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At the start of the season Sasman, Bom Bom and myself tried to predict what would happen in the 2010/11 EPL season, come inside to see how we did

If you can cast your mind back to August and the start of the season just ended you may recall that the journalists here at Vital Blackburn tried a little bit of predicting.

Questions were asked asking what might happen in the Premier League that concluded on Sunday and now we can gauge how accurate and intelligent we were with out foresight.

Three of us sat down and mapped out the future and scores will be awarded depending on accuracy. The closest to the actual outcome gets 3 points, next closest 2 and the furthest away gets 1.

The word ‘mixed’ springs to mind. Here’s how we got on –

1.) We will start with our very own, where do you see Blackburn Rovers finishing?

Bom Bom – IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE! That`s the main priority. Otherwise, barring an amazingly fast transfer of ownership, we should be settling for no less than 13-14th. If we get investment, I`ll say 7th, if we don`t, I`ll go 11th.

Mikey – I can’t see much being different in our current financial state. We aren’t that good that we can hit Europe despite what the players say but we aren’t bad enough to go down.

I call same finishing position as last time… 10th.

Sasman – As much as I would love to say we will push on from last season, I think it will be more of the same from Rovers. We will play exciting football at times, boring football at times, and miss a thousand chances unless we can snap up that mystery striker. So i’ll say 9th through to 11th…

Result – Bom with 3 points, Sas with 2 and Delap with 1.

2.) Who will win the Rovers player of the season award?

Bom Bom – Who Saw N`Zonzi coming last season? A fit David Dunn would win it but I think this is the year of the Swede, Marin Olsson, barring any serious injuries.

Phil Jones to win Young POTS with Linganzi to be in contention should he get the chance

Mikey – Difficult one to call. for me it all hinges on injuries.

Any of David Dunn, Martin Olsson, N’Zonzi again or even Jones could walk away with it.

But I will go left field and pick consistency and passion. Your Rovers player of the season for 2010/11 will be Chris Samba.

Sasman – Brett Emerton is primed for a massive season.

Regained full fitness, had a strong world cup against some of the World’s best, and will be eager to make up on lost time.

Im sure the local boy David Dunn will feature highly, but watch for my boy to have his best season so far.

Result – Based on the player of the season voting… Mikey with 3 points, Bom with 2 and Sasman with 1.

3.) Who will win the big prize and be crowned Champions?

Bom Bom – Chelsea again for me, United haven`t done anything really to strengthen, Arsenal will challenge more this season and Man City will, I don`t see Spurs up there again, neither Liverpool.

Mikey – I know my prediction in the Observer caused a bit of a stir but I am going to stick with it.

Money talks in this day and age and some of the other sides around them have stood relatively still so I shall call Manchester City.

Sasman – With Manchester City now entering the frame as contenders, and Liverpool attempting to bounce back from a poor season, there will be a few contenders.

However, I do think that Chelsea will take the title one more time, with Chelsea uninterrupted by the African Nations Cup this time round.

Result – Based on the league standings, Sas and Bom get 2 points each (as they didn’t get it right 😉 and Delap picks up 1.

4.) Who is set for the trapdoor that is relegation?

Bom Bom – West Brom, Blackpool and probably, hopefully Newcastle, no cash to spend, they are going to struggle.

Mikey – There are about 10/11 sides that, given a poor run could face this doom and yes I include us in that group.

This is a tough call to make. Blackpool I am afraid are already relatively shafted.

I also have a funny feeling that Wigan could struggle as well, just a hunch as they like us can struggle on their travels.

My final pick is everybody’s favourite yo-yo club West Brom.

Sasman – We all hope that Blackpool can make the cut, but I dont think that will happen. Bolton will struggle, as will West Brom!

Result – One point per team, Bom gets 1, Delap gets 1 and Sas the same.

5.) Which team across the Premier League spectre do you see exceeding expectations?

Bom Bom – Rovers with financing, otherwise, I can see Blackpool doing well initially but then struggling.

Mikey – I am going to say West Ham. They were woeful last season and their chairman are about as ‘un-likeable’ as Danni Minogue but they have an underrated manager.

They have made some shrewd signings such as the Mexican Barrera and Thomas Hitzelsperger and can expect to be well drilled now they have seemingly retained Scott Parker.

I don’t like them but they should do well.

Sasman – I think Newcastle will come back firing. They did have a relatively strong squad in the championship, and the few additions will add to that. Maybe a top 10 finish for the Toon, at our expense.

Result – Sasman picks up 3 here, Bom gets 2 and Delap barely deserves 1 and really deserves shooting.

6.) Is there a new addition (player not team) to the league you see doing well?

