Date: 24th August 2009 at 1:59am
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On Behalf of the Australian community on Vital Blackburn, we would like to say Congratulations on winning the Ashes….

Lucky B#$#ards…..

Well done, and we shall see you Down Under in a couple of years…


14 Replies to “The Ashes Go Back To England……..”

  • GET IN SASMAN!!!! luvin ur work with this one…..must have hurt like hell but he better team won over the series…..i think…ermmmmm…who cares!!!! ha ha

  • We were better at the crucial moments as the scoreline testifies but it was close. BARMY ARMY! BARMY ARMY! BARMY ARMY!

  • Think my favourite bit was on Sat (i think) when Ponting took a ball right into that whining mouth of his 😛 haha only joking!

  • Out of interest, is Ponting under pressure now down under? Do you think he’ll still be skippering when we come visit you down under?

  • liking the sportmanship!! it was a tight series and will forever be remembered as one of the great ashes series in my opinion! both the drawn matches could have gone to you or us (in that order)!
    Can’t wait until u stamp your authority back on your home turf in a few years n silence us, haha

  • Sas – what do you mean ‘lucky’? Our lads played well in the last test, yours played well in the one before, and we should have beaten you in the third. It was however a great contest this time round and I’m looking forward to winter 2010!

  • lol friedel……i think every other pommy on the site has acknowledged the luck!!!,,,and yes GRB, we will stamp back our authority when u come down under…..I dont think Ponting is under pressure, he doesnt have much longer left nyways

  • We were lucky for certain in places but we were the ones that raised our game when it matters. the Aussies didnt do that. England rarely do that so for that alone we are worthy winners.

  • raised your game? Broad learnt how to bowl for a session and thats about all of it… hmm but seriously it has been a very good series. I think Punter is going to be ok as captain. He’s done enough to ensure that when he leaves, it will be on his terms. At least i hope haha

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