Date: 10th September 2011 at 12:20am
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Recently, a section of Blackburn fans collected many fans opinions on the current situation at Blackburn Rovers.

A letter was written to include these opinions of many fans from across the country (along with others) and sent to various places in the footballing world.

Here at Vital Blackburn we welcome everyone’s opinions about the club, and some members did get involved with the letter.

The main focus of this letter was the decision to have current manager Steve Kean in charge at the football club – a very hotly debated topic among us Blackburn fans.

The letter was not directly written by Vital Blackburn, however we know that it represents the view of quite a lot of our members, and even contains comments from quite a few!

Opinion polls show that the majority of people agreed with the letter, with polls showing that anything from 70% to 95% of fans who voted wanted to get rid of the current man in charge.

To see a copy of this letter, head over to our forum here:

We welcome constructive feedback and debate, so join in with the fun on the forum, just don’t take it too far! 😉


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  • What’s happened dude?? Perhaps I’ve missed something but why has the article that contained the letter been removed with all the comments that went with it?? I thought that some pretty good views (both ways) had been aired so surprised it’s been removed!!

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