Date: 30th March 2009 at 6:08pm
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Tottenham Hotspur are understood to be planning a summer swoop for Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is no stranger to Santa Cruz as he has spoken about the Paraguayan and the qualities that he has and admires before, so is it just the national media using that as a basis to create news or could Spurs really could be looking to sign Santa in the summer?!?! It was also claimed that Roman Pavlyuchenko, David Bentley, Darren Bent and Jermaine Jenas would all be moved on from White Hart Lane in the summer to raise funds to move for the Rovers striker along with Aston Villa’s Ashley Young, or a cash-plus-player swap deal could take RSC from Ewood Park to London? Would Darren Bent and money be such a bad offer for the striker? Personally I think that if Bent played regularly (as he would for Rovers) he’d do very well.

It does appear as though RSC will be leaving Ewood in the summer but with a move to Manchester City apparently something that his heart is set on unless Man City manager Mark Hughes decides that he is no longer interested in RSC a move anywhere else seems unlikely??

Rovers are also understood to be keeping tabs on several players, with some newspaper reports saying that Portsmouth’s out-of-contract midfielder Sean Davis could make the switch to Ewood in the summer with Sam Allardyce battling it out with his former side Bolton Wanderers to land the 29-year-old on a FREE Transfer.



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  • When Santa goes (and RSC WILL leave Ewood this summer) it’ll be to Man City won’t it, but if Spurs offered Darren Bent and money would it really be that bad?!?!

  • cant see it happening lads. this is a bull***** story from the daily mirror…with defoe due back i think we now have 4 stikers all capable of scoring 20goals+ a season if played regularly…(bent, keane and defoe have already proven that, and pav isnt far off)…doesn’t Rsc have a terrible injury record aswell? the last 8 years he has spent most of on a treatment table

  • god I hate Spurs. Look at this ****. Ashley Young ain’t gonna move to Spurs. Santa ain’t going to Spurs – all the genuinely big players end up leaving Spurs or choosing other teams over them in the first place.

  • I havent seen that much of rsc but can anyone who has tell me if he is really worth the sort of silly money blackbuen apparently want? He had one very good season last year (and a very mediocre one this year), but before that he never had a great goalscoring record to my knowledge. Is he so much better than Pav or Bent?

  • m4m you tossa manure want are players cos they are quzlity whenwas last time your 2bit club sold them anyone? we are a big club but champs league only has 4 places we are only realstic option to the top 4 fackers and eventually maybe man *****y cos money rules football now slide back down your hole theres a good worm

  • lol i wonder if there is such thing as a decent spurs supporter. i think i remember a while back one of them making a decent comment but maybe i was under the influence at the time. and Suspiciosminds Cruz is very good, but with injuries probably not worth the price. only rich Man City or spend-moeny-on-old-crap Spurs would touch him… i think

  • sounds like the geen eyed monster here lads….what really *****es of clubs like blackburn is spurs can afford to make these bids and attract top players. as for only buying old *****, modric is old *****? palacious? what about our 4 strikers? and not lets forget poor old bentley who you lot are still *****ed off about!…looks like another potentially intresting summer….who are you lot going for? lol

  • RSC is class. He does seem to get injured a lot but when fit he keeps a very good striker in Benni McCarthy out of the Blackburn side. When Mark Hughes was in charge he reckoned McCarthy was at least as good as Berbatov, and I remember the stats on goals and assists sort of showed that he had some case, if not a water-tight one. But when RSC came to Hughes’s Blackburn, McCarthy lost his place! That tells an interesting story.

  • yeah we are cut up about Bently. 15 mil and he… umm… yeah probably the best player you’ve ever had. hahahaha

  • Hackspur – with the money your club has spent the fact you havent maet he Champions League yet is embarrassing. Lilly – we aint annoyed about Bentley, he’s gone and he wasnt worth the money to you. We prob were at the time due to the disrespect he showed the club but trust me you have spent £17 million on someone who hasnt come up with the goods. The Daily Mirror have made this story up by the looks of things but then it wouldnt be the first time.

  • What annoys me about Spurs is not that you have the money to buy these player (much of it is recycled from your ridiculous turn over of players, season on season). Yes you can usually poach players from Rovers, but you never get the really big names. Just look what happened with Arshavin (went for Arsenal for less money/wages than you’d offered in the summer), or Berbatov (throwing a hissy fit until he got sold). This season you’re all talking about getting into Europe now, despite being in the heart of the relegation battle a few weeks ago. What makes it all the more annoying is the way that you spat in the face of the competition this season when you got there….. You’re a decent sized club and you should be going for Eufa. But your also the second worst governed team in the premiership (after Newcastle) and you treat other teams players as well as your own players with absolutely no respect.

