Date: 23rd April 2007 at 12:29am
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll asked, “WHY isn’t Stevie Mac picking David Bentley for England?” MOST think that Steve McLaren is overlooking Bentley due to a collection of things, but agree he SHOULD be selected.

The factor most feel prevents Bentley playing for England is the simple fact he plays for Rovers (13%), which is probably true because we aren’t a fashionable club! 4% think Mac is just blinkered to the big boys, 2% think he’s frightened to leave others out while 4% don’t know why he is being overlooked, but do know Bentley should be given a chance.

A MASSIVE 64% feel it is a combination of all of the above!

The final 13% just feel Bentley isn’t being at least selected for a squad because he isn’t good enough (as the poll option said yeah right!)

So in summary
Because Bents plays for Rovers? – 13%
Mac’s blinkered to the big boys? – 4%
Mac’s frightened to leave others out? – 2%
Don’t know; just know Bents SHOULD be in! – 4%
ALL of the above! – 64%
Or is it Bents isn’t good enough? (Yeah Right!) – 13%

Next up we are looking for the latest Rovers Man of the Match, so the current poll is asking, Rovers Man of the Month verses Fulham?

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18 Replies to “Stevie Mac SHOULD Select Bentley”

  • I think that even though this poll was on a Rovers site we are not blinkered enough to be unfair, and feel others would have chipped in so 64% CAN’T be wrong, can they?!?! Come on Stevie Mac take a chance and give him a go, what have you got to lose?!?!

  • Have you seen? The funny farm is out again. Rumours of us off-loading Roberts to Sheff Utd – yeah, of course – just as he is scoring…

    And Bellamy coming back to Rovers – can’t really see it myself – especially with the Villa- O’Neil link and the wages they would pay him.

  • JR to Sheffield United, that’s VERY likely to happen isn’t it! Where do they drag this stuff up from, it’s crazy isn’t it Wellsy. IsraeliRover has been talking about the Bellers link, we’ve discussed this here.

  • Just heard Geremi of Chelsea is going to be made available in the summer… surely worth a bid??? versatility at right back and midfield could be essential.

  • He hasn’t really had a run in the Chelsea side has he so it’s hard to judge him but if he was that bad they wouldn’t have kept him so long would they, nor would he have played for Real Madrid! Good call MikeyGamst got to be worth a pop, but Middlesbrough will be highly likely to move for him again won’t they?!?!

  • hey will prob yeah. I dont think he will be the most spectacular player in the world but he brings stability which is priceless.

  • Geremi has a great free kick on him rite enough but I cant see wot else, he’s not a great defender so that would leave us with basically 2 midfielders as riteback, athough Emerton is better at the role in my reckoning, after that would he sit on Rovers bench cos he wont make a difference to our midfield at the min

  • Get Ooijer at right back… he was great before the injury.

    geremi is highly underrated, does a solid job more or less anywhere on the pitch. Can never be a bad thing.

  • Oojier is too slow for riteback, hes a very good defender but u need pace for the rite of defense. Emerton is doing a good job there in his partnership with Bentley and Oojier could fill in as well as Zurab, but I think we need a young reconized full back like Taylor or that fom the reserves instead, Geremi is not a great defender as I said and he would hold up the progress of the younger players at the club

  • I really can’t see Hughes over looking Ooijer, he stuck his neck out to get him, stuck by him when others didn’t so I’m almost certain he’ll come back in. I can’t see Sparky leaving out the Wall or the Admiral so it looks as though it will be right-back, despite Brett doing a good job. I know it is good for the full-back’s to get forward but think it is more import that they can defend. Brett has done a great job this season but lapses in concentration have at times cost us. We’ll score goals so defending them as a solid unit from the back will be more important to Sparky I feel so Ooijer will come back in for me.

  • most teams have players who they think should easily be in the england team, this poll proves nothing as to whether he should or shouldn’t be.

  • I genuinely don’t just think I KNOW Bents SHOULD be given a chance, he’s been the best right-sided Englishman (biased views aside) all season. Maybe it doesn’t Mike but ANYONE with eyes can see Bents has the quality to at least get a chance. I know they play in completely different positions but with all due respect if Phil Neville and Andrew Johnson can get in then surely David Bentley deserves this chance?!?!

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