Date: 10th May 2007 at 1:41pm
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Clint shares his views on the opinion held by quite a few Tottenham Hotspur fans on the obvious gap (or lack of) in terms of quality and performance between the sides.

After the discussions about the supposed differences’ between Blackburn Rovers and Tottenham Hotspur I thought I’d do a little digging into the matter.

My best mate is a Spurs fan and as you can imagine there are a few heated debates at times but generally the banter is all good-natured. However after a few of the comments I have read from alleged ‘real’ Spurs fans giving off how much better they are than the small town club I got to thinking.

Now I have nothing against folk thinking their team is better than anyone else, there are a lot of the Spurs fans that have been giving credible discussions this week and after all Blackburn fans I’m sure do it with teams like Burnley and Bolton and vice versa but do when those ‘real’ fans do not even have the decency to take into consideration another team that is, well if we are a small town club, punching above it weight. I am sick of that type of fan lording it over Rovers, its something I’d expect of the new wave Chelsea fans lol. Now this type of thing goes on in football granted, after all there is a certain team called Arsenal hanging about!!

So as I have said this is a run down of Spurs’ supposed dominance over the ‘minnows’ from Lancashire.

2005-2006 Season
5th – Spurs (P 38 W18 D11 L9 F53 A38 Pts 65)
6th – Rovers (P38 W19 D6 L13 F51 A42 Pts 63)

2004-2005 Season
9th – Spurs (P38 W14 D10 L14 F47 A41 Pts 52)
15th – Rovers (P38 W9 D15 L14 F32 A43 Pts 42)

2003-2004 Season
14th – Spurs (P38 W13 D6 L19 F47 A57 Pts 45)
15th – Rovers (P38 W12 D8 L18 F51 A59 Pts 44)

2002-2003 Season
6th – Rovers (P38 W16 D12 L10 F52 A43 Pts 60)
10th – Spurs (P38 W14 D8 L16 F51 A62 Pts 50)

2001-2002 Season
9th – Spurs (P38 W14 D8 L16 F49 A53 Pts 50)
10th – Rovers (P38 W12 D10 L16 F55 A51 Pts 46)

You tell me, apart from 1 relegation, 2nd place in the league and a Premier League title (seasons I did not go into, just because I couldn’t be bothered) can somewhere tell me the outstanding difference between these two very good teams that try to play the game of football in the rite manner?



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71 Replies to “Streets Ahead of Rovers, Nope!”

  • This speaks for itself really doesn’t it, as so many of us have said all along (from our side anyway, and credit some from Spurs) there really is little between two VERY good sides. People say tables don’t lie, and they don’t and they haven’t over the years have they and just show that we have pretty much matched each other. Even this season in terms of how it will look, win lose or draw for Rovers tonight there isn’t a lot of gap there, and won’t be when the table reads 38 games, as it won’t next season either.

  • Let’s not turn this into a slagging match again, a point is just being made. TABLES don’t lie do they. We are two QUALITY, EVENLY matched sides. Can we just not ALL agree on this, is it so hard?!?!

  • over the five seasons here there is a seven point difference in the two teams hardly dominence! ask a spurs fan to do this comparison with the teams they talk of being just off and some think are on a par with (top four) and they will see dominence! its their arrogance that astounds me most!

  • 🙂 Good luck. Personally, I agree totally – We’re a smaller club punching above our weight, and to match a club like spurs is in itself really a great achievement, and in my mind, one that we’ve been doing incredibly well at. When all said and done, we are just a small town in Europe 😉

  • I agree it’s abit nip and tuck of late but my view is due to a much larger fan base (no disrespect intended) spurs have the ability to possibly take it to the next level where as rovers would need a bit more luck with some bargin buys (McCarthy, Pederson, Samba etc) and short injury list. But as you say not much difference AT THE MOMENT

  • Hasn’t been much since you reeled us in as champions Phartman 🙂 LOL! We are a small town in Europe that will NEVER compete with the likes of Spurs fan, stadium or finacial (again) wise. Keep players fit, bring in other, keep what we have fit and e’ll have a great season next season, I just hope this includes a UEFA Cup adventure?!?!