  • And again Lilly we arent annoyed about not being able to bid top dollar. We know our place in the football spectrum and frankly we are punching above our weight but doing so is something to be proud of. As for Spurs – well jesus they have spent so much money and got so little for it that the whole world laughs at you. Sorry but it is the truth. When you were down at the bottom of the league 9a position you should never have been in) the whole of england wanted you and your arrogant fans to bite the bullet. Sadly that wont happen but surely that might of taught you something? Apparently not…

  • Mikey D – Says alot about you that you’d wish relegation on us (especially considering the position you find yourselves in at the moment) based on run ins with some ‘internet warriors’. I’ve actually got a lot of time for blackburn but I must say (just like spurs) some of you don’t do your club justice

  • Thats fair enough Phartman but sadly everything I wrote was true. If you asked a casual bystander who they prefer out the 2 clubs I can tell you the answer most would go for… sorry but its true. Some Spurs fans really rile me – take Kaboul for example who popped up on our forums for a while, an example of an idiot Spurs fan. They arent all like him but he is WHY people dont like Spurs. I dont normally lash out but a large portion of Spurs fans (and maybe I dont bump into thr right people) really ruin it for the rest of the good Spurs fans that exist.

  • Suppose you can only make judgements based on who you’ve met but living in Manchester myself I know several dozen spurs fans none of whom match this persona people on the internet say is characteristic of all spurs fans, just bugs me a bit. I think it’s worth pointing out though there are over 3000 spurs fans registered on the vital network so the proportion of idiots is probably no more then at any other club, must say ours are quite ‘loud’ though. About the article think it’s typical newspaper tosh, recycling the same storys they’ve been using for years, I’d be surprised if the link with Santa or Young was genuine, particularly as we probably won’t have that much money to spend in the summer after the January spree to stave off relegation coupled with the plans for a new stadium you never know though…

  • I also am orignally from Manchester Phartman so I know what you mean. The “idiot” section of the Spurs fans do ruin it for the good ones which is a shame but they are quite prominent. Rovers will again in the summer do the best they can with the money they have – if that includes Sean Davis then very good as he is a good player.

  • Sean Davis is an absolute dynamo but in my opinion similar to people you already have (like Andrews etc). Blackburn are a completely different team with a fit and inform David Dunne, I personally would consider a creative spark to be your number one priority though you know more about rovers then I

  • David Dunn though has been linked with sunderland, what the hell is that all about?! and for less than 2 mil, oooooh no i do not think so! haha, gotta laugh about it, interesting that these stories arise this week when rovers and spurs go head to head isnt it!

  • That David Dunn thing is nonsense – Allardyce is a massive fan of his from the days he tried to sign him for Bolton. David Dunn when he has been fit has been an absolutely stormer. Best player on the pitch in most cases. Shame he is made of paper. And if we are talking about straight swapping the Axe for Sean Davis then we are quids in!

  • The same thing pops up on other forums concerning the “our impression of Spurs fans are…” question. For a while, I thought that all Blackburn fans were narrow-minded racist bigots after the abuse from those two fans when he was training with Birmingham that day…

    See where the problems lie?

  • Hang on a minute Othello you thought that ALL Rovers fans are racist after TWO fans abused Dwight Yorke…. there is a difference between that and what I am about to describe to you…

  • A while back Walker did a question and answer for Vital Spurs before a game at WHL and at the end of the questions he was asked for a predicition – he went for a 2-1 Rovers win. After that (no word of a lie) about 30 different Spurs fans were leaving comments about how dare Walker suggest Rovers had a chance of winning!!!! Spurs were much bigger, better and Blackburn were a sh***y small club who couldnt hold a candle to Spurs. That is the problem personified there….

  • Okay, so maybe my example was a tad exaggerated, but I only tried to show how subsequent presumptions about a group of fans based on an encounter with maybe three or four could distort a view of a club. The example you gave shows how we, in large, like to defend our club because we always get put down by other fans as well as the media. But yes, I do also agree that we do have a hot-headed few within our support which can ruin the name of our club, just like any other club in the country. Incidently, what was the final score in that game? 🙂

  • It was 1-1 Benni McCarthy scored for Rovers and Jermain Defoe for Tottenham. I am afraid Othello that it wasnt the good, decent Spurs fans sticking up for the club. It was the idiot, arrogant sesction rearing their head again 🙁

  • Why are you lot so bitter towards us?? Its a bull***** story which is just as insulting to us as it is to you. Stop hating on our club

  • ANd Mikey D – mate what a load of absolute tripe. You think people hate Spurs but like Blackburn? Diouf? Long Ball Football? We have neither. I cant believe the attitude of some fans on here. All cluns have moronic supporters and clearly your no exception. Good luck for the rest of the season.

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