Date: 16th August 2010 at 4:31pm
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The Indian businessman trying buy Blackburn Rovers has been at the club today and has commented on the takeover,

Rather than listening to me rabbit on for a nice change sit back and listen to the man who could very well be the future owner of our club speak…

Syed, 36, told BBC Radio Lancashire: ‘I am very keen to move very fast and buy this club at the earliest moment.

‘I am aware that Big Sam has big ambitions for this transfer window and I would love to support his ambitions.’

‘I have been presented with a lot of clubs, but Blackburn really came to my attention because it suits my investment philosophy,’ he added.

‘If you have seen my investments in the past they are always good assets who are undervalued and who have huge potential for a turnaround situation. I have been doing this for 14 years now and Blackburn fitted the bill.

‘I am very excited, happy, I feel privileged, but I would not like to call myself as the owner of Blackburn, but as a fan of Blackburn, and I would love for all the fans to support me.

‘I would ask the fans to please adopt me as a local. I am not here to make money, I have enough investments outside of the sporting entities to make money, I am taking Blackburn as a passion and I would like them to support me in my passion. This is an investment to fuel my passion.’

Syed is yet to meet Rovers boss Allardyce, who led the club to an opening day 1-0 win over Everton on Saturday, but admits he is a big fan of the former Bolton and Newcastle manager.

‘I have not met Sam Allardyce, but I’ve read enough about him to really praise him,’ said Syed. ‘He’s done a fantastic job with limited resources, and I’m sure with my liquidity and support I think he can do wonders.

‘I want to move quickly so that we can do well in the transfer window.’

OK I am finding it hard not to get excited now…

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22 Replies to “Syed speaks on takeover”

  • sounds top! not in it to make money.. but he is rich enough to fund transfers without putting the club in debt.. the best kind of owner!

  • im far too excited now, would love to be able to see in a crystal ball and see where we are in 18 – 24 months time!!

  • let’s hope he’s the real deal. Sounds very promising though i must admit. just trying not to get too excited at the moment.

  • really excited now. instead of bobbing our heads trying to stay afloat we might have a chance for something far greater now.

  • Although i don’t want to get too excited (OOPS! Too late!!) I think this is going to be a sure thing he seems genuinly passionate about the club and is looking to the long term to turn it around and into a profitable bisinuss. He is happy with BS and the way the club is currently run which i think is fantastic news for all concerned!!

  • I’m still in for Shah, and not this Syed. I feel the best fit is Shah and not all the money that Syed has. The things Syed says now he has to say, would a guy ever say “I’m just here for the money”? No of course not! A guy which have a lot of money only wants more money, that is the name of the game. As I read the takeover game Shah has money but not a lot, and it seems like a better fit for Blackburn in my eyes….cheers

  • He’s saying all the right things – but then he would wouldn’t he? I have no doubt that we all have fears about this massive transformation for the Club we love and that is inevitable. The great saving grace for us is that we have a man at the helm who has Rovers in his heart just as much as any fan and who has shown himself to be a man of wisdom and integrity. If this works out for the best we owe massive thanks to John Williams and also to Sam for the miraculous job he did last year in making a great season out of one which might have been notbale only for our mere survival in the Premisership.

  • TBF to Syed he needs to say the right things, football is a very cynical world and if he didn’t say anything he would keep an air of mystery which is dangerous.

  • Like the rest of you chaps, I’m excited but I’m tempering this with an air of caution. The last thing I want us to do is a West ham and Portsmouth and start throwing money at any old average joe. A reported £100m is amazing but only puts up our bids now (he should really have kept this info quiet as is the Rovers way). My main hope is that JW is kept on because then I would feel a lot more confident with him steering things. Still we need this and I desperately this chap is the real deal so we can get excited about competing in the transfer market again! Come on Rovers!

  • tread carefully fellas, I am a pompey fan who can still remember new years day 5 years ago or so reading on BBC teletext that a russian oligarch was about to pump £100m into Pompey…he did..then took about £200m outand left us with the bills…money laundering vehicle was his game, which we all know was what has happened to tread carefully

  • we should all still be a bit wary but well said kevin e,thanks to JW and the big man for helping us to where we are now, hopefully the only thing that will change is the amount of zeros added to the BRFC account 😉

  • He’ll not make a profit… so how is this good business sense unless he’s going to sell the club in the near future for a higher price

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