Date: 9th March 2006 at 11:05am
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1) Do you think Villa could still be in danger of going down?

Realistically not, but mathematically yes. Does that make sense!?! The worry is our home form, but I do think that the teams below us are worse than we are and as we have more points on the table, we should be ok. That said, there always seems to be a team who think they are safe getting pulled into the relegation spots late on. Crunch games for us are our home games as our form has been very poor at Villa Park all season, which is very unlike us. Need to win our two forthcoming local derbies against Small Heath (Birmingham) and the Baggies (WBA).

2) What are Villa fans looking for from the rest of this season?

Doug Ellis and David O’Leary to leave basically! We are also still in the FA Cup but with our form, as optimistic as I want to be, I can’t see how we can realistically progress that much further. Just looking forward to the end of the season and hopefully the takeover situation being resolved.

3) When O’Leary took over there was a lot of optimism around the club. Do you think he has disappointed?

I didn’t want him here in the first place, the fans were in the process of protesting about the board when he came and had said that they were going to take their time with the next appointment following Graham Taylor’s departure. The next minute O’Leary had been snapped up, if memory serves me right this was following a chance meeting with Ellis at an airport. Although knowing me, I probably dreampt that. I thought that George Graham had set Leeds up for their success, O’Leary for me has proved my theory right. He has taken us backwards and yet still praises himself and slates everyone else connected with the club at every given opportunity.

4) Do you think O’Leary’s comments this week could have a negative effect on your team?

Just this week? He has been talking down the club for so long that the team are bound to have been affected. He has also upset a few players, especially Mark Delaney with his public comments. He basically needs to shut up and get on with the job or preferably shut up and leave!

5) David O’Leary was accused of wasting money and losing the dressing room at Leeds United. Do you think the same is happening at Villa and if so how long do you think he has left to turn it around?

Yes, I think so. He must be a joke in the dressing room now with his ‘honest bunch of lads’ speach. I know the press are bored stupid by him. The thing with Villa is that they can’t afford to sack O’Leary, Ellis has done such a ‘great job’ (sic) that there aren’t the funds to pay him off. So unless he leaves or someone comes in for him (Come on Newcastle, O’Leary is great, honest) we may just be stuck with him. Just hope the new owners (if the takeover is ever resolved) have the sense to have a clean sweep throughout the club. Also, if O’Leary left at the moment, who in their right mind would come in to work for an 82 year old chairman with as bad a reputation as Ellis has?

6) Who should Blackburn fear from the Villa line up?

Kevin Phillips if he is played, he is quality. Gareth Barry is also a king pin of our side, he has been quality this season amidst some very average performances. Get the supply to our strikers and they are all capable of scoring, it is just the supply isn’t that forthcoming. O’Leary has us playing a really inteligent long ball game to very small strikers. Million pound a year? Someone is having a laugh. Shame, because when we do zip the ball around, we actually look a very capable side, as you guys found out earlier in the season!

7) Which players do you fear most from the Blackburn side?

Bellamy. Whinging and moaning and pestering and I’d love him in our side. Only doubt with him being a top player is his fitness, but apart from that, he is a real threat.

8) As a neutral what do you think of Craig Bellamy is he more trouble than he his worth?

Oh, wish I’d read down before answering the question! I’d have him in the Villa team any day of the week. Sort of player you love to hate unless he is in your team, then you surely just love him? Same as Lilly Savage, a real git and as an ex blue nose, not popular with Villans, but he is exactly the sort you need to take a game by the scruff of the next. (Just don’t tell anyone I said so).

9) Are your away fans a noisy bunch? What chants can we expect other than Ellis out?

Yeah, we have a great away support, amongst the best in the Prem. Probably more likely to get O’Leary out at the moment, with Villa being in the hands of merchant bank Rothschilds, it looks like we might finally get new owners, so Ellis will probably miss the usual end of season flak! You’ll no doubt get the anti Blues chants as well!

10) What do you think the score will be?

I find Villa almost impossible to predict, just as you start to give up on them, they come along and do a great performance like the one against Middlesbrough. If we play like that, we’ll give you guys a real run for your money. If the average team come out, you can relax and enjoy a win. I thought you were unlucky against Spurs, so if we don’t battle – I’m sure you will make us pay. I’ll go for a 1-1 draw as it seems wrong to back against my team!

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