Date: 12th March 2007 at 9:56pm
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Interaction from you the Blackburn Rovers fans is exactly what the site thrives on. It makes it more worthwhile from my point of view and means people are getting involved. sasman has followed in the footsteps of others by submitting this piece on Christopher “the Wall” Samba.

Prior to the January Transfer window, many had not heard of Christopher Samba. With nine Premier League games left and a few more FA Cup ties (hopefully), Samba is seen as one of our most talented defenders.

Central defence has often been a troubled position in our Rovers line up of late. With several players attempting to fill the gaps left by the injured Ryan Nelsen, the inconsistent Zurab Khizinashvilli and Andy Todd. Samba has slotted straight in, assisted by the return of the great one, the Admiral Nelson.

Big, strong, and surprisingly skilful with pace, Samba has shown the vision Mark Hughes had in him. Initially, Samba was to be trained up and given match experience to adapt to the Premier League. To every bodies surprise (and delight), his name is among the first on the team sheet with consistent superior displays over some of the best strikers in the league, Thierry Henry, Julio Baptista, Nicolas Anelka and most recently decimated the Manchester City front line.

At the tender age of 21, Samba is seen to be destined for a great future at the club, with our defence looking ever so strong with Samba, Stephen Warnock, Brett Emerton and Admiral pulling the strings.

I definitely believe that Samba is just as important to our squad as Tugay, Benni McCarthy and Brad Friedel, hopefully his future does lie with us, not somewhere else.

What do you all think on my man Samba?


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14 Replies to “The Samba Effect”

  • Thanks for this sasman, as I say this is EXACTLY what this site needs. The interaction between the members makes this site thrive, without it it will get nowhere and basically isn’t worth while running from my point of view?

  • As for “the Wall” WHAT a signing he has proved, he does posses all the quality you speak off and playing alongside the Admiral is helping not only him but the Admiral himself. Benni was a bargain at £2.5 million; Samba is looking a steal at £400,000!!!

  • Having to watch from afar and not being able to get to games means i have only seen him on the telly twice and each time he has looked the goods. 400k. a steal. But for me the best signing this season is still Benni Mac 2.5 mil for 18 goals…absolute gold. Compare that with Stuart Pearces “big” signing at city 6 million pounds for george Samaras which equates to 1 million pounds per goal….. Mark hughes is a genious…only other new signing this season to compare with Benni would be Newcastles signing, no I dont mean getting rid of Sourness but rather Martin.

  • Originally Sparky had bought him for next season and had told him he would only get a few games this season but he so impressed Mark during training that he has easily won a place in the first team. Several clean sheets now demonstrates how rock solid our defence has become, even losing The Admiral at half time and bringing on Zurab didn’t really affect us. Chris “The Wall” Samba is another quality purchase by Mark Hughes.

  • Martins has been OK at Newcastle but Benni has made the bigger impact. Off the top off my head I can’t think of a player that has had a better impact this season than McGoalmachine, certainly in terms of players coming from abroad to the Premiership. Samba has arguably had a bigger impact, I’m not saying better though. He is looking a real find, especially when you look at it the way Ex Ewood again points out – he wasn’t meant to play this season!

  • He just seems to get better and better every week. I must admit, when I first saw him on the telly vs Luton, he looked a tad out of soughts but since then, he has more than proved his worth. Sparky never seems to suprise me anymore as 99% of his transfer dealings have made us much stronger. Hats off guys, and so may it continue!

  • His early touches seemed a little “clumsy” but that was a little ring rust, I’m liking the wall more and more as I see him.

  • Samba has proved to be a good buy and will only get better for next season, hopefully we will have a better start to next yr and be challenging for that coveted 4th spot and why not if we keep our main players on the pitch?!?!? Tell me this wasn’t it Martins there was a big kick up about, the fact that he may be a lot older than he is saying??

  • I dont see why we cannot challenge for a top 4 spot next year, the only thing we should invest in is a proven quality striker and also a central midfielder to ease the burden on tugay, savage and the returining steven reid

  • We were close to the top four last season weren’t we, and won’t be a million miles away this season if we keep things going. If we have a good run I can’t see why we can’t finish fifth let alone sixth!!! A striker probably will be needed as Jeffers and Nonda will probably leave, not sure we could rely on Derbs, JR or Gally should anything happen to McGoalmachine.

  • Derbs and Gally need a fair bit of time, we cant rush these players but Sparky has sure looked after Derbs this year, giving him plenty of opportunities. Hopefully Nonda and Jeffers will be of our books for next year, JR should follow by the summer transfer window of next year if he doesnt perform next year. Im sure Sparky will pull another rabbit out of the hat, hopefully with the incentive of european football once again attracting a quality striker

  • I remember after the first couple of games this season, the sun did a “Success or Failure” feature in one of their monday match pullouts and remember them labelling Benni as a bust cos he had done nothing in the first few games, LMAO, way to stuff it down their throats Bennidict! For me, transfer of the season is definatly Benni, without his goals we would be scrapping for points with the hammers and watford but a very close second IMO is Samba and an even closer 3rd is Warnock, the lads been a revelation at left back, something we have looked for since le socks left us, look at all the LB’s weve tried since! Bjornebye was the only one who provided any consistency for more than 4 games, everyone else has been poor.

  • Another quality midfielder is needed for the centre, apart from Ried and Dunn the other two no matter how good they are, are still the wrong side of 30. they will do a great job for the team but I think we will have to build a squad that can be interchanged without losing any quality, no offense to the kids coming through, as I hope we will be in Europe again next season, plus keeping a hold of players like Morton – Liverpool, Bentley – any host of clubs and Benni – maybe Chelsea will be important. Another stiker will come in as I agree that Jeffers and Nonda will be allowed to leave, both ahve not done enough to earn a long term contract, even Nonda who has shown glimpes of talent but not on a constant basis

  • Had Nonda been around 25-28 I’d have been more than keen for Sparky to snap him up next season as it can take a while to adjust, this has been the case with a lot of players but with him being the wrong side of 30, despite still having some miles left on the clock it’s not a calculated risk Sparky can take. No doubt Fulham or Portsmouth will get him as has been rumoured and he’ll be on fire next season!!!! Stevie Warnock has been a fantastic buy, REALLY glad sparky kept pushing this issue. Benni will be right up their with ANY buy of the season, a big two fingers up to the Sun, show’s what they know!

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