  • Should have read blah, blah, blah… keep what we have and we’ll have a great season next season!

  • Head Rover Heels has it spot on.Lets be honest,you had been in Preston,Bolton & Burnleys shadow all your excistance till Jack Walker turned up waving a blank cheque book.

  • I wasn’t aware that we were that bothered about Blackburn in all honesty. I read a lot from Mark Hughes about this supposed rivalry between us, and now he’s on about McCarthy being better than Berbatov. If he is, he is. It’s not us that has been pushing the pro-Berba movement in the press, as they’ll write what they write.
    If Rovers fans feel that we believe we are better than them, then it’s more in their heads than ours, I’m afraid.

  • Spurs fan here to give ‘our’ view of B Rovers – I appreciate the words from Head Rover Heels (nice handle btw) the depth of squad for you is an issue, but the grit, the fight, a great Manager (I would steal Mark Hughes in a minute from you – Jol is OK but I believe Hughes is better) You get the best out of the squad and resources you have…..we DON’T…..our fan base is big, our ‘brand’ is big…I will be there tonight in a sold out stadium……I love this game, Rovers come to play the game the right way, it will be a great game and I love some of your players, That NZ guy at the back is really good, GMP is very good, Tugay not too bad either for an old guy….as much as I hate the Tw**t Robbie gives you bite…like that guy thats been out all year who plays for IRE in midfield…and goaile is superb….but in short you punch above and so far Spurs are punching below our weight…..COYS!

  • oh hear we go about Uncle Jack, this being about buying the league, well dont get me wrong here but dosnt every team buy the players it thinks can win something?? Yes the money being flaunted about by Rovers in those days were big at the time but God every team would do it. Jack Walker used some of his millions to help the club he loved, in my book there’s not a thing wrong with that. to him it wasnt a business! Not so much like the ones today at other clubs, but im sure if Spurs got took over ny Roman there would be complaining now would there

  • Think its a little sad you had to post this up, actualy thought you guys were pritty alright, but have stooped to level of every fan base i suppose. By the way it shows we finshed better than you 4 times out of 5, hardly a good case study for you!

  • At last some more Spurs fans talking sense – Othello and Michael, sorry lads but u are being let down by others lol

  • now Huscarl I was proving that ur biased view on your team being much better than ours is wrong, it was not sad but the only way folk like u take any notice. We have never said that Rovers were better just that in the league irrespective of fan base and money we are on a par with the likes of Spurs etc. Thinking wot i done was sad just goes to prove that u cant think outside ur wee box and appreciate another team’s achievements

  • i think on terms of wealth, stadium, fanbase, history and potential we are “streets ahead” and in the long term have a greater potential to bust the top 4. however in terms of improvment in last few years they may not be as much difference. i would rate the top 4 in the top mini league right now with oursleves bolton, everton and yourselves in the next league with one timers reading and pompey still for it too prove there not going to do a wigan. the gap right now is there, i do believe we are a better team than yourselves but maybe the gap isnt as big as we may think. out of the few other clubs outside the top four us 2 everton and bolton are showing steady progress in competing, out of these 4 teams i would say we have the most potential to break the top 4, and also the most potential to stay there with the points of wealth and fanbase to back this up no disrespect but tottenham is a more attractive propostition for a player to come to than blackburn, however i believe blackburn are a good side and would say u are a top 8 team in the prem.

  • Clint….Thanks! ALL Spurs fans are genuine FOOTBALL fans not celebrity status seekers….I will say that Mark Hughes winding up the McCarthy Berbatov debate is using it to fire up his boys…..BUT that might just backfire on him in a few hours time!!!!!

  • Thats all it is, paper talk mate, im looking forward to a very good game between two very good teams, Best of luck for later

  • Clint – we have to remember that these Spurs fans are still bitter about our Worthy Cup Win! AND we can still claim a Prem Title, much like England’s World Cup win in 1066 (yes i know!) we will continue to mention it for the next 30 years!

  • buckers_07…great points….Newcastle have massively underachieved they WILL be a challenger to fear next year if they get their act together. I don’t see Rovers having the resources to get much better for them it is more can they maintain this level?????? and if we can see MGP at WHL ???????

