Date: 26th July 2011 at 9:57am
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The Media is laughing, rival fans are laughing, and we the frustrated Blackburn Rovers supporters are left cringing.

This article is concerned with Blackburn’s diminishing reputation and respect in and outside the club.

Blackburn have not always been the most successful club, but we have always been a proud club.

We have seen seen an array of talent come and go from the club, and most find that the grass is not greener on the other side. The players individually may of not been looked at as the most gifted but had a reputation as being a team you would not want to play if you needed a win.

The back room staff and our facilities have never had anything but praise throughout the footballing community.

John Williams was often regarded as the best chairman in the league, for the way he conducted our club so efficiently on limited resources.

The 10 years before the recent takeover have seen relative success on very little money given for transfers by the Walker Trust. We have, through brilliant work from various managers and John Williams gained a reputation of a team capable of challenging for Europe.

The question I am raising in this article is a simple one very few people can answer without speculation, why as soon as we finally have owners ‘willing’ to spend money are we relegation candidates? My view is simple, if you want to run a club methodically and build success through good business practice, do not change the things that have made us the respectable, well run club that put fear into opponents and attracted some brilliant players.

You build on the success already achieved and give support where it is needed. It frustrates me no end to see sniggering headlines about top 4 finishes and unrealistic signings.

Try to begin to explain our situation to friends when they ask me… ‘What has happened to you lot, I thought you had loads of money?’.

We need to get back to basics and get our reputation back, because without that all we can rely on is attracting players through money, and that would require big wallets and a willingness to spend it.

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11 Replies to “VBer’s view – Bring back the pride”

  • Thanks for this Danny! A good read and I agree that we have lost touch with some of the values that made us very respected.

  • I agree with some parts as we do need to maintain the same approach as before to stay in this league but we’re still a PL club and I don’t think we’re favourites for relegation whatsoever but we do need a new chairman to over see things. I think that the media have blown this thing with the finances up out of proportion and as soon as we sign a couple of players all of a sudden people will get behind the team again. I think as Venkatesh Rao said they’re just taking a more cautious approach with transfers and who can blame him. Do we really want to end up like Portsmouth, Leeds, West Ham??

  • I also think that as Rovers fans we are a little bit too emotional (and rightly so in some cases), but what we also have to realise and try to understand that as well as being the football club we all love and have grown up with, it is also a business. Yes, John Williams was a brilliant, well respected Chairman, good at his job and working within the constraints of the business model set up by the Walker family. The Venky’s have also got a business model and will run the ‘Rovers business’ their way. What we need to do is give them time, there is little point continually picking fault – as with the National Press and our own local paper LEP. What they need to do, and there is an admission of sorts about this from Venkatesh Rao, is improve their communication skills because a lack of communication leads to a rise in speculation and that in turn leads to unrest. We still are a proud, tradition club but one that is in a time of transition.

  • I don’t really agree with this. I firmly believe that Venky’s have our club’s best interests at heart, and I believe that given time, they will prove their worth and turn this ship around. We were a steady mid table club under the Walker Trust, but no more than that, how often did we actually get into Europe? There’s nothing wrong with ambition, and if Venky’s think they can turn us into a top 6-8 club, I am more than happy to back them. One word (amongst many) sums up football fans quite aptly, and that is impatience. Thus far Venky’s have done no worse than the Walker Trust did, sure they haven’t spend mega money and they have somewhat damaged our reputation, but the whole thing is a teething process, they will spend money, but they will do so sensibly, rather than doing what all of the teams Rover listed did and spending it all on players with over inflated ego’s who are only there to make a quick buck. After all, they are in this for the long haul, not just the current season, so spending £100m in this window would IMO be pretty stupid, bring in 3-4 players and see how we are doing come January, and if need be add more players then. Also, let’s not forget our youth setup, which has produced some fine players as of late, we don’t want to completely scrap all that hard work by over-flooding our team with bench warmers, when we could promote some of the kids from our youth system and see how they work out. I really do believe that Venky’s have had an unfair ride since they took over our club, and I 100% believe that the 90% of our fans who doubt Venky’s will be made to eat their words within the next 2-3 seasons.

  • Jason Roberts diary tells of a happy squad. Pictures are happy. Captain Nelson has told us to be patient. He has a business mind from the Australian sports company he has formed. And NO i don’t think that there are now TWO players who “have been told by Venkys to say things are OK”.
    We also have some excellent young players. I think everything will pan out OK after my initial stresses. Let’s cheer the Rovers for a change. We will do alright this season

  • Thanks for the comments, just a note.. this article is no more anti-venkys than pro-Rovers. We have new owners so there would no point in being only negative about the situation. My view is that the Venkys may of rocked the boat a tiny bit too much, but that is not too say that they cannot stabilize it again. Team morale does seem to be better under Kean than Allardyce which is a positive. I firmly believe that the Venkys do need to get a better grip on transfer policy and start with a few proven players that wont break the bank but repay the faith given by many fans in them and convince the more sceptical ones. Nobody can deny we need a stronger squad before the season starts, a few injuries and we will struggle.

  • guys if u havent already heard the is a new team being formed fc blackburn for the exact same reason as fcunited it will be good if u help support the team its gonna be a new club that isowned by fans its advertised on facbook itwill be proper formed in 2012 trials and so on

  • Atkins, please F off. We have our club right here, and we are going nowhere! If you want to abandon them, go right ahead, but don’t expect support from the real fans like me.

  • Atkins – your Ideas are pathetic, and the football supporters inequivalent of a BNP member.. under informed and very narrow minded. FC United are also a joke, but had more reason to boycott their team than us, and I would love to see how a load of muppets like you lot could fund a team a quarter as successful as FC United. Stop living in a deluded fantasy world, and get behind the team Blackburn Rovers FC, even if you do not agree with how the owners have acted up until now. BRFC through thick and thin…

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