Date: 15th January 2010 at 8:58am
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What the hell was that first half?! It almost lulled Villa into a false sense of security!

In the first half of this two legged contest, Villa have a one nil win to take to Villa Park and will be strong favourites to progress to Wembley. But the second half at least gave Rovers some hope after a stunningly awful first half where Villa could have been out of sight.

James Milner was the goal hero as he romped forward from his own half and rolled in a cross from Stewart Downing to send the travelling Villans into delight. A good finish as well from the energetic midfielder.

The first half in general was very poor from Rovers as they seemed trapped in a 4-4-1-1 formation and too often went far too direct, Villa read it easily and Rovers as a result looked shockingly bad…

Villa were as good as Rovers were abd but I don’t care about Villa, I care about Rovers… instead of going down the wings and attacking Villa where it hurt, Rovers stranded poor Niko Kalinic up front on his own with Dunn his only other outlet.

It was 4-5-1. In a Carling Cup semi-final. AT HOME. Good grief, the fans let Sam know their feelings with ‘Big Sam, sort it out’ chants ringing out around the ground as the first half drew to a close.

Could they play any worse in the second half? Thankfully, no, they were much better. In the second half, Rovers could lay claim to being marginally the better side but Villa always look threatening on the counter attack.

You know it won’t be your night though when Kalinic hit the post TWICE and in the dying seconds Steven N’Zonzi headed over the bar when it was easier to score.

The introductions of Steven Reid and Martin Olsson actually helped the Rovers side and added balance, Steven Reid in particular added much mor punch down the right of midfield than Michel Salgado ever did.

But despite the spirited comeback and Sam reverting to 4-4-2 in the last ten minutes. The same problems remain and leave us with an uphill task in the second game –

Too predictable going forward.

A desperate lack of quality in the final third.

And now the fans have turned in full.

Sam has an even tougher job on his hands now to win the fans round.

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson – 9
Kept Rovers in the tie in the first half with saves from Heskey, Agbonlahor, Cuellar and Milner.

Top draw showing from Robbo, shame about those that were actually charged with playing in the outfield.

Lars Jacobsen – 5
Struggled with the Young/Downing axis and didn’t really link well with the world’s most defensive right winger.

Was taken off at half time to spare his blushes.

Chris Samba – 6
Solid enough but didn’t really impose himself on the game as much as he should.

Won the aerial battle with Heskey but he needed to show a bit more decision in the tackle.

Ryan Nelsen – 6
Same as Samba really.

He tried to lead by example but was put under toomuch pressure from the over ran midfield.

Pascal Chimbonda – 7
Best defender on show and when switched to right back made a good attacking effort.

In the second half he grew in confidence – if only it had rubbed off on more around him.

Brett Emerton – 6
Fairly poor in the first half but grew in prominence as the game wore on.

Being in central midfield with N’Zonzi is much better than with Andrews but he could have bought the wingers into play more.

Steven N’Zonzi – 6
Not one of his better games but he did get to grips with Milner and Petrov as he went along.

Was again a good aerial threat but needs to increase the speed of his passing. Should have scored right at the end.

Michel Salgado – 5
I am not buying him on right wing. He can shift himself about and his movement has made his lack of speed less of an issue.

But his attacking play is non-existent, or any meaningful aspect anyway. Disappointing night.

Morten Gamst Pedersen – 5
Some poor crossing didn’t help his cause and he often struggled to get the better of Cuellar who had a top game.

His general body language is an improvement on previous months this season but he was another one who fell short of what was needed.

David Dunn – 7
Best outfield player for Rovers in general. His work rate and strength made him a handful and went close with a couple of efforts (the second of which he should have scored with.)

Does look a little short of match fitness but he tried his best to make Sam’s stubborn tactics work.

Nikola Kalinic – 6
Often stranded with nowhere to go up front on his own in the first half and was totally nulified. But the second half confirmed what we all thought we knew.

Nikola Kalinic is the unluckiest man in football.

Martin Olsson – 6
Got skinned by Ashley Young as soon as he came on at left back thankully got better as he went along.

Can at least take credit that he is now a competent player.

Steven Reid – 6
Looking better than Michel Salgado out on the right is not tricky but Reid instantly made Warnock a lot more uncomfortable.

His presence out on the right and his pace as a willing runner made him a threat. But he is another one short of fitness.
Bought on to add one more body up front and looked to be a menace.

But most things he tried didn’t come off ths time and he often struggled to find space for himself.


23 Replies to “Villa take advantage through to the second leg”

  • First time in long time I saw a match, and No no no, I totally disagree with the rate for the defence and Salgado. Lars Jacobsen need a 7, he was clearly the best man in the first half. There were no attacks from Villa coming through on the left side (rovers right) in the first half – at least a 7. Samba looked like an elefant in a pottery shop 4 – awful performance. Nelson a bit better 5 he can get. Chimbonda can get a 5 or a 6, he was not good in the defence! yes he was doing well forward, but not in the defence – and even used the hand in a situation in front of his own goal.
    Salgago was awful he can get from 1-3 – he costs us the goal, was to slow, passed the ball nowhere – get away from Ewood park asap. Agree that Robinson or Kalinic – in my eyes- was the best players. Generel improvement is needed aspecially from BSA, the first half was awful and only one attacker at home?!…cheers

  • fair enough riisenholt. appreciiate your opinion! I think we can all agree that if we never see a first half like that ever again it will be too soon!!!

  • spurs fan here. watched the game and i have to say it was way too easy for much space so much time.also disagree with your ratings there.kalinic was pretty good and deserves way more then a 6.up against 2 brick houses in dunne and collins he won a lot of balls and tried to bring his teammates into play.dunn lost too many balls trying to beat players and taking that extra was awful stuff to watch though.

  • Sorry but I have to disagree a little too! Putting Olsson & Kalinic on the same score isn’t right imo. Olsson looked back to his old self defensively after a couple of promising games. Within seconds of coming on he was skinned twice by Young. A large % of misplaced passes. Got 2 good crosses in that was it. He was on a Keith Andrews level. Kalinic on the other hand was great. He fed off scraps but kept working hard for the team. He held the ball up well, has a great first touch and to hit the same post twice was too unlucky. The two players were on different levels last night. I’d have given a 3 to Olsson and a 7 to Niko. Anyone got a count on how many times he has hit the woodwork? Got to be half a dozen at least. Otherwise I rather agree with most of the low ratings (and Robbo’s 9). