Date: 23rd May 2007 at 4:12pm
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Former Blackburn Rovers captain Andy Todd has been told he is free to leave the club? but we will be looking for some sort of fee.

The amount Rovers are thought to be looking for is something in the region of £500,00 with Sunderland rumoured to be leading the chase that could also involve Birmingham City, Fulham and Wigan Athletic.

Todd’s agent, Peter Harrison told the Lancashire Telegraph:

Andy has spoken to the manager and he’s told him that he can leave the club for a fee.

“I’ve spoken to a few clubs and I’m waiting for them to come back to me. I don’t see there being any problems getting Andy fixed up

This is not a surprise to me in the least, and although I appreciate what Todd has done for us in the past it is time he moved on.

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19 Replies to “Todd Braced for Rovers Exit”

  • I wondered how long it would be before Harrison reared his head! Todd has been a good a servant to the club but it’s time he went.

  • OFF TOPIC – But as for YOUR participation in the site, don’t forget it’s yours so keep the comments, poll suggestions and articles coming, especially during the summer months to keep us entertained.

  • As for Todd, he has been a good servant but he is one of Rovers’ worst man-to-man markers we have had for a number of years. He seems to have lapses of concentration where he loses his man. Samba, Nelson and Khis are far better.

  • Cheers Wellsy, knowing me I’ll not even get this break as I’ve been saying I’m going to do this for a few weeks and haven’t 🙂 You’ll just have to keep posting in here instead of Swindon then dude! They’ll be posting next season though as they are on the way up again aren’t they. I’m disappointed though Wellsy, you are another of the Nelson club, but it’s NELSEN though lol! Todd can go, good luck to him though.

  • Toddy, Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, otherwise you’ll probably put your foot through it! Just dont be “accidentally” elbowing our lads if we come up against ya next season please!

  • I like Todd, he’s far from the best defender Rovers have at the club but you know wot ur going to get with him, more than likely a red card but thats just his no nonsense game, He has to go though cos he’s just not good enough for the Premier League now and he’s the poorest centreback we currently have. He’ll def add something to Sunderland if/when he moves to them and £500, 000 will be a good bit of money for a non-starter, plus hopefully that ‘get’ Harrison will have nothing more to do with Rovers, I dont think he has another player best interests at heart, at Rovers after Todd has he??

  • Harrison is out for himself isn’t he, we’ve seen this first hand with that programme on TV! Todd will fight (literally!) all day long, so he’s a good man to have in your corner. He has never been the best defender but did a job but rapidly went into decline. He’ll do a job for a new Premiership arrival or a team battling at the bottom but I’m notr convinced he is Premiership quality anyway?!?! Toddy raised our image big time though didn’t he, he is the biggest thug out there lol 🙂 Only joking Toddy!

  • He has been a terrific servant but the time is right to go. Thank you Andy. watching you elbow that arrogant pri*ck Van Persie was well worth the price of your tranfer fee on its own!!!

  • glad to see him gone as someone said before he is just deadwood at the club and remember its not just de transfer fee we will get but we wont be paying someone to train!

  • Poor Andy Todd… In a way i’ll miss him but given the choice of any of our other defenders I can’t seem him making a start or even the bench again. So long Andy and thanks for all the fish! He was obviously tainted by his spell at the Dingles

  • My money’s on portsmouth.. if they’re gonna buy Terrible Titus (Bramble) then they might as well complete their collection of defenders not fit for purpose!

  • We all have fond memories of Todd don’t we, and whilst I will be a little sad along the lines of what Ex Ewood says the time has come. Bents4eng, maybe last summer Portsmouth would have taken him but I don’t think they will now, I fancy a move to Wigan for him myself.

  • I think that he will end up at Sunderland… you know the team that can beat us but has to pinch our 4th chocie centre backs to do it?!??!

  • That’s how obvious it is that the “mighty” Sunderland are in the big time isn’t it Mikey, is Toddy even fourth choice now though?!?! I’d say God, the Wall, Ooijer, Henchoz and Mr Monk (Zurab) would all be ahead of him in the pecking order, so more like sixth place. Mr Keane is building a team of world beaters there lol, quite literally with Toddy getting on board 🙂

  • I was just gonna say the word beaters is quite appropriate…. I would put Todd ahead of Stephane “I’m shattered after 2 minutes” Henchoz though!!! lol… R u watching B international later???

  • Hedgehog is shattered after less than two minutes, he’s puffing and panting before he takes to the pitch! Gotta work dude, gutted about that as I sooo wanted to see Bents rip the mighty Albania apart (I’ve gotta stop slagging teams and players off in favour of ours and our players as I’ll end up being as bad as most Spurs fans!!!) I’ve got a man on “Bentley watch” though so I look forward to seeing their thoughts on it when I get in, they will then be shared with EVERYONE in article format!

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