Date: 15th June 2007 at 12:18pm
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Reports are circulating that Ipswich Town are to bid a third and final time for Blackburn’s Francis Jeffers.

This latest bid from the Suffolk based club is apparently their final offer for the player who ended last season on loan with the Tractor boys.

The fee at present is unclear but the initial cash offer does not meet Rovers valuation of £1 million but there are add ons included that may take the final fee up to the magic million mark.

Stay tuned folks!



17 Replies to “Third time lucky for Ipswich?”

  • If Rovers are willing to part with Jeffers then I think that this would be the time, Ipswich are playing the game, same as Rovers and a decent cash offer plus incentives could be beneficial to both teams.

  • I say let him go for any money.. we got him on a free and he isn’t really worth too much more! Put poor Ipswitch out of their misery also!

  • We’re just bargaining. The amount of people that said we should accept the first offer honestly amazed me. To use the words of a very wise man “We didn’t get where we are today” by just letting people go for any old amount. Football is a business whether we like it or not, and i’m glad we have seemingly one of the wisest men in charge of our affairs.

  • I still can’t see them meeting the £1 million asking price, but it would be closer, but close enough?!?! We’ll find out soon. Had the Darren Bent deal to the Hammered gone through (SEVENTEEN MILLION!!!) then Ipswich would have had a 20% slice of this, but as it hasen’t (unless it has again now?!?!) then personally I still couldn’t see them stumping up £1 million, but £750,000 or thereabouts could well be enough.

  • Head Rover Heels – Nah, Keith Newton fans are waiting for their moment! Seriously though, Newton was a GREAT footballer for club and country but Crompton was EVEN greater, without any shadow of a doubt for club, Mr Blackburn was ALWAYS going to be in this team.

  • I still think we’ll get the million – He’s not going to West Ham, but i wouldn’t be surprised to see him pootle off to Spurs or Liverpool to be honest. They might not go to 17M, but he’ll still go for a big wedge, thus frothing Ipswich’s coffers enough to stump up the cash.

  • 20% slice of £10 million minimum (as Charlton will at least get that won;t they, even if he isn’t worth it!) will see Ipswich alright won’t it so yeah chances are we could still get £1 million, perhaps?!?! if he stays maybe, just maybe it was meant to be that he stayed and plays a part next season?!?! (clutching at straws perhaps more than spings to mind!)

  • We need Darren Bent to be sold, cos Ipswich ahve a sell on clause of 25% I think, so they need that money to buy Jeffers, so come Liverpool buy Bent lol

  • LOL straws??? I honestly dont care whether he stays or goes to be honest, he was a gamble and although he hasnt had a mass of game time, when he has played, he hasnt shown that he has more to offer than what is already in front of him in the pecking order.

  • £800,000 should surely be enough. It is a great deal for all parties and will give Jeffers the opportunity to build his confidence back up. If they reach that £800,000 level I say take it.

  • In Hebrew we tend to say that if you act like a pig, don’t be surprised to eat what it does.
    Demanding 2M$ for a guy we got for free, and is way past his best is rather greedy if you ask me.
    Hope we don’t end up with Ipswich getting their % of Bent’s sale and getting a better striker….

  • to be fair to Jeffers Izzy, he isnt really past his best, he is only 25 and couls still have a successful career, its just that he isnt going to get the game time at Blackburn. Asking for a fee isnt unreasonable as long as it is a fair one and i think that the fee being asked for isnt that unrealistic IMO.

  • IsraeliRover – Classic opening line, I love it!!!
    Much like BomBom says I would say that saying he is past his best is a little unfair, he never reached it! Seriously though he peaked as a kid and has not moved on from this (as happens with so many.) Given a run in a team (and I mean a run of 10 games at least) which I would think he hasn’t had ANYWHERE in recent years is exactly what he needs and could well see him get his career back on track?!?! Yeah, holding out for what we want (if we don’t get it we don’t sell, and we don’t NEED to sell do we really) is good, being greedy is bad. £1 million may sound a lot but that is nothing really, even if Ipswich are finding it hard to raise the funds.

  • good line that IsraeliRover…. I think £1 million was about fair. It is not unreasonable to expect that.

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