Date: 5th December 2009 at 3:19am
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Truly shocking injury news!!!

Stephen Reid has suffered a hamstring injury and will miss QPR’s next 2 games.

Ok, so its not Truly shocking, in fact its not really news any more. Reid has spent more time on a treatment table than Wayne Rooney has spent in a Retirement home of ill repute, allegedly 😉

If Sam has the opportunity of offloading this waste of salary in the January transfer window for any sort of fee then it should be snapped up.

Sorry for duping you into clicking this article but I feel it serves a point regarding Reid’s future, or in my opinion, lack of one at Blackburn Rovers.

Feel free to tear me a new one or pat me on my back!

BomBom….Banging the ‘Stephen Reid has been finished as a top flight footballer and wasn’t that good in the first place’ drum for the last 3 years!


13 Replies to “Truly Shocking Injury News”

  • ahahaha brilliant headline. although its still sad that Reid has once again gone down. this will surely end his Rovers career- do we have any hope of getting anything for him?

  • Bom! disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THe poor bugger cant catch a break….I honestly thought this article was going to be about Torres not playing tonight lol

  • you are a fool… leave Reidy alone – it’s only a slight knock… I for one think that we have missed Steven Reid over the past two seasons… talking salary waster then lets ***** Andrews off… he’s ***** AND not even injured!

  • bom bom u really hate him dont u but hes atleast on 10 000 a week so we should get rid of him if not more i agree with bom bom overall

  • It’s only a slight strain and it’s more of a precaution than anything else – he’ll feature in further games before his spell is up. He hasn’t really got going so far. A little laboured against Doncaster and looked a tad off the pace when comeinhg from the bench in a fast-paced game against Coventry. He is a quality player and I hope he proves that before he returns.

  • Bom it is Steven not Stephen! God you do not like this guy! lol… good lingering article headline though! Bad news for the Reidy! Come on Steve! prove the Welshman wrong!

  • Reid is a good player… give him a pay as you play deal and theres no harm done…. and spend his wages on a flight for andrews!

  • Cut him a break BB! – He’s been out for ages, he had some severe injuries – not his fault! – he’s managed to get himself fit and not has suffered a setback. Players who come back from an injury are likely to pick up strains and so on – look at Dunn, he has suffered likewise to Reidy, you wouldn’t be saying the same things to him. I hope you get back playing soon Steven, and good luck with the comeback.

  • Someone get the lad a yoga mat. And regardless of his talent, let him go if he can’t get on the pitch and stay there

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