Date: 12th April 2010 at 6:56pm
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Good old ignorance. You cannot beat it!

Plenty of talking points after the game yesterday between Blackburn and the Surrey Reds but the one that stands out most for yours truly is the lack of impact that Man United had in the final third of the field.

A lot of commentators and fans have decided that United were not as good as they should have been and have pointed to the lack of Wayne Rooney as the reason for the lack of cutting edge the Champions displayed.

I think this is doing a massive injustice to Blackburn Rovers.

Yes United were without their talisman and all round Scouse psychopath but they still had £100 million worth of talent on display and had more than enough about them with to get a result against most teams.

The reason that United were just dismissed as not having enough about them was more down to Blackburn having a great day at the office, proper organisation in the ranks and enough fight to fill the Octagon with that saw United reduced to an ordinary attacking force.

Man United thought they may have an easy day at the office with Sir Alex’s big mate Big Sam in the opposition dugout and with Rovers having little to play for – many of their fans forecast a comfortable win.

Which is mighty ignorant and arrogant considering Rovers have lost only TWICE this season at home… the same amount as the champions themselves.

So for Andy Gray and his smug grin to sit there and state United as not having the talent whilst ignoring the real reason for their lacklustre showing (Rovers) was just flat out lazy and inaccurate.

I know it is difficult for some people to praise the unfashionable clubs but we barely got a mention?!

It is all about the big clubs and how the Old Trafford lot didn’t show up.

They DID show up, we just stopped them from playing well.

Will we ever get the credit we deserve?


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  • And didn’t the rest of the premiership enjoy it! Only beaten twice at home all season is a pretty fine statistic I must say.

  • We just have to accept that we are an unfashionable club and will never get the credit we deserve. There are few teams who have made Utd look ordinary and we should be proud of our club’s achievement. It is great to bring the arrogant and ignorant down to earth. First Chelsea, now United and, hopefully, Arsenal to come.

  • Personally, i thought your defence was superb against the devils and you deserved the point thoroughly.
    but you do have to think, if rooney/torres/van persie/drogba/anelka been given the chances that berb was given, it could’ve been a vastly different story?
    but i thought you guys were superb anyway, and even better in the fact that its kept fergie’s sweaty mitts at a distance from the league trophy for the time being!
    well played lads!
    more importantly i think mr jones played ferdinand off the park, i thought he really gave him a lesson in defending.

  • we will never get the credit we deserve! its always that the other team didnt do this, or we were lucky….end of the day….stuff em all, we know what we can do, and thats what matters!

  • rugga, the chelsea boys have already had a go at our defence, yet our D stood strong and helped us come away with a point! and whos to say that those strikers you listed would even get into the same situation as berbs (or nani for that matter)! it was another solid defensive display from the rovers back four as well as robbo, something im enjoying getting used to as of late! the real test will be against arsenal as, in recent times, they have made us look like a joke at the back!

  • i think arsenal average about 6 per game against us over the last couple of seasons! but they do have a few key players out, and hopefully bendtner is at his left footed best!

  • Well said Mikey, awesome defensive display from rovers on the day. ok attackin we aint gonna get many goals as long as kalinic is on his own but we build from the back. 5 games undefeated inc Chelski & Man Ure.

  • You keep ranting Mr Mikey, it does a man (or woman) good to have a rank and rave sometimes. Maube one day, however, I doubt it people will give us the credit we deserve.

  • Goneroverboard, all im saying is that, anyone that could shoot anywhere but at the goalie, if in the same position as berbs, would’ve had the opportunity to add a goal or two to their tally. you have to admit he was absolutely useless against you, might as well of had Heskey off us trying to score!

  • And ruggaboy you have to admit that our team stifled and frustrated manure – something that not many other teams have done this season – and also, if it weren’t for robbo making a couple of poor kicks they would have had even fewer shots.

  • ruggaboy – you lost because we matched you defensively. Be it Rooney or Drogba, if he would have shot either side of Robinson then Englands Number One would have saved it anyway!!! Witness the cracking Valencia save in the first half!

  • It’s always someone else’s fault with “bigger teams” isn’t it, or some fault of theirs, it’s never a positive thing from us that we’ve done!!

  • And Mikey Delap, witness pretty much every single game of rooney’s 09-10 season, I think with robbo and Freidel in goal, he’d still score.
    I think people are reading into this a little too deeply. All im saying is that I thought the rovers were Fantastic defensively, but had rooney on the pitch i think it COULD have been a different story, given the room Berbatov was given at points.

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