, Darren Bent went to Aston Villa for over 20 mill and we got the money back we paid for him..and Luka will easily command over double what we paid for him so these were value for money. Exception was david but hey you ant always get it right..So not sure what point you are making..My point is just because you think a player is worth 20mill does not mean in this day and age any club will open the bidding at that price..The selling club would just push the price up to get a bit more.

  • Im sorry 7th! Whichever Blackburn fan thinks they can achieve that with there current squad and manager must be having a laugh, as a Spurs fan I think thats a joke. I remember the good old days when it was Spurs, Blackburn and Bolton fighting it out for europe and everyone was happy with where they were. What the hell happened to that, you guys fell apart, Bolton dropped way of the pace, and we tried our best to get ourselves relegated before hiring old arry to bail us out. I miss those days.

  • What about with a few smart additions Spurs fans? Not saying they are going to happen but what about it? Last season below 6th was a total lottery… it could be us if we sign the right players and play to potential. And Blue Odeyssey?! What the heck? Fell apart?! We’re still here – our finances caught up with us as pound for pound we have punched well above our weight for years. Deary me get your facts straight!

  • I’d say 4 million + Defoe and Bassong. Works for both clubs. Spurs want rid of players, and we need players.. Other than that, id say Pavalechenco(sp) and Defoe in a straight swap.

  • rovers23 …4million + Defoe and Bassong..hahahahahha…Thats makes Samba about £24mill…You guys need a reality check..Am aware its not a one man team but if he was that good you wont have been flirting with Relegation last year..

  • Makes Samba 24m? Are you kidding? Defoe = 7 million no more.. Bassong 5m + the 4m = 16 million.. Not over the top considering the prices other players are going for this window.. I think you seriously over value your players.. never mind us overvaluing Samba!

  • Delap whats your issue, my statement is pretty accurate, look at the last six years and where Blackburn have finished,
    05/06 – Finished 6th
    06/07 – Finished 10th
    07/08 – Finished 7th
    08/09 – Finished 15th
    09/10 – Finished 10th
    10/11 – Finished 15ht

    3 top 10 finishes in a row followed by a 15th, a 10th and another 15th.
    You had a pretty good team, were liked by the majority of neutrals and produced some pretty entertaining stuff, whereas now its hard to say any of that is true. I wasn’t having a go at the club I was merely saying I miss the old Blackburn, the new one is a let down in comparison.

  • Why should we sell our players short? You always ask for high amounts for your players.. we don’t have to sell.. pay up or don’t sign him. Simple.

  • Admit it.. if you sold Modric to Chelsea for 20m you would be mad? but to counter your argument about flirting with relegation so Samba can’t be that good.. you didnt get in the Champions league with Modric.. so why should he be worth 30m+? You value your player highly because you want to keep him, and we are doing the same.

  • rover23, Modric for 20mill!!!..Having bought him for 16.5mill and one of the best International Midfielders in the world..Easily could play for any of the top teams anywhere..Dont think you can say the same about Samba who is unproven with a top team!

  • I completely understand that Blackburn don’t want to sell so can charge anything they want considering the contract length, and rightly so. But I do find it very ironic that in an article saying “you expect everyone to pay top, top whack for your players and pay derisory amounts to other team’s for theirs”, prices like Krancjar for £5m, Bassong for £4m and Defoe for £7m appear in the comments section…

  • Why don’t we say “not for sale at any price” then bid for bassong to replace Jones? We need a defender… we shouldn’t be selling one!

  • Such typical spurs fans.Completely agree with Rover23; all your players are worth so much in your opinions but no one elses players are worth anything. in comparison.If Downing and Henderson are worth 20 mil this summer,united were happy to pay 16 mil plus addons for Jones then Samba is worth in the bracket of 15-16 mil,although he should be the same price as Jagielka and Cahill (20 mil).Maybe if Samba was English we would get the inflated price the others have got this summer.15-16 mil-Bassong-fringe player (4 mil),Defoe-bought for around 16 mil 3 years ago when he was in form of life-scored about same as J rob last year,getting older(depreciation)-worth 8 mil at an absolute max.Keane worth no more than 2 mil,and I guess if we lived on Mars Kranjcar would be worth 15 mil,but here on earth he aint ever gonna fetch more than 6 mil.You want Samba,we dont want to sell so that means you would be very lucky to get the best price for your players,so try knock at least a mil of each price of your player to get an accurate value.Defoe 7 which has been said,kranjcar 5,bassong 3. As 4 Bentley impossible to value really since you were thick enough to pay 16 mil and never play the guy.worth is about 4 mil max.get real spurs fans!!!!

