Date: 15th August 2011 at 10:39am
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Update time here and it will be interesting to see how his employers react.

Steve Kean is in Macclesfield Magistrates court today answering his case after being charged with drink driving.

Kean was caught after our home game with Manchester United last season and was found to be over the limit.

Interestingly, Kean has changed his plea from an original not guilty to guilty and now faces a punishment despite rumours of a special application.

How will Venky’s react? Back their man or show him the door??

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16 Replies to “Update – Steve Kean pleads guilty to drink driving”

  • Interesting turn of events. Changing your plea is generally not a good idea. Be very interesting to see how he’s punished. Also how Venkys see it. However it goes, it must NOT be served as a distraction to the real issue in that the squad needs strengthening. cupstillfull. . . .

  • I agree ITSALLROVER. Sadly though, it’s here and we have to deal with it accordingly. Let the media have their day and let the club and Kean get on with it.

  • 18 months, least he deserves. If he only had one drink he still shouldn’t be driving. No sympathy for him on this one.

  • Venkys need to act decisively for once. For me this is a sackable offence and the owners should have his replacement lined up already. This is far from what is required of a manager whose job is partly to dictate how youngsters lead their lives.

  • I don’t understand people being so judgemental here! we don’t know how far over-the-limit he was, and these days, a single pint can put you there. Granted he should be more careful as he is a figure head but lets not be hypocritical! I’m sure most of us have been the designated driver on a night out and had a cheeky one through the night.
    Either way, if you want him out ‘cos you don’t like him, fair enough, but to use this as an excuse borders on diabolical.

  • G.R.B – I don’t think he should be sacked for it – I’m just disappointed in him for it. I think that drink-drivers are selfish individuals who don’t think about the consequences of their potential actions.

  • i’m glad he pleaded guilty and got this over with. the last thing we want was for this incident to become some long drawn out drama…this will go under the radar quietly

  • Got to disagree with the last few posters. Drink driving kills. FACT. GoneRoverBoard no I have never ‘had a cheeky one’. If I’m driving I have soft drinks. People who drink and drive are the scum of the earth and I believe the sooner he is sacked the better.

  • drink driving is not good, we all agree on that, but does it cast doubt into the owners minds?? are they holding back transfer funds for a replacement manager?? is kean going to be shown the door before xmas and a new manager get given the money from jones if we’re in trouble??

  • TBH unless your job was around driving for a living not many companies would sack you for drink driving unless of course you were involved in an accident. I think Kean is an idiot, i don’t care how far over the limit he was the fact is he was over the limit but he has finally done the decent thing and pleaded guilty and has been punished accordingly. Now if only he could carry on this trend and resign!

  • UJN, You are right in your fact that drink driving can kill, and it does appear to be a sensitive subject for you. However, I’m just noting that this is PC gone made. Obviously, if you’re drunk enough to impair your driving skills significantly enough that you get caught, then you could be deemed as a risk to others and sentenced accordingly (which apparently is what kean was…)! but most of us are sensible when we are out and don’t drink enough to physically affect our performance on the road! I realise that you might perceive this as being reckless, however I am an extremely cautious person. just because people like me have one then drive, does not make us scum! The matter is not as black and white as how you think, half the reason why the laws are so strict so there is no ambiguity for people who abuse the priviledge.

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