  • Ex Ewood, my mate the Spurs fan helped me write this, its good criac but thats all its meant to be lol some however take it personally, which its not meant to be

  • This is NOTHING compared to the level some of your lot has stooped to huscarl! Clint’s POINT is to put in front of the Spurs fans that they don’t lord over us as so many think. We can’t compete with you in so many ways, but where it counts performance on the pitch there is LITTLE between the two sides!

  • It seems that the top four teams are settled as we all know (and yes Spurs fans, most other fans would have loved for you to finish above the gooners last season) The other clubs in the mix that should always be competing for UEFA spots (dependant on their season) are Spurs, Rovers, Bolton, Newcastle, Everton and Villa.

  • chalky76 living in BURNLEY’s shadow, please! The Spurs cheque book hasn’t exactly been closed down the years though has it?!?!

  • I know that Clint Mate, and I try my best to be objective unfortunately (as was proven on the old bbc 606 site) Tottenham Fans seem to inlcude a disportionate numbers of WUM’s – buckers_07 is excluded from that!

  • LOL – Chalky must have got that from his grandad – Burnley haven’t been anywhere near our equal for about 50 years! just proved my point about WUM’s!

  • Seriously,this article only proves to me that Spurs are the superior team. We have finished above you 4 times out of 5. We have a bigger fan base, more wealth and better located to attract bigger players. We have been a dormant club for time time as Sugar was a tight chairman and didnt really release much in the way of spending funds into the club, although this has probably helped in some way as we havent done a Leeds. I agree tho that you are a club punching above your weight and you are also a team that is always there or therabouts and for the ‘small’ (i use this term respectfully) outfit you are, shows that you do have a good team and a good manager who are all willing to pull in the same direction.

  • I would say (baised views aside) that Clint shows Spurs are not the all dominating team over Rovers they claim to be Gavaldinho surely? We’ve been evenly matched on the pitch (which as I keep saying is where it counts and the ONLY place we can match you) for a long time. Off the field Spurs are, and will be vastly superior, on it, even with us punching above our weight not on it.

  • I think the differences are minimal, but i would say spurs are the more likely at the moment to continue with there improvement and maybe be the ones that push the top 4, i dont ever see Blackburn getting into that position unless they get another big benefactor to bankroll it

  • But the biggest differences are 2 players spurs have that are a cut above most teams in the prem, let alon blackburn, and they are a when fully fit Ledders and the main man himself Berba. Also on current Form keano would be up there above most blackburn players too, granted Blackburn do have MGP and Mcarthy, but they really do miss Savage, who is a very underated player in my opinion. and would be loved by the fans of any club he played for and hated by the rest

  • Oh silly me,there was me thinking Burnley were operating in the top flight from the end of the second world war to the mid 70″s whilst you were operating where..??Go on give us a giggle…….. 1 title,1 league Cup & a Full Members Cup in nearly 100 years..LMAO

  • chalky I’d take the ONE Premiership Title Rovers have won, something Spurs will NEVER achieve unless the big four break away over none anyway day of the weeks (won buy being “paid for” or not!)

  • On the pitch, yes, we are very similar… at the moment. But the league doesnt lie, thats what I am saying, you have always been there or thereabouts but generally just below us which makes us the superior team. That is not a dig as I do have a lot of respect for BR (hey, at least you guys can say you’ve won the prem, something we are probably arent gonna be able to claim for a very long time) but when push comes to shove, we are the ‘better’ side!

  • im really looking forward to tonight atmosphere will be electric lets hope we can end the season on a high tonight will be a tough match but im confident on the win COYS!

  • Well thanks gally, Sav is underrated and that is EXACTLY the right view on him. Even the big four look more and more likely to pull away though don’t they as Liverpool now have money, chances are Arsenal will soon. I rate King, and if I didn’t before the European Championships that year when he stood in for England, I certainly did after but a cut above mosts teams? How highly do you rate him then gally – this is a genuine question, above whoelse?!?!

