Date: 5th July 2007 at 12:42pm
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We all have opinions on what we think is the best Blackburn Rovers starting XI, let’s start to share them!

We’ve been looking at the Greatest Ever Rovers Squad and Starting XI but Clint has put forward an idea (which I think is a very good one) on the current squad, so lets run with it.

This is what Clint had to say:

As we have seen there are some on the site that don’t rate Roberts, so they would probably put Derbyshire with Benni, and there are some that maybe don’t rate Samba and would put Ooijer in the middle or indeed the right instead of Emerton. I would be curious to see the different suggestion for the different teams that each member reckons is the best, as each member has a strong opinion on their team, which is the way it should be!

So will we run with this idea, let’s get some debate going. We all have opinions so it is time to put our money where our mouth is as we start with the discussion looking for what we feel is the best Rovers team with the DEFENDERS, the Goalkeeper is a given in Brad Friedel so we don’t need to discuss this!

Pick your Rovers back four from our current squad by clicking here.



25 Replies to “The Best Rovers Defence?”

  • Quality idea Clint, nice one
    We all think we know best so give it a go, simply FOLLOW the link in the article guys and make your selections.

  • Ooijer, Samba, Nelsen, Warnock. Easy enough. I want Glen Johnson at Ewood though as right back. What do you reckon?

  • Guys you were meant to post where the link told you LOL! But I’ll let you off.
    im_a_blackburn_rover – Personally I don’t really rate Glen Johnson at all.

  • A specialist right back of the same quality as Warnock would be nice, wouldn’t it…The other 3 do pick themselves, which is good and bad – I don’t like the fact that there is such an obvious gap in class between them and the other defenders. I’d much prefer a tougher decision here, as I’m sure Sparky would.

  • Ooijer, Samba, Nelsen, Warnock- Unfortunately that’s only good for 1 season, since Ooijer is quity old. We need a decent RB (Baird/L. young).
    Glen Johnson is a solid RB but a very bad personality outside the field (perhaps a bad influence on the young players).
    Emerton is great- but not as a RB, but maybe as cover.

  • My ideal starting XI would be Brad – Ooijer- Samba- Nelsen- Warnock- Bentley- Reid- Savage- MGP- Roberts- Benni.

  • Glen Johnson has a bad attitude so I aint that keen on him. Emerton has proved his worth this last season in my eyes.

  • Hello, this would be my first of many posts. I have been a Rovers fan since the days of Don Mackay, battling for Division 2 (as was) survival. My first home game being a 2-0 defeat by Swindon.

    Best Defence. Three of the four are probably written in stone, being Warnock, Samba and Nelson. I think Emerton had a good season at right back. He looked more natural there than playing the attacking right side role. I thought him and Bentley worked together well.

    However, as a replacement, I will go out on a limb and say Lucash Neill. I, obviosuly, jest. Nicky Hunt? Again, I jest. A friend of mine who is a Notlob fan once said ‘Well, he certainly rhymes with Hunt’.

    I think Emerton fits the right back role perfectly, and to get a better replacement would be difficult and/or too expensive.

  • Decimus Poole – WELCOME to Vital Blackburn, another VBer (Vital Blackburner) so we look forward to hearing what you have to say.
    Also, as my man MikeyGamst says great post!!!

  • Brad – some new amazing rb no-one has heard of but mark hughes – samba – nelsen – warnock – bentley – dunny – savage – MGP – Rigters – Derbyshire (McCarthy is sooooooooooo over rated – and that is coming from a blackburn fan)

  • Derbyshire would get more goals if he got played as much as mccarthy does, but its not just the goals as Derbyshire will put in 100% while mccarthy does nothing 4 the team

  • Derbyshire4England – I’m one of Derbs’ BIGGEST fans (tell him MikeyGamst and others!!!) and genuinely believe that if he got a run in the team he would score 20 goals in a season, but I would probably have to admit I don’t think he is quite ready for this next season, so I don’t think he would score as many as Benni just yet?!?!

  • Your clearly his biggest fan if you think he’s capable of scoring 20 goals a season anytime soon. I like the kid myself but he aint that good and if he was he wouldn’t be playing for us. lol

  • Why so negative dude?!?! Why wouldn’t Derbs be playing here if he was that good? Bradders, God, The Wall, Stevie W, MGP, Bents etc. etc. are that good and they are still here!!!
    Look at it this way, Derbs scored almost 10 goals last season, and that was not in a full season, and not as a starter week in week out. If he started every week he would double last seasons amount no two ways about it.

  • mccarthy scored 4 pens last season so if u took them away from mccarthy and gave them to Derbyshire then they basically would have scored the same amount of goals last season even though Derbyshire played less!

  • MikeyGamst – How bloody old do you think I am dude LOL!

    Derbyshire4England – Even with the 4 penalties Derbs would have still been half a dozen shy of Benni wouldn’t he.

  • spinaker: “I like the kid myself but he aint that good and if he was he wouldn’t be playing for us.”

    Dude, this is a seriously uncool attitudeĀ¬!

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