Date: 25th October 2007 at 11:01am
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Tottenham Hotspur have been increasingly linked with Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes in the last couple of days, but it doesn’t look like he’s interested in going to White Hart Lane.

Tottenham manager Martin Jol is walking the thinnest of thin tightropes at the moment and it seems inevitable that he will be replaced sooner or later (probably sooner?!?!) and when he does the tabloids have sounded Hughes out as a possible man to replace him, but why would he? Rovers may be out of the UEFA Cup but we are in a far healthier position in the Premier League and really have built up something special under him over the past three-years so why get rid of that to go to Spurs?!?! However, despite this tabloid talk is seems that Sparky has already ruled out a move to White Hart Lane.

Hughes told the Mirror: “I’m at a club where I’ve got great backing.

“It has taken me three years to put things in place, you don’t walk away from that lightly

We know that Sparky will one day be tempted away from Ewood Park but this will almost certainly to for a post with Manchester United, or maybe Chelsea, but then again he would have other options including Everton, Barcelona and Bayern Munich as he has always maintained that he would like to manage clubs that he played for, and Spurs fall way outside of that category.



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  • Sparky WON’T leave Rovers for Spurs!!!
    I’m not going to get into this ?we’re a bigger club than you? crap and all the slagging off that goes with it, but WHY would he want to leave Rovers to go to Spurs, the only thing they can offer him at the moment that Rovers can’t is UEFA Cup football.

  • We could offer him alot more than what he currently has not got at Rovers BUT I agree, he wont come.(PS I would like him here, as would the majority of Spurs fans)

  • We’re going to get in a slanging match now(as you said you didn’t want, but here goes……), 36,000 screaming fans sell out week in week out, sold out away allocation every match, £40M+ to spend every year, a good squad with some world class players and most importantly more money that what he’s on now.

  • Oh dear scott the yid.. let e put this into perspective for you… would yu prefer to work for a boss you can trust, one that leaves all team matters to you and work with players that give everything for you…. OR…. work for a boss that goes behind your back, one that is difficult to trust and one where the players sulk everytime they are dropped. Witness the different reactions to being dropped of McCarthy and Berbatov….

  • And what your saying he’ll get is a lot more fans who are complete;y arrogant… a good squad with some world class players….. I think given the chance Rovers would have 3 of Spurs players in their team. (Just for reference I’m talking Keane, King and Zokora). We dont need Berabtov we’ve got Cruz.

  • i guess there would be pro’s and cons, if hughes believed he could cope with the pressure Jol has had to and believed he could work in a sporting director/coach system then the grass would be greener, greater financial power,an already in place young squad with huge potential, sell out crowds with the imminent move to a bigger stadium which too will sell out, a higher wage etc. However its down to how he feels from his quotes he has stated that it has taken him 3 years to get blackburn where he wants them why give that up now, very true, however has he taken blackburn as far as he can? how does he feel about a new challenge? these are all questions we cannot answer and do not know, i personally think he will stay at blackburn as the way our chairman has handled the whole situation has been disgraceful and would put of many a good manager. Personally hughes isnt my choice he is a good manager but not a tottenham style manager i still along with 36’000 yids at WHL have faith in Jol and would prefer to keep him anyway!

  • Oh and on current form the only player you would want to take is Keane, the rest (on newcastle performance) couldnt care less

  • MikeyGamst, I’m sure you would fit Bale somewhere in that line up too. Anyway I have more important things to discuss, like a relegation battle! lol, tada

  • i dont think he would really consider a move to spurs i dont think its what he wants! he has the full backin of the chairman the fans and most importantly the respect of his players! and to be honest lads i dont think havin 40mil toi spend is a good reason to go sparky has shown here that he is great in the transfer market and spends very wisely!