Bom Bom – Ramires, if he gets to Chelsea, will be a good player, Faty, should he sign for us, will do well also.

Mikey – Javier Hernandez or Chickpea or whatever the flaming swiss army knife he is called.

He was touted about a bit as a future star and from what I have seen of him he looks class.

I expect him to be this season’s breakout star.

I can also Milan Jovanavic of Liverpool and Jelle Van Damme of Wolves having a good season.

Sasman – One of the few big players making a big move is David Silva. (note its the 4th of August, any future signings are declared null and void and ineligible to be accounted for :P)

I think his flair and ability will be something to look out for, and could propel Man City higher in their ambitions.

Result – Delap gets 3 for the emergence of Hernandez, Sasman gets 2 for the rapidly improving and classy Silva and Bom gets 1 for the slowly improving but still overpriced Brazilian.

7.) Which player will flop big time?

Bom Bom – Joe Cole at Liverpool, unfortunately and I don`t think Yaya Toure is all that he`s made out to be either.

Mikey – The big flop I predict will be Laurien Koscienly.

Only purely because of the money Arsenal spent on him and the fact that Arsene Wenger and defenders haven’t always been the easiest of blends.

Yaya Toure won’t be terrible or anything just not worth anywhere near the kind of money Manchester City have spent on him.

Finally, Titus Bramble and Sunderland is a disaster waiting to happen.

Sasman – Nikola Zigic. The man is big, but was often made to look good by some softer Spanish defending. Just because you are big, doesn’t mean you will stand the test of the English Premier League, he will be shown up by much stronger central defenders, especially the likes of Ferdinand, Terry, Samba and Jones 😀

Result – Bom storms in with 3 points for the correct call of Joe Cole being a massive disappointment, Sas gets two for the hit and miss Zigic and Delap occupies last position with 1 point for the solid Koscienly.

8.) Who will win the sack race?

Bom Bom – Chris Hughton at Newcastle, possibly Tony Pulis at Stoke, should they struggle early doors.

Mikey – Chris Hughton at Newcastle.

If they start slowly then expect Mike Ashley to get trigger happy and forget all the good work done by Hughton in the Championship.

Sasman – Owen Coyle. Simple really. His team is crap. The only reason they stayed up last season was because there were 3 teams who were even worse.

Coyle will go, followed by Bolton.

Result – Delap and Bom call it bang on with 3 points each and Sas picks up 1.

9.) Can you name me the PFA Premier League team of the year for this season…

Bom Bom –

1) Reina

2) J. Boateng

3) Terry

4) Samba

5) A. Cole

6) N`Zonzi

7) D. Silva

8) Lampard

9) Fabregas

10) Rooney

11) Torres

Mikey –

1) Huerelho Gomes (Spurs)

2) Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea)

3) Phil Jagielka (Everton)

4) Nemanja Vidic (Man United)

5) Alexandar Kolarov (Man City)

6) Luis Valencia (Man United)

7) Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

8) David Silva (Man City)

9) Samir Nasri (Arsenal)

10) Marouane Chamakh (Arsenal)

11) Wayne Rooney (Man United)

Sasman –

1) Petr Cech

2) Richard Dunne

3) Rio Ferdinand

4) Thomas Vermaelen

5) Patrice Evra

6) Arshavin

7) Joe Cole

8) Frank Lampard

9) Nicolas Anelka

10) Didier Drogba

11) Carlos Tevez

Result – (Actual Team – Van Der Sar, Sagna, Vidic, Kompany, Cole, Nani, Nasri, Wilshere, Bale, Tevez, Berbatov).

Oh man this was a shambles, everyone gets one PFA team member correct and TEN wrong.

1 point each for a feeble effort.

FINAL SCORES – Wales are your winners as Bom Bom emerges victorious with 18 points, Delap and Sas tie for second/last with 15 points.

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8 Replies to “VB Crystal Ball – The Results”

  • Team of the season was woeful LMAO. Rover23 should provide some much needed competition for us next year though! Until then though, I shall revel in glorious VICTORY! (Well, its one of the few things Wales are going to win eh?)

  • I always enjoy reading these. Yes those team of the year predictions were awful ;). Although I probs would have done just as badly! 😀

  • I joined the team too late last year! Hopefully I can get a hand in next time around! but I have to laugh at Mike.. Predicting the bottom team will do well! hehe!

  • Best call of the bunch is Mikey’s answer to q4 – which pretty much predicted the tight bottom half of the table and the closeness of the relegation dogfight. It’s amazing to think back to last August and look at how much our world has changed. Maybe there should be a question next year about “Most Amusing Takeover”. Who would have suggested the largely chicken-financed Venky’s? Not many I reckon.

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