Date: 19th January 2015 at 4:52pm
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I would gladly pay money to have a frank discussion with Jordan Rhodes, to see what’s going through the lads head and what his thoughts are on rovers current whimper into mid table forgetfulness who currently couldn’t hold the lead of a Yorkshire terrier without it slipping through butter laden fingers.

I would gladly pay double the sum to have the same chat with Gary Bowyer, primarily to see where he sees us going as it would clearly differ from Jordan, to get some understanding what GB is trying to establish with our team and what if anything could be done in the current window, which coupled with the recent loss of all form, desire and appetite to complete must be surely troubling to the Rovers manager (I hope!).

I would dearly love to ask both player and manager what has changed since Jordan arrived, here was a one man scoring machine, hell bent on scaring the life out of defenders and keepers with his regular scoring in a period where you would have bet your mortgage every time he touched the ball it stood a fairly good chance of going in. I saw a stat on a bookies website early last season that showed 65% of Jordan’s chances inside the box resulted in a goal for Blackburn, funnily enough they aren’t even bothering to show that stat now.

Something has happened, something changed GB’s thinking and attacking style (when we have one!), we bought what appears to be a fantastic bargain in Rudy Gestede, but with his goals came something a little more sinister and worrying long term, especially if as current rumours prove true and Rudy takes his toys and leaves – as was eluded to with Rudy missing last weekend’s game.

With the goal scoring arrival of the big Benin tower, we also became a one man attacking option, a single one dimensional goal scoring tactic that appears to have undermined Jordan’s once booming confidence into more of a meek muffled whisper in front of goal. Once upon a time under GB with Jordan up front alone we played attacking football playing the ball to Jordan’s feet, ideally in front of him facing goal and a great deal of the time he delivered with interest.

Sadly our midfield now only seem willing to pass sideways or back (a fact highlighted by David Dunn’s contribution at the Charlton FA cup game who showed what we were missing in terms of vision and attacking passing, only for him to dropped for the very next game), resulting in a predictable tactic that in our house has become labelled as “tap-tap-HOOF” where after two sideways or backward passes the third player just hoof`s it to Rudy. Leaving Jordan feeding on Rudy’s scraps, and placing all of our attacking hopes on what appears to be a rapidly keen to disappear player whilst leaving us what appears to be a demoralised, broken Jordan with little confidence.

This is more evident whenever Rudy doesn’t play for us, tap-tap-HOOF is suddenly missing its main component and with no giant alternative to hoof to no one on the pitch, or more importantly standing at the side of it, seems to have a clue as to how we can play when Rudy is not there, strangely we persist with the same tactic, but without the key component for it to even remotely work..

The concept of passing forward to space behind the defenders for Jordan to be facing goal with a ball at his feet is completely and utterly lost, fear not though fellow fans, we have the Benin tower’s adequate replacement in Mr Chris Brown who’s size lends himself to be an immediate Rudy replacement, sadly it doesn’t fix the problem, just offers a potential alternative for an already existing poor situation.

Whether the lack of killer instinct is from Jordan’s frustration at not securing a move to Hull in the last window without the chat above, I cannot say, but something certainly altered Jordan and his role in our team, if it takes Rudy sulking and demanding a move away from Ewood to fix Jordan, I will take take that as positive news as well as a nice cheque for Rudy, but please Mr B don’t just swap Rudy for Brown and stick with the all too easy to defend, single attack approach of tap-tap-HOOF, lets return to playing good attacking football without the overly defensive negative play present during our almost embarrassing unbeaten run where we won far too few games for it to be a truly convincing run.

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