Date: 18th December 2011 at 5:35pm
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You know what I really hate?

I really hate knowing that if we beat Bolton on Tuesday, Steve Kean will be given even more time to drag the club down, Owen Coyle will likely be sacked as Bolton manager and they might end up with Mark Hughes as their manager. The one man who should be in charge of our club right now.

That is why I will be rooting for a Bolton win on Tuesday if the bald, lip-licking idiot is still in charge of our club come Tuesdays match.

Yes I know that goes against what the media and a large portion of other fans believe in that you get behind the team whatever happens. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully behind the players. But we have experienced what happens when Kean has been ‘one game away’ from defeat and earned a reprieve. This coming in our 4-2 victory over Swansea.

Supposedly Mrs Desai was just starting to come around to the idea of replacing Steve Kean as manager, only for Yakubu running up to Kean and high-fiving him after his goal, installing some daft idea that it expressed a good example of team unity, and that things would just miraculously get better.

But as all Blackburn fans know, and the vast majority of Swansea fans (no offence to them they are doing a fantastic job at the moment), Swansea have not won a single game away from home this season.

I also dare say that up until the point Joe Alen was sent off in the 80th minute, Swansea’s tails were up, and they looked like snatching a ‘let’s face it’, well deserved point. A further example of Steve Kean’s defensive frailties. Something that has been most evident this season with a astonishing 44 goals conceded in 20 games.

Hell! Even a very hostile ‘to Rovers fans’ media had began to turn after a Sunderland performance that quite frankly. Defied belief!

In a game against a very nervous Sunderland team, in which a healthy and frankly deserved one goal lead was taken into half time. Our ‘wonderful’ manager concluded that the best thing to do, would be to shut up shop, defend all-out-style for the entirity of the 2nd half, with the slender 1-0 lead.

Let’s put aside a baffling decision to bring on Olsson for Givet (no issue with taking Givet off i might add, just the chap replacing him), when Olsson was obviously not match fit and resulted in a relapse of a injury he had been struggling with for some time. This choice by Kean means we are without one of 2 spearheads of pacey attack in midfield in Olsson and Hoilett, for one maybe two weeks. Something we really couldn’t afford with 2 considered winnable games, one now already lost coming up.

People might say the club have been unlucky with injuries of late. Maybe with a couple that is true. But don’t tell me that medical experts and physio’s who get paid thousands of pounds a week, could not foresee that Olsson was a risk, or that Givet who has had heart problems before, who reportedly complained about it pre-match, couldn’t have warned Kean that both players were a risk to play in match resulting in layoff’s for the both.

For Kean it is too late, but the least he needed to do at his time at the club is grow some remnants of a backbone!

Venky’s were reported to have said they would sack Kean if he didn’t get a minimum of 4 points from the West Brom and Bolton games. He cannot do that now, so they have backed out of the promise like the proverbial cowards they are.

People keep preaching to me that you have to be patient with foreign investors as things like loyalty and pride become a huge factor when they conduct there business. As that is the way it is in their native countries.

Well the simple fact of the matter is they have not treated any Rovers fans with respect. Even fans they invited out to India to speak with them at there home have reported to have not had there travel expenses paid for.

At a club which prided itself for excellent customer service and communication under the Walker Trust, John Williams and Tom Finn. We have had months of people complaining they have received no reply to there complaints.

Performances so bad people have asked for refunds on tickets and season-tickets only to be waved away by staff at the club.

Respect, don’t make me laugh… Venkys wouldn’t know respect if it stood on there chest Christmas morning in the form of a turkey clucking in there face!

Steve Kean said post Arsenal match that he would meet with fans to discuss the issues surrounding the club. That was four months ago. A promise that was never kept, and in my opinion, a promise that Kean never attempted/intended to keep.

Then again, post match the other week, Kean again promised a meeting between himself and fans which would take place.

Thus preceded a period of silence in which fan representatives attempted to contact the club. A period of time where the club and Mr Kean did not attempt to contact the fans. Then through some hard work a meeting was arranged. Only for Kean to back out due to ‘safety fears’. A pretty eye-opening reflection of fan-club happiness at this current stage. As well as Kean’s lack of a back-bone when it comes to keeping wide-eyed, smirking promises that are never intent on being kept.

So I end this article with the following statement.

Not as a article writer, not as a fan even, as a simple human being who has taken his fair share of bumps along his life and witnessed some pretty shocking events over the years.

The only people more cowardly and dishonest then Steve Kean are Venkys. With our club we, and the Walker Trust, trusted you to do what is right for the club.

When taking over you made certain promises and assurances that the then manager Sam Allardyce and all the staff under his employ would be safe.

You then proceded to sack him, without giving him so much as a transfer window to implement his own ideas on the squad with the money you promised to improved the playing staff with.

His record of just over 35% win ratio whilst in charge of 90 games, 32 of which were won, 24 drawn and 34 lost in which we had finished 10th the previous season and were placed 12th at the point of sacking was respectable.

Steve Kean’s record as Blackburn manager however can be described as nothing more then woefull, In 43 games in charge and solitary 11 games won, 11 games drawn and 21 games lost representing a win ratio of 26%

How can this be glossed over? How can anyone at Venkys or the club deny that this is a record no better then relegation form.

I write this article the day after a disastrous 2-1 defeat at home to West Brom. A match that i watched fully and wish i had not!

Several days after reports that Kean would lose his job if a minimum of four points were gained against West Brom and Bolton, we are now reading reports that Kean ‘has to’ win the Bolton game.

I have to ask why? Why does he ‘have to’ beat Bolton? 2 Premier League games won this season and countless defeats inbetween?! Is that was he is allowed to earn himself with his odd wins here and there…

We have a game against Bolton the day after tomorrow (Tuesday) and then 2 unwinnable games against Liverpool away and Manchester United away.

If we lose against Bolton, and then as expected lose against Liverpool and Manchester United. It is quite feesable that we will enter the Christmas period with a deficit of 10+ points between us and the exit of the relegation zone!

Even with a win against Bolton, and expected losses against Liverpool and Manchester United, we will be multiple victories away from the exit of the relegation zone?

So what would your plan be then? Do you have a plan?

The fans have been right about the current situation from the beginning. No amount of pride will correct that you have made a horrible horrible mistake and keep doing so every single game you keep Steve Kean in charge as manager!

With a depressed air and expectation of nothing being done to resolve this problem, I make the same request… Hell plead that you remove Kean from his position as manager NOW!

Not after the Bolton match, RIGHT NOW!

Do not employ one of your own people! Somebody like Avram Grant who has links with your company friends or agents.

Hire somebody the fans want!

We quite frankly deserve it!

Give fans a reason to come back to Ewood Park. Give them something to cheer about. Give them a reason to begin supporting you and your company again!


Don’t do it tomorrow. Do it TODAY!

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