Date: 15th March 2015 at 8:55pm
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I’m very much (like I’ve often said) a glass half full type of dude, however, even I’d virtually given up on Blackburn Rovers making the play-offs. Maybe this isn’t over yet!!

dallydally has started to question if it really is all over and had added a forum poll that we’re looking for views on. Read more: Click Here.

dallydally said: “Come on guys. What an amazing result. For some weeks now I’ve been saying its all over but is it? Might there be a possibility that we’ll slip in below the radar? Let’s have your votes.

You’ve got the choice of three options.

No chance at all
A late surge will see us through

The latter is the most likely (realistically) what we’d have to go on at the moment I’d think and one that (in my honest opinion) will be how this ends??

Read more: Click Here.

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