  • Oh here we go again. Chalky, your views are just irrelevant. Gavaldinho, we’re not trying to sort out “who’s a big club”. That’s the worlds most pointless arguement between clubs who have got little to discuss. We’re merely trying to point out that Spurs are not streets ahead, in results on the pitch, over the last few years. It’s all well and good talking about fanbase, stadia, wealth etc (sorry, that’s buckers, but it’s the same point really) Yes, spurs are ahead on all those factors, but they don’t affect historical results. Neither do results from 8 or 10 years ago. Football is all about the here and now, and i maintain that we have a team that stands a good chance against your boys tonight. If we were at home, i’d be down the bookies right now, as we’re in london, i’ll bet on the evenings drinks with my spurs mates, and take enough money to cover it 😉

  • clint folk like you should learn from people like hughes da man, who can have reasondle debate, and not antagonise!

  • We can keep banging our heads against a brick wall can’t we guys but we’ll not agree, which you expect really so we have to at least agree to disgree don’t we. Let’s leave it to the pitch to do the talking. Even if we lose, hopefully we’ll put in a performance that is what we are all about so some cynical views might be changed?!?!

  • (Gavaldinho – On the pitch… good post, don’t necessarily agree, but my last one crossed in the posting 😉 )

  • In the grand scheme of things we are both also rans at the moment, the question that should be debated is who are better equipped to challenge the top 4 surely. I would think that neither side would admit its the other.

  • Well thanks for that huscarl! Clint’s a good guy though huscarl, I am finding it hard to keep up with some of this chat (as I’m not used to the amount of posts going on LOL) but I genuinly think he is not trying to antagonise at all, just some of the antagonising views we’ve been subjected to sometimes need a response don’t they?!?! Know what I mean?

  • jmd we are better equipt than some may feel but IF (the big if) Spurs can retain players long term, with finances available realistically they would be the club most likely to do so. As it is although Rovers and Spurs will BOTH have good seasons (Rovers better than this injuries etc. permitting, which has still been good) the big four will still take some catching won’t they?

  • and anyway how come some (not all of the Spurs fans) can talk it up big that Spurs are superior and when I try to say that no sorry on the pitch they arent, not ever did I sat that Spurs were crap or anything but not as far in front of Rovers in the league as some seem to think that im antagonising

  • The astute would recognise that since Savage has been injured Blackburn have improved dramatically,going from relegation candidates to harbouring Euro ambitions.He”s a liability that concedes free kicks in dangerous areas & why oh why he got to take the free kicks at Ewood Pk i just dont know…!!The scandalous behaviour that got Justin Edinbrugh sent off in the 1999 League Cup Final has never been forgotton & he is truely hated for it by Spurs supporters.Zhit player & a cheat…….

  • One thing i think that we will all agree on and that is tonight is going to be a good game between two good sides, both with everythigng to play for (unlike the shower of ***** on show last night)
    HDM, thats us Yids i’m affriad, you have seen fast and the furious right? Vital Spurs is like that EVERY day! lol

  • huscarl u make me laugh mate, the words pot, kettle and black seem fitting for u!
    ——————– think you will find I had said nothing to degrade your club, check over the post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blackburn played us off the park last time round hopefully we can return the favour and regarding the Berba and McCarthy debate is like most ppl already is Hype up but i really havent seen Blackburn play this season but from most of the replays his more like a poacher and Berbatov scores amazing goals i know all strikers needs to do is score goals but as a football fan. i rather watch people like Henry more than Ian Wright

  • Well let’s hope so Gavaldinho, football is the game we ALL love so let’s hope it doesn’t let us down tonight all we’ll all pretty much look like (to coin a phrase from the genius that is chalky!) clowns!

  • folk like u ??? dont know how that doesnt imply me, but anyway look forward to the game, and may the better spurs win (joke btw 😉 )

  • I guess every club has fans who make the rest of their fans cringe with some of the things they write and that is certainly true of Spurs. I never know whether the posts are tongue-in-cheek or it is just arrogance but everyone has an opinion.
    Much as I love Spurs I tire of those who keep portraying us a a big club with a great history as if this entitles us to be worshipped by fans of other clubs. Truth is, we do have a great history and a big fan base, but at the moment, on the pitch where it counts, we are very ordinary. Yes we have one or two great individuals and masses of “potential” but I think that if we had your manager to organise us then we would be a team worthy of being admired.
    As it is, I think that Blackburn are equally as good as Spurs, may well win tonight giving us a football lesson in the process (don’t worry, we have had several lessons this season and we don’t learn from any of them) and will continue to at least be the equal of us until our manager either demonstrates that he can learn or he passes the responsibility to someone better.
    I still think it will be a cracking game.

