Date: 1st September 2010 at 10:54am
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Ahsan Ali Syed has spoken at length about the rumour mongers that are trying to scotch his attempts to buy Blackburn Rovers.

Syed has said he will prove all the doubters wrong by buying the club – which is the best statement he can possibly make.

He then says he will prove himself as an owner.

Mr Ali Syed hit back at the accusations of his firm being forced to close by insisting his firm was closed due to relocation issues.

BBC 5 Live had claimed that Syed’s foregin investment arm had been forced to close due to infringements that contradicted the laws of Bahrain – this was in an ‘investigation’ conducted by 5Live.

The 36-year-old businessman did admit that the Bahrain Government and authorities are conducting an investigation into his investments but that is for clarification reasons and as a result of any wrongdoing.

Syed’s spokesperson Julia Thiem spoke to the Lancashire Telegraph and said – “We know all the time the process is going on there will be rumours.

‘So the best way to stop that and prove to people we are capable of taking control is by completing the purchase. Hopefully that will silence people.

“We can`t do anything about these rumours. These rumours will only stop once we prove we are a good owner and that we have the sufficient funds.

‘People are always suspicious and we accept that but will prove them wrong.

“With Blackburn Rovers, there has been great interest from media all over the world and the Bahrain authorities have approached us and asked for clarification about our investments and what is coming from European entities and what has been purchased from Bahrain.

“It is fair enough the authorities are seeking clarification because there have been so many stories about us. We have no problems with that.

“Mr Ali Syed is not unduly worried about the stories. There is always a negative story about you when you become popular.

‘He finds it funny in one way because first of all people were doubting whether he had enough funds and now they have admitted we have the funds but they doubt they belong to us.

“Of course we are confident we will pass the Premier League`s fit and proper test.

‘It will be harder because we will be the first owners who have to pass the new regulations but we can prove our amount of funding.

‘I am sure all of this will lengthen the process as well but it is not a problem.”

Ali Syed’s attempts to buy Rovers are ongoing and he clarifies that the firm which has been questioned is still very much operational as he looks to lay the rumour demons to bed so he can press on with the £25 million purchase.

Thiem continued – “It is true the offices are closed because we locked them ourselves. We were not shut down.

‘We locked them because we are due to move new offices, this has already been reported in the Gulf Daily News.

“But the offices are not ready yet and, as it is Ramadhan at the moment, it is hard to rush anything.

‘So Mr Syed has decided to give people a few days off until the end of Eid and hopefully on September 14 we will start running operations from the office.

‘However, the core team are still working from a different location.

“The Bahrain authorities came here a week ago and I am here speaking to you, and there are other people working here.

‘We are still open. We are still operating so it is not true.”

Thiem once again clarified the sources of Syed’s wealth.

She continued – “His wealth comes from his inheritance. His family has 150 years of history in private companies.

‘Mr Ali has liquidity and fixed assets.

“He would consider himself as being privileged. There is no doubt you can call him a billionaire, but he doesn`t call himself that.

‘He is not your typical billionaire. He actually comes and talks to his staff.”

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13 Replies to “Syed ready to prove doubters wrong”

  • Could well be a long drawn out affair with the new regs then. If he does have the funds i just hope he doesn’t get put off if it drags on too long.

  • It all makes sense to me but I’m one of the less sceptical Rovers fans out there ^^. Guess it doesn’t make that much of a difference how long it takes now as long as its done in time for some January spending, whoever takes over.

  • I agree, Fran. I am not worried about this at all. Syed is a legitimate businessman, and we don’t know the full story about what’s happening. It could be that he has simply not filed some paperwork, which could be rectified within 5 minutes. The guy is loaded, he has lots of businesses and he talks sense. He will pass the “fit and proper persons” test. That part of the process can’t be delayed, the FA have a maximum of 10 days to do their investigations, if they can find no reason not to allow his bid to go through, they have no choice but to pass him. Roll on the takeover, and roll on January.

  • Not concerned in the slightest. Whatever happened over there does’nt take away from the fact that this guy is an incredibly successful businessman with an excellent track record and a gigantic personal fortune. He’s our man!

  • It should be about 2-4 weeks away although it is difficult to say as I guess we have no experience in this matter that we can remember?!

  • We should know if the Syed is a genuine buyer by end of September latest, by then the talkover should be concluded. If he steps on the accelerator a little more, we should have a new owner by mid Sept.

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