Date: 18th September 2011 at 11:07am
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The latest weekend of the season has been and gone, the premier league game between Blackburn and Arsenal is reflected on by Blackburn manager Steve Kean in this video.

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8 Replies to “VIDEO: Kean hits out at demonstrators”

  • Where does he “hit out” at the demonstrators? I know that you guys organised the demonstration, but you could at least try and report the facts in a reasonable manner. In fact Kean is quite reasonable, and says that he was disappointed but hopes that you can see what they’re trying to do. How is that hitting out?

  • Don’t have a go at Vital Blackburn. This was put on here by “Vital Football” not us! If it was one of us it would have the site staff name at the bottom!

  • Lets not be lulled into a false sense of security again. Remember Liverpool at home last season. 3-1 victory and all seemed well. That Liverpool team display was shocking. The results that followed for Rovers were a true reflection of Kean’s ability as a manager in the Premier League. We survived by the skin of our teeth. Again yesterday we beat an Arsenal Team in dissarray. Can you rembember such a poor Arsenal defence? Then Kean spouts his usual nonsense.
    We have some excellent players at Ewood. With a better leader we will be a solid Premier League club. Venkys must act now. Have a go at getting Hughes back. If we stick with Kean, we will regret it. Rememeber the results after Liverpool do not be fooled by beating a poor Arsenal team. Ps I think there is more than 1% of fans that will agree. Steve Kean has got it his facts wrong again.?

  • But last year we were changing the style of football we were playing under big sam, plus he didn’t have he’s own team. i think he’s doing great and deserves a bit of credit given the amount of pressure the media and the ( i will give yee ten percent 🙂 couple of fans are giving him. must managers would buckle under that pressure.

  • Yeah, they might resort to the drink…. Seriously though, he deserves a bit of time with his own team, had a chance to put the squad together the way he had envisaged, if we’re still in trouble in 6 weeks’ time then he’s out of excuses.

  • After his statement regarding judging him after he’d accrued the signings he wanted i thought fair play il give him to the end of September and so far 4points from a possible 6 isnt too bad is it, will see what the Newcastle game brings us before jumping down his throat again!

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