Date: 29th July 2007 at 5:24pm
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Benni McCarthy is not put off by the new strikers to arrival at Blackburn Rovers this summer (not forgetting those already here!!!) quite the opposite in fact, he is buoyed by it.

Mark Hughes has added Maceo Rigters, and more recently Roque Santa Cruz to of course Benni, Matt Derbyshire and Jason Roberts, not forgetting Paul Gallagher and Francis Jeffers (although one, or both may be living on borrowed time?!?!) which could threaten McCarthy’s place in the side, but he is not frightened by the thought of this, which is VERY pleasing to hear.

McCarthy has taken a very positive view to the competition he will now face (and is excited by it) with him believing (and he is right!) it is EXACTLY what Rovers need to challenge for the UEFA Cup places, maybe even the Champions League spots this season.

McCarthy told Sky Sports News:

The more competition we get, the better.

“Like we’ve always said, this is a serious club and we try to get into the Uefa Cup and the Champions League places.

“The better quality players we get in, the stronger the team will be


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22 Replies to “The More Competition The Better”

  • This is more like what I want to hear from Benni, and he speaks no word of a lie!!!
    People may view this as a a bit optimistic (?!?!) but I can GENUINELY see AT LEAST 50 goals (minimum!) coming from our strikers this season alone, which will obviously be at least 10 apiece for each of the five frontline strikers in place, and even some of these will expect, and probably get closer to 20!!!

  • Yeah some positive media from Benni, havent seen that for a while, going to be a good season, plus can now play our 4,5,1 formation against the bigger teamwith Roque the link up man between the midfield and probably Benni up front. Can’t wait fingers crossed we won’t be botton come september as usual.

  • Yeah, that is the norm, but NOT this season. I am convinced that we will start the season strong, ending it that way to as we usually do.

  • Yeah hopefully, you will be write on all your replies to me it’s just you and me at the moment lol commenting. I have a good feeling actually tho against Middlesbrough especially is Woodgate is injued which i heard today!!

  • Yeah, we’ll beat Middlesbrough I have NO doubt! Surprise, surprise Jonathan Woodgate is injured AGAIN!!!

  • benni has talent but his heart is not at Blackburn. Even if we got chapions league nxt season i still think he would want to leave.

  • Derbyshire4England – Walkerbout is currently taking place in the forum dude, check it out, I have to go but others are there.
    I think his heart is semi in it, in it enough anyway or Sparky would get rid of him. Right, gotta go.

  • Derbyshire4England, I know I always seem to disagree with you, but so far you have been wrong on all counts so this gives me some justification. If we got a Champions League spot, do you honestly think Benni would turn down the chance to play and go somewhere else? I don’t! Good things are happening at Rovers, and the addition of quality players the likes of Rigters and Santa Cruz is clearly motivation for Benni to stay, as this article indicates.

  • Woodgate is injured.. so that is good news (for us). Benni has said all the right things here and I am hoping he means it which for once I feel confident he does.

  • I don’t know why McCarthy thinks his position is under threat. I would say Roberts, Derbyshire and Rigters will be the ones fighting with Cruz for a place in the starting line up. I can’t see us having 3 forwards on the bench, so at least one of the aforementioned is going to be disappointed every week. I can see Rigters being a regular in the earlier rounds of the cup competions. However, as a work colleague once said ‘Sparky doesn’t try and sort any of my work dilemmas, so why should I try and sort his!’

  • Great point Decimus poole but I am sure Hughes wants no player to feel he is “safe” in his position. Some weeks Mccarthy will not play and its 5 players for 2 positions not 4 for 1 + McCarthy… if that makes sense?!?!?

  • There will be no resting on any loral’s this season for virtually ANY players, especially the strikers, and this is a great thing.
    Sparky has GENUINE world-class options to choose from this season, so hopefully this season he will be able to mix it up a little more (as I am sure he will) whereas last season he didn’t really have that option.

  • Im sure this Roque Santa Cruz doesnt expect just to waltz in to the starting line up… if he does he has got the wrong attitude but Im sure he doesnt otherwise Hughes wouldn’t of bought him…

  • Totally dude, there is NO WAY Sparky would have anyone like that here, with an attitude like that just thinking they can come walzing in.

  • I think that Benni will start for def, Roberts has the nod at the min because of form so that leaves Matty and Roque. Matty will maybe be used on the rite wing a bit this season to let us rest Bentley in some matches. And any way all of the big clubs have 4 good strikers its wot is needed at this level now.Jeffers must now know he hasnt got a look in and Gally may be loaned out to the Championship, although I’d like to keep him as he can play in midfield as well and he hasnt really got a run of games in recent memory. Rigters is young enough to settle for a couple of games this season, mostly cup i think then get in the team more next season after he learns a bit about the English game and the country, he’s only a young lad in a new country after all.

  • Yeah Benni just loves media coverage, whos normally got the after match interview for Rovers, Hughes or Benni and he loves a good chat, wouldn’t be the same without his insight at the end of a match, he just loves the camera!! He won’t go now i don’t think and if we have him at the end of this season then he won’t go he is getting on a bit.

  • Rigters will have to settle but I think he will play more of a part than you suggest there clint… Hughes bouhgt him in for the future for sure but they said that about Samba as well?!??!

  • Yeah Benni loves the media! I too think that Rigters will play a significant role this season. He can play out wide too, although I think he’ll figure as an out right striker.

  • probably true initially, but i think by the time he signed rigters and especially roque he was sure of keeping benni for the season (fingers crossed!). whatever the reasons behing it, these are some quality signings and i don’t think we necessarily have toooo many strikers (rigters can play wide also and roque is a good link up man). I do think Franny’s fate is sealed now though!

  • What is the point in Franny hanging around??? gallagher is worth it as he is very good back up at right midfield.

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