Date: 30th January 2015 at 7:51pm
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So the honeymoon period is long gone, in fact it seems a long time ago since the honeymoon jet touched back down that we are way beyond enjoying newlywed life and we are now firmly straight into the footballing equivalent of the seven year itch where the relationship is declining, decisions are being analysed and argued over, communication is getting to the stage where each comment is chewed over, argued and thrown back in each other’s faces. In short it’s time for marriage guidance or a long messy divorce could be the only option, and think of the damage that would do to the kids.

The F.A. Cup has gone a little way to paper over the cracks, but the reality is something has to happen, something has be the catalyst of change or recovery, personally I’m happy for it to be one or the other, but it needs to come and it needs to come soon, as we find ourselves mid way between play off or relegation battle and current form shows it being a one way street in the wrong direction.

I would be delighted if Bowyer can turn it around, although his recent team selection and some of the tactics have been baffling to say the least, dropping a man of the match in Duffy and ignoring Taylor’s cup scoring form with a change back to a “first team” who are doing neither was odd to say the least – almost reminded me of Terry Venables picking his favourite Spurs players for England ignoring players who were better and in form to stick with players from his old club.

Leaving your two best strikers sitting on the bench at Derby was clearly designed to confuse many (supporters and opposition alike!) and that worked for a little while, but to try and hold out for ninety minutes was always going to be a tall order, you win games by scoring goals, more than the opposition manage to score if you do want to win it, if the opposition figure out your trying to play a fast counter you need a plan B for when it’s not working, and sadly far too many times this season we very rarely have a plan B and we keep plugging away at the poorly working plan A.

To lay it all at GB’s feet also feels harsh to me, granted some tactical nouse appears to be missing, and arguably perhaps some man management experience is short at this level, but what board backing has he really had, most of the significant fee based players currently on the books were brought in by previous managers and GB is having either try and off load them or motivate them whilst restricting his own signings to the loan market or the bargain basement – which when you consider some of the players he has brought in on that basis, have actually been pretty good in terms of Rudy, Conway, Spur, Steel, Tunnicliffe, Cairney certainly a better track record than his predecessors all the way back to Big Sam. I do find it mildly amusing though that we now have two players on our books not deemed good enough to play at Bolton, but who are good enough for us, an interesting statement of intent and current attitude on our playing stock and ambitions.

Venky’s as the owners need to be the ones to pick up the dropped flag of attack off the floor and help drive the club forward, granted they have been behaving better recently, no Ronaldhino or Beckham quotes, but it actually seems like they have gone from one extreme to the other, from total mis-management with added complete and utter chaos meddling and getting involved in everything, to suddenly becoming silent/absent owners with what appears to be very little interest if recent appearances at Ewood are an indicator. If they really want GB to succeed they need to back the manager, work with him and help him. If operation Rovers has turned sour for Venky’s they realistically have two options, do nothing and let the club dwindle and die, sell off the ground and training facilities and recover a small percentage of what they have paid out to date, or they make Rovers a viable investment opportunity try to recoup their losses by making us a desirable commodity again much like the previous owners did when they purchased us, but the only way to manage this would be is by promotion.

No surprise with the massive TV deals that all 20 premier league clubs appear in the last list of top 40 world’s richest football clubs in terms of turnover and if Venky’s want either a self-sustaining club or a brand that’s ripe to be sold to recover what they have spent so far, promotion is the only way to realistically achieve that, so its stick or twist time Madame.

Ideally I would like someone more experienced to help GB with the areas he has perhaps yet to fully grasp and learn sufficiently at this level – let’s be honest he was a youth level coach before stepping up to charge after a period of managers that made us a laughing stock, though whether he would accept that scenario of having someone work with him with more experience in those areas only he can say, but current performances by McClaren and McCarthy and in 2012 by Holloway at Palace have all shown how a committed but not spectacular group of players can achieve good results when managed correctly, but clearly what he has been doing since early December is really not working and it’s time for some sort of positive action, but we also need the owners stand up and drive us onwards from the helm by backing the manager and showing some clear positive direction.

I was once told by a senior member of the Blackburn management team that Steve Kean would be sacked if he ever lost four games in a row, I wonder what he is thinking now with no win in the league for five games and two points from the last fifteen available.

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