Date: 19th August 2010 at 9:53am
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VIDEO: Allardyce On Blackburn Takeover

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One Reply to “VIDEO: Allardyce On Blackburn Takeover”

  • I don’t have sound on my PC at work. But I’m presuming it’s the same interview as this:

    Sam Allardyce has said he will not bring a host of new players to Blackburn or start paying over the odds if new owners hand him £100m.

    The Rovers chief is excited at the prospect of Indian businessman Ahsan Ali Syed completing his proposed £300million takeover at Ewood Park given that he could secure a third of that money to help transform the club’s playing staff. However, Allardyce insists he will not be rushed into spending any money he gets and warned other clubs not to start hiking up their valuations of players as he simply will not pay up.

    “I have to persuade the new owners – if it happens – that we have got to do it relatively slowly, not ‘bang, bang, bang, bang’,” Allardyce said.

    “That is a little too quick to turn a football club round to being successful. You try and do it as quick as you possibly can, but you want to do it by making sure we sign the quality of player at the right price.

    “Even though we might have millions and millions to spend, we still have to negotiate the right price and not over-spend for a player that is not worth the money.

    “If he goes and plays at Ewood Park, we have paid £10million or £20million for him and the fans see him on the pitch and say that he is not worth it, then straight away you are going to have a negative response to the money we have spent.

    “That is the sort of thing you have got to try to avoid, but if we can avoid that, it could bring great success to Blackburn Rovers over the next few years.”

    He talks a lot of sense there. We don’t want to buy 10 players just because we can. I don’t expect to see us in Europe for at least 3-4 seasons and I don’t expect to see us spending more than £15 million in one season for at least 2 seasons.

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