Date: 11th August 2008 at 9:23am
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With debate hot in our forums on whether our club, in particular the men on the Clubs’s board are willing to splash cash out on our squad, it is time to really sit down and look around.

Over the last few years, how much cash have we really spent? 6 mill on bellamy, 3ish on Benni Mac, Robinson, Roque Santa Cruz, a few in the mid 500k range, nothing much else? Another few freebies and additions to our youth acadamy. And what have we lost, Bentley for 17( of which we get about 9), Friedel for 2.5, Bellers for 6 and a few others such as Savage, Kuqi and youth players.

Now with all these ins and outs, how does our squad fare. Top 10 finishes 3 years in a row, including an Unsuccesful European campaign and Domestic Cup Semis.

Now lets look at where the man who took us to new heights over the last 3 years has gone, Man City. This club has spent millions on international superstars, almost pulling of one of the most audacious bids by trying to attract the Ronaldinho to the other half of Manchester. Players go in and out of the club like a revolving door.

Sparky has gone from a situation where the board would provide sufficient whilst not extravagant funds when required, to a club in turmoil. With so much spent in the last few years, Thai owner Shinawatra is having second thoughts in his future at the club, and is deciding to sell some of the clubs prized assets.

Now what club would you prefer to be at, a place where you have decent finances to spend with the support of the board, or a club where not even the manager knows who will be in his squad the next week.

I know where i would rather be…







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  • Thats my two since, now everyone get your two since in and lets move on cause this is carrying on and spilling over everywhere in the forums….

  • sasman – i wholeheartedly agree… I think Hughesy will be saying “D’oh” long before Ince… in fact I even saw a poll the other day asking if we would take Sparky back… Answer… No!

  • other clubs turmoil means we DONT spend and disgrace ourselves..WIGAN didnt they now play Championship football do we?

  • Oz Wigan are still in the premiership. On this article in a way I’m glad to see that Sparky isn’t having a great time of it now that he has left Rovers however this is not good for city fans obviously but hey ho I just want us to pull the finger out and start signing some players

  • absolutely durks, so what sasman we havent spent so much and proved are self in the league, but that wont last we need to sign players to compete with villa, portsmouth n spurs if we wana stay were we are! things aint always guna be bright at rovers!

  • I think the stability at Rovers is often underestimated. We are in a good situation and Dean Saunders said it best … you don’t realise how well Rovers are run until you leave.

  • Great article sasman – and I agree Mikey, we have a really well run club – compared to others I am very happy. We can’t afford the best players or pay the high wages but we get players who want to play and prove themselves. However Kendog is also right Pompey, villa and spurs are all pushing for euro spots now and have invested heavily. If we want that we might have to take on a new owner to give us some money to spend… however how will that change our club? If Spurs spend £30 million will we need to spend £40 million? I don’t think that is the real answer. We need a good backroom staff, manager and supporters to direct the club and have belief and confidence.

  • WE ARE are very well run club. We are completely self sufficient and not many clubs in that league can say that!! This is why we are able to provide a stable environment for aspiring managers, players and coaches alike……OZ we don’t need to spend like the others do, we’ve crept up the league in recent years without blowing unneccessary millions on sub-standard players…..look at the clubs who have spent big……Newcastle – Owen, Luque, Duff etc, Fulham – Johnson, Kamara etc, Middlesborough – Alves, Villa – Davies, Reo-coker etc……These players have been bought for BIG money and neither they or their clubs have achieved anything, nor are they likely too. Even the likes of Portsmouth, Everton and Spurs look jealously over at Nelson, Samba, Warnock, Pederson, Bentley (b4 the move), Santa Cruz and McArthey!!! We should be proud that our club is so effective in the transfer market………………i’m not sayin i dont get frustrated at times like now with Annan who is different class and we’re draggin our heels over 1.5 million but i think we should trust them….keep the faith in our club…..we have proven over the past three years that you don’t need to spend big to acheive realistic goals, you just need to get the best out of what uv got n we seem to do that time and time again!!

  • Hang on there mani13963, how can you say we haven’t achieved anything and nor are we likely to? In 3 seasons we’ve gone from finishing 16th to 11th to 6th. We’ve invested gradually (some might say too gradually seeing as we’ve gone 2 years without a right back!) We’re slowly consolidating, and the players you mentioned, Davies & Okey Cokey, are enabling us to do it – hence we’re playing european football again. So if that’s not an achievement then what is? Unless you think going from 16th to winning the league would be more realistic. It’s not all about spending money on players, we started from the foundations by building a new training facility to attract players etc. Bottom line is, you’ll have to invest. Not ridiculous amounts, just spend it in the right places.

  • Villain-in-Cyprus, sorry if u read it as i was having a go at you with the last, i wasn’t n i do think that O’Neil is doing a fine job in enhancing your squad and prospects… point was directed at OUR fans who mock our transfer policy and scream on about big money signings and spending millions!! Yo don’t need to spend big money to acheive relatively good results in that league and we have proven that. You cant deny that over the last three seasons, we have been better placed than you AND been in one FA Cup semi final for good measure….whilst spending a third of the amount of money that you have!!! We may have a season or two of instability coming to us but it shows that stability and good, astute signings will reape rewards….we’re never gonna win the league again and neither are you so why spend millions trying to acheive the impossible???

  • Mani – We have been in 2 FA Cup semis since Hughes has been in charge and 2 Carling Semis…. we are the best when it comes to doing things on a budget… we’re like Morrisons.

  • lol yeah cheap n’ cheerful. Mark Hughes did an excellent job with a limited budget, but it took years to build you up to what you are. That’s the correct way of bringing success. But I can’t help thinking you might have taken several steps back now MH has gone. It seems important players are following him out of the exit door. You have the makings of a good, solid and big club. But there’s only one obsticle preventing you from becoming a great club. Money. Decent leadership and good management can only take you so far, that’s been our problem too.

  • Rovers are often highly reguarded throughout the league as one of the better run clubs! I like the way the Chairman knows the limitations of the club and its peading power, we have put together a very competitive team with pitence when compared to those clubs that consistantly finish in and around us in the league and often below us – Spurs, Newcastle, West Ham, Sunderland etc. now im not coming across as negative to these clubs but its fact that they have a much better and bigger spending budget than that of Rovers but we continuely mix it up with them on the pitch, a lot of credit must go to the board for picking good men ( recently ) and getting these players in! When u look at the shambles being reported at City at the min ( pure speculation though at this point ) where they stole one of the most promising managers in the league off us with the promise of something massive and now it seems it falling apart on him because the man in charge is not exactly able for the job at the min, I know Rovers have been up for sale for a bit now and we have ahd some saying the price of the club is too high but the board could ahve sold it to anyone with a bit of money if they wanted to make a quick buck and get out – but they ahve held on, saying they want to sell it to someone that has the interest of the club at heart – unlike West Ham who’s icelandic owner who spent big id no longer there and the same of Utd’s owners, who have massive debts against the club to deal with. It just shows u, well i think, the difference between our board and others in the league, where ours DO seem to have the best interest of the club at heart!! They spend wot they can on players, have some of the best intitatives in the league at getting bums on seats and keeping the price of the game down for its fans, all in all a job well done

  • Clint, Mani, mikey – my hat is off to you all. You’ve summed up everything that Williams and the board have been achieving and looking to achieve for our club. Out of all the clubs in the Premier League over the past three – five years we are the most successful based on the amount of money we spend. We don’t have multi-millionaire owners (or billionaires come to that) who invest heavily in the club, we don’t have sell out crowds every week, we don’t have the top players or pay huge wages… but we have still competed with the teams in the league and come out well

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