  • dunn8 – Again I’m not having a dig at Rovers, as FreidelNO.1 says your perfectly entitled ot say “not for sale at any price” but in that little rant you’ve proved my point perfectly. For examplle you say £2m for Keane when West Ham had an agreement to buy for £6m if they stayed in the Premiership, slight discrepancy there. £3m for Bassong? *sigh*

  • I’ve spoken to a few spurs fans who all agree that keane is over priced at £6million. They even think that the £4million would’ve been great business. They would all have taken £2million!

  • Those prices Phartman for the players mentioned are about right?! How is Kranjcar worth any more than £5 million? Discuss…

  • Mikey Delap, Kranjcar is a cracking player, he will reach double figures in goals and assists over the season as i pointed out earlier. he will be a brilliant signing for any team in the league (including the top 6). I dont want us to let him go as it is and neither does Harry but Kranjcar wants out. he is certainly worth more than 5 million(we sold O’hara for that same amount and Kranjcar is twice the player)

  • all hypothetical talk about kranjcar-hes not good enough to start for us,hasnt ever scored double figures for us or had 15 assists a season-but he will if given the chance,and by the way we rate him at 15 mil?????so you are actually saying he is worth more than Samba,who plays every week,has attracted a top club (Arsenal-not Spurs)from his performances all year.krancjar has a decent pre-season run and suddenly he is worth 15 mil?In what world is Keano worth more than 6 mil?Honestly still wouldnt want him for 2 million anyway just saying that is his market value.Your bentleys,krancjars,and keanes who never get any gametime for Spurs drop in value as a result spurs fans?!they dont increase(Krancjar) or even stay the same (Bassong/Bentley/Keane) hence no one is coming in and offering 6 mil for Robbie,or close to it since harry seems more than willing to take 4 mil which you cant even get.West ham are hardly a good example or a club that accurately values the players they buy.They pretty much take everyone elses wastage pre Big Sam anyway,at crazy prices 2.Additionally you have to remember all other clubs see spurs in this same light as the jokers who pay insane prices for players and then never play them so every club in the country knows they can get more from spurs than other teams.Just because spurs paid 8 mil to a relegated newcastle for a player in Bassong they had paid less than a mil for the previous year doesn’t mean he is actually worth 8 mil.At best he was worth 6 mil,and since he has barely played since he went to you then he is worth less than that again-around the 4 mil spurs fans are living in a dreamworld with your financial thinking!!!!

  • If samba wants to go we will let him go other than that he stays. I think he will be happy enough to stay, the top four this year are going to be man u, man city, chelsea, liverpool. So no champions league for arsenal and spurs next year sorry guys.

  • I will get back to you when the likes of Bassong and Keane are sold and then we’ll see who is right. and Btw, Kranjcar is certainly good enough to play for us. he could well be your player of the season if you took the risk on him. i am not saying he is worth 15 million but certainly 8-10 atleast. Just because he is a bench warmer for us , doesn’t mean he is a bad player for a mid table side ( Remember Bent?) because believe it or not, we have more bench strength than Arsenal. Kranjcar, Palacios, Jenas, hutton, Bassong, Keane, Crouch, Defoe, Bentley etc can all do a good job for other clubs even though they are surplus to requirements for us

  • What a lot of people are missing in this discussion seems to be that a valuation of a player indicates his worth to the selling club. Why would we pay top dollar for Kjancar (who is no doubt a top quality player) when he doesn’t get in the Spurs team regularly? That massively decreases his value. Same goes for Keane, Harry wants rid of him badly and the fact that the two Porn clowns at WHAM would pay 6 million for him is of no consequence to Rovers who have a track record to rival Levys in getting high prices for their players while paying small sums for very good players. Now to Samba, for Spurs fans to understand where Rovers fans are coming from you must look at Sambas standing within Blackburn. He is on a 5 year contract, was our best player last season and a consistent performer for a number of years before that. Additionally he was our captain last season which also pushes up his value, but the loss of Jones increases the importance of Samba to us. If you want us to part with both of our first choice centre halves in one summer then expect to pay top dollar.

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