Date: 4th December 2008 at 11:30am
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Last night Blackburn fans turned on Paul Ince and vented their anger at the current state of affairs on and off the pitch.

Various songs were heard throughout the game as the 600 travelling fans (including yours truly) let rip. I personally have backed Ince through out but what I saw last night was simply not good enough.

‘You don’t know what you’re doing’ and ‘We want Incey out’ were amongst the songs that were heard.

There were also chants of ‘Tony Parkes’s Blue and White army’ and ‘We want our Rovers back’. Things were that bad that Ince refused to do a press conference afterwards.

Robbie Fowler was also not having an easy day from the away support. Cries of ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ rang out as Ince somehow decided that substituting the invisibile Santa Cruz with Fowler was a better option than bringing Jason Roberts on.

The clock is ticking I am afraid.


22 Replies to “The Fans Turn On Ince”

  • Get him out… terrible needs to go can’t believe we didnt give him a rolling contract though! like we did with Hughes in hi first year.

  • Yeah this is turning into a shambles and with the fans so vociferous in their vitriolic chanting Williams has to take action. Get Keano in?

  • good god not Keano… even worse! he’ll end up buying all the Irish players and wasting what ever money we have. Gary Johnson from Bristol City if we are sacking Ince – an intelligent man with a down to earth approach.

  • I have defended him to the hilt but we’re getting the point where it’s hard to see if this is gonna turn around….Ince appears to be running out of ideas and the big quandry comes whether we trust him to pull us out in the next 6 games which by premier league standard are very winnable, or do we install some one else to sort the problem??? If so then who?? For me only Big Sam could improve our situation……anyone else might just compound our problems…..really dont know

  • I have feel as depressed as I did in 1999….This side is basically the side created by Hughes, bar Mr Bentley, who was never replaced, and it has been destroyed by a man who seems incapable of even being honest to his fans..he should do the right thing and resign…and to finish me off The Dingles are in a semi-final?God or (Williams) HELP US!!!

  • 2 more games, a good performance against liverpool, and then a win against wigan. otherwise he has to be replaced as much as i want ince to be successful and believ he can, i think hes out of his depth!!! lets hope he replaces th old foggeys of a coaching staff with some class…..

  • In reality I can actually see us getting a draw with Liverpool…they are not scoring easily at the moment..I just hope we perform against Wigan ’cause if we don’t he is surely out of work! Sometimes I wish I had been born in Madrid!

  • our defense is too leaky this season, top teams like man u did yesterday can score at will. can ince please at least try putting warnock and even emerton as full-backs against liverpool?

  • All I will say is….”Williams chose Ince over Laudrup” The Defence Rests M’lord! JW has to bite the bullet on this one too, got it monumentally wrong. The biggest problem, aside from Ince’s tactical naivety is the coaching set up, the players have gone from state of the art to Jurassic and the proof is in the pudding as results show, we arent as fit, competitive or hungry as we were last season under Hughes. He needs to go, no more “a result against Liverpool and Wigan” bull$hit, he’s had his chance and hes not taken it, time to cut our losses. If he wants to stay as a couch/reserve team manager when we appoint a new manager then fine, otherwise him, Mathias and Knox can go join the Dole queue!

  • I hate to say it as i always supported Ince but i think we are in the same situation as spurs were. The only way we are going to get any confidence back in this team is through a change of management. Good point too about the coaches too. The difference in the players fitness levels this year are drastic. Also dont forget Wigan beat us 5-3 last season, Sunderland beat us 2-1 with a full team this season and we only got a 1-1 against Fulham last season. Stoke have already held Liverpool 0-0 so unless confidence is high i think it will be tough to get many points of the next 6 games. Also i dont agree with waiting for 6 more games anyway. If something is going to be done then it should be done now so the new man can sort out transfers and new coaching staff. We can ill afford to throw away 18 more points and then decide that it is not working. Sorry to be so negative

  • BRAD FRIEDEL…! I remember Sir Alex once saying that “Peter Schmichael is worth 12 points a season” well there is no doubt in my mind that brad was worth 20! Just look at his performances for Villa so far..outstanding..on top of that Ince has put the likes of Andrews in our midfield to protect our back 4…it’s a joke and Ince should go..I’m sick to my back teeth..Mark Hughes was a philosipher, he studied the game, gave intelligence to our players and used high quality coaches to deliver the feedback..we have jobs for boys with the Ince legion…get rid!

  • Ah yes but we beat wigan 3-1 last season, beat Sunderland 2-1 with the reserves team in the Carling Cup and beat Fulham this season 1-0… positive thinking.

  • Agreed, even though I have this overwhelming sense of desperation after much consideration I feel we should see what happens this weekend and over the next few games. However if we take nothing from say the next 2 – 3 games then we are in the deep smelly stuff….it would from the players are supporting Ince, so soldier on….

  • I think we can blame Incey all we want but seriously, how come is no-one is ripping on the players? Its their fault as well.

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