Date: 30th August 2011 at 11:17am
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Rovers manager Steve Kean really should make trademark this type of interview.

Whilst the rest of us are worried about being pointless and the amount of uncertainty over future signings (11pm tomorrow by the way Steven) it seems that all is not that bad on Planet Kean front as his reign of optimism continues at full pace.

If you are a little tired of the happy go lucky talk I suggest the next few seconds may not be for you.

The Rovers boss told the Lancashire Telegraph – “I think it`s more difficult if you look at the table, you`ve not got anything and you`re playing rubbish’

“We`re far from that. There was very few deciding factors in the Wolves game (reasonably fair comment), and the Villa game was close (since when?). Against Everton, we dominated the whole game (we dominated the second half).

“I look at statistics from a half-full point of view. If it`s our worst start in 60 years, then those statistic don`t lie.

“But when you`re dominating games and missing penalties, I don`t think we could have done any more to win that game.”

Apart from convert the penalties maybe?!

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6 Replies to “The return of the Kean ‘happy face’”

  • I am genuinely pleased that he is an optimistic guy but sometimes it would be nice if he just opened up his shoulders and admitted that we should be higher up/be doing better.

  • Having said that Mikey his analysis is correct. There WERE extenuating factors for the Wolves game and we lost at Villa because we were second-best. We lost to Everton because two of our youngsters bottled it and the ref gave a very debatable penalty. Unofrtunatey those of us who have witnessed relegation battles before recognise that these things seem to happen to teams already down at the bottom. There is every reason to expect a continuation of the improvement we saw in performance levels against Everton but it is going to be a while I think before we win two of three on the run and make a differemce to the Leagus position. It is paramount that CS stays. In fairness to Kean he would be pilloried if he showed any lack of confidence in what is now his squad.

  • I agree with Kevin, there were idiots slating him because we missed the pens, even he cant be taking the blame for that.. its a shame there isn’t a game on Sat.. you never know we might actually have gotten some points 🙂 (Im on a Steve Kean positivity drip)

  • His tactics still bemuse me, we played very well 2nd half once subs were made, why he isnt starting with them is really baffling & frustrating in equal measures!

  • Its clear that he is not a good manager. He is an optimist – however most of the members of this site were a few weeks back, saying that we would finish 7th in the league. When he is being interviewed, he reminds me of a rabbit caught in the headlights of an on-coming car. It is as though he is expecting the interviewer to ask – “Do you think you should quit now?” Trouble is none of them do!

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