  • I’m of the to the lane tonight, 2nd last game of the season for us… Chance to clinch that UEFA spot, but also, the second last step the nailing 5th spot…

    To all spurs fans watching… Remember one thing… Rovers hate the gooner scum too… So they’re off to a good start….

    Anyway, what I’d like to say is, Rovers have a great central midfied, and if I could transplant that into our players, match the skill to the grit, then I think we’d break into top 4…

    Having ledders back, hopefully fully and for most of a season, we should stop conceeding the waterflow past robbo…

    Its going to be a good game tonight, and whilst I won’t be shaking hands with the Rovers support tonight, I won’t be in their face either… I’m sure there will be good banter, and hope we all have a good game, never mind the result. (3pts to tottenham.)

  • This is the kind of thing that you want to see, hats off to you Jollyboysouting, and it is the kind of thing (being fair and respectful) that Rovers have said about Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United etc. etc. ALL season and will continue to do so. It will be a cracking game for sure, and (as I’ve said befroe) hopefully one we can debate over the coming days in a good natured way, with some light hearted banter of course 🙂

  • Hats off to you also boyzer. I have to be off now so I’m glad to be going on a positive note here. EVERYONE enjoy the game!

  • QUOTE……

    clint folk like you should learn from people like hughes da man, who can have reasondle debate, and not antagonise! huscarl
    Thats rich coming from you lot when you don’t condone the antics of the all time antagoniser weststandvoice, who considering he is supposed to be a Spurs fan is a total and utter @rsehole even to his fellow Spurs fans, yet you have constantly backed him….double standards…I think so!!

  • HDM Aye, I think they are, but anything is possible. Well most things anyway. I think aspirational clubs whoever they are, are there to be shot at. Our saving grace in many ways this season has been that the top 4 have all stumbled when trying to compete over a whole season in 4 competitions, so suddenly one semi, two quarters and a potential euro spot doesn’t look so bad.

  • Not much difference in the stats there, all comes down to the fans then…and Rovers fans win it hands down.

  • I wish you were right splash but unfortunately not. I think the game was actually a fair reflection of this debate. You guys were pants in the first half when we were dominate. Second half you deserved your equaliser. 1-1 probably says more about being evenly mached than anything else. BTW that Ghaly incident hmmmm not pretty.

  • Oh and one more point, if we are “punching above our weight” (and in fairness we probably are) and you guys have “bigger fan base, and more opportunity to progress to next level etc” then doesnt that say that you have under achieved and we have achieved above expectation? Then doesnt that also make us a better club?

  • Re: michael.thfc… “Michael” call yourself a ‘yid’??? You are a disgrace!
    If we had that moaning welsh tosser as our manager… I would eat a lasagne from the marriott hotel.
    I think he is a big let down, to an otherwise decent club (much like Coleman at Fulham… and look what happened to him?).
    If Blackburn want more success… they should snap-up Big Sam, He has the ability to make any team, a formidable outfit.

    Enjoy the intertoty cup ‘Sparky’!!!

  • Good way of looking at it AustRover, not an argument they (Spurs) would like to see, and could open up a whole new can of worms, but I’d doubt we’ll get much traffic from them again this season?!?! So we’re safe!

  • Hackneydemon you probably talk the MOST crap out of EVERYONE here, how can ANYONE question what Sparky has done, we were relegation fooder when her arrived, he saved us then ALMOST gave us Champions League football the following season. We made the last 32 of the UEFA Cup this year (we are generally ***** in Europe!) and the FA Cup Semi Final on a shoe string budget with injuries to key players. I’d not want Fat Sam here! Sparky WILL go on to be one of Europe’s top managers Hackneydemon. Sorry mate you are well off with what you say.

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