  • If he has ambition, he’ll move on one day and I am not being disrescpectful. Either the Manu Job/Spurs etc these clubs can offer more in terms of budget,buying power,fan base,prestige etc. Not making them up its fact. Whether the Spurs board want hime in any case is a different matter. At the mo, its just speculation. Personally, in my view I think he is a great manager and I hate playing you guys cause you are not only physical but you play wonderful football sometimes to boot.He doesnt just buy a million players and puts 11 on a pitch as we have done, there is a good balance between skill and physicality which is great to see. For this reason, I dont think he will take the Spurs Job as he wont stand for someone interferring with who he can and he cant buy. Good luck for the rest of the season but ONLY after Sunday!

  • MikeyGamst – did i miss read or did you say you’d take Zokora? i had respect for what you were saying up to that point. maybe there is hope of Hughes brining some direction to WHL!

  • ok zokora was poor at newcastle but has been pretty solid this season notibly being MOM against liverpool, he is still a good player

  • freddya he has ambition alright and the know how to back it up but i dint think the spurs job is a desirable one okay you can give your manager 40million to spend and have a bigger fan base but i dont feel you guys are a club going anywhere at the minute and again im not tryin to be disrespectful but i felt all the talk of top four for you guys this year was totally premature and unrealistic add to that unrealistic expectations from a large number of spurs fans a board that undermine their manager and you have one sloppy mess to be honest and i think your league position reflects that!

  • I still think Martin Jol will stay to the end of the season (and win us at least one cup – probably UEFA), but it’s interesting to note that Hughes didn’t actually say “no”! – he just said “you don’t walk away lightly!”. I think he quite fancies the Spurs job!

  • Hughes wouldn’t go he wants Man Utd not Spurs, typical of spurs to tap up our staff, doubt he will go though, building something special at Rovers and wouldnt want to leave till complete, unless United came in for him!!!!

  • dont think so on both your predictions parklane one i dont think spurs (on current form) will be anywhere near good enough to win the uefa and two i think its clear that he doesnt really want to go to spurs he wants the united job and is happy to manage rovers in the mean time and show how good a manager that he is!

  • Oh, I knew this would happen! Anyway, here is my two-pence worth. I don’t think he will leave for Spurs as it is a side-ways step. In terms of the boring scroll that Spurs fans role out in terms of we have more fans, we have more money blah blah blah, well that might be true, but as your club is evidence, money can’t buy wins!!! Hughes has a sound basis for success at Ewood, and it would take him a long time to re-create that else where. However, obviously the BIG club move will happen but unfortunately for Spurs, you aren’t a big club. Shame about Berba too, I was disappointed with his attitude as I was with Benni’s. Anyway, hope all you Spurs fans are well and looking forward to the game on Sunday?

  • and i do apologise to evevryone I was being a bit harsh before, but my point has been made and I agree with Scott on the fact that Bale would def be orth a consideration and Zokora is a good player. Jol has just resigned now so we’ll see what happens…. I say he will still stay though.

  • Jol did not resign… he was sacked and sorry mikeygamst zokara is awful. Did you know he’s never scored a professional goal, watching his bursting runs forward, is that not literally the most shocking stat of all time.. I mean mokoena has scored infinitely more goals than him… PAUL ROBINSON has scored more goals than him.. I mean come on!!!

  • Cheers Mikey. I tried to maintain a degree of tact! Looks like Ramos is very much in the frame for Spurs. Also, anyone slightly worried about a Spurs back-lash on Sunday? His sacking could have come at the worse time for us!!!

  • roversman i had the same feeling and i believe i posted on another article saying that i would like jol to stil be in the job havin said that clive allen has taken charge temporarily but with only two days with the players i doubt he has enough time to teach them how to defend set pieces!

  • well that swhy i would be confident but just a little wary of a backlash i think we will be too good for them on set pieces and could score one or two from such situations to be honest! with samba santa cruz and even pedersen good in the air we could cause them a lot of problems!

  • pedersen good in the air????? ur kidding me lol, i was surprised you didnt pick up on that merling, durks dont u remember that header he missed in that semi final lol

  • sasman it was a bad miss but he did the right thing with it ie tried puttin it in the corner and that was only one miss he scored a header against city last seasonand by my recollection it was a good header too!

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