Date: 20th October 2008 at 2:24pm
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In our latest poll we were asking VBers what they though on Roque Santa Cruz’s injury problems and how this should affect his Paraguay commitments.

As we all know, Roque is a very patriotic man but we were asking what should happen in light of his recent injury.

We at Vital Blackburn thought the question itself made no sense!!! Oh well, at least we were honest…

After that people felt that that if roque wants to go then no-one could stand in his way which seems fair enough.

Last in the poll was that if he was actually recovering he should be allowed anyway, despite the fact he wasnt fully fit.

Here are the results in full –

– No way! That makes no sense? – 55%
– If he wants to, no-one can say no – 29%
– If he is actually recovering, then it’s OK – 2%
– Yes, let him go – 14%

Next up, we are voting on what the preffered striking options are… get your votes in.


5 Replies to “The Question Makes No Sense!!!”

  • Well there was a clear winner eh guys? I personally think roque should be allowed if he wants to but onyl after being given medical permission…

  • Agreed, he is our best player afterall and at the end of the day we do pay his wages, no sense in taking a risk letting him go if he’s not fully right!

  • I agree with the result. If he is not fit, it’s pointless that he travels across the sea not to play. He is welcome in Paraguay when he is fully fit, but when he is not he would just make his injuries go worse..and no one will be have some benefit from that!

  • I dont think Roque has hit his heights of last year yet….he needs a run of games without internationals to regain his sharpness.

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