Date: 26th September 2011 at 12:15pm
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Rovers captain Chris Samba has finally admitted what most Rovers fans already knew – Rovers were simply not good enough against Newcastle on Saturday.

Whilst manager Steve Kean was busy passing the buck onto the referee and hiding behind the few glimpses Rovers showed captain Samba has been a little more damning in his reaction to Rovers 3-1 defeat at St James Park.

Samba told the Lancashire Telegraph – “That was not a good Blackburn team that turned up today in the sense it was not a good Blackburn performance.

“We are much better than we showed, As a team we could have gone out and made it more difficult for them, we conceded soft goals.

“It is on ourselves. You need to push your luck and you need to force your own destiny. We need to do that, we need to create more chances, push forward more and be tougher at the back.

“We need to have more will, more heart, everything we can improve, every department. As a team and as individuals we have to ask ourselves questions and come into the game with a different attitude and to be tougher, much tougher.

“To be fair without being as good as we should have been they allowed us to get back into the game and we created some chances but to concede that third goal was really sad.

“I think the whole world will see the decision was horrific.

‘When we started to come back then the decision went against us. It is really sad.

“But it is recognising the formation the gaffer gave us and implementing that on the pitch.

‘We need to fix things ourselves and make sure we stick together for the games coming up.

“We need to be more ruthless in both boxes because we have been beaten in both boxes.

‘It is about the team. As defenders we need to be tougher because we are the last line.

“We were not tough enough as a team. As individuals we did not do the right thing to approach the game in the right manner.”

Is that the mass sound of clapping I can here?

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10 Replies to “Time for Kean to listen to Samba”

  • Kean doesn’t have the balls to admit we were gash.

    Lets hope Samba hammers home the point to all the players and the useless clown incharge.

  • It’s right what he is saying but as much as Kean and the rest of the players are costing us with silly errors Samba should be the one keeping his men organised on the pitch as Captain and he was just as poor as every other player TBF on saturday. Not sure he has his heart set on staying IMO from what i’ve seen so far from him.

  • Dear MR Samba as much as people want to blame Kean you need to sort your head out mr!! Samba has been absolutely rubbish this season as has Salgado and Givet and LB! There is no leader on the pitch, all these young players and no1 to lead them! i haven’t seen Samba play this bad for a long time! He needs to sort things out quick! Salgado is clearly past it, week after week now he is letting us down. Why haven’t we relaced him this year? He has to be dropped let’s hope he is injured! There is no leader in midfield too, no hard player to put the tackles in and help out the defence, no replacement of JJones! We are relying on our young attacking players to do a lot of defending, such as Olsson when LW, Hoilett, Rochina and Formica leaving the Yak up top on his own and when we do attack we are looking tired! We need 2 holding midfielders to sit infront of defence to help them out and release the young talent we have! Samba was all over the place for 2 of the goals on sat!

  • I think Samba has it spot on – we are generally gash – evident in the Orient game and would have been against Arsenal had they not played with a two goal handicap. Kean has fluked himself back into a little safety after we beat the Gooners and not because of quality of our play. That is what matters and that’s what we aren’t able to do. Thanks Samba for finally having the gentleman vegetables to come out and say it.

  • Just 10 days ago Samba was asking everyone to stick together, Now 10 days later he is questioning the players commitment and effort? Seems to me the presser he did prior to the Arsenal game was not what he trully believed and was done to get his armband back. Samba has a had a massive negative effect on he team since Janaury with request to leave, being left out cos his head was not right, and although we have seen a few good performances from him, we have equally see some bad ones, and on Saturday he was not at the races

  • I think it’s a matter of time before Samba leaves so as soon as we get a decent offer in we should flog him and replace him. I would rather have a player who wants to play in the team. For somebody who of his size he doesn’t do so well with attacking headers either. He missed two great chances against Arsenal that somebody like 5ft 10ins or so Tim Cahill would have buried.

  • Of course he’s right, but he needs to lead the way, and put his shift in … The manager is bound to try and deflect the blame from himself and the players – its what he’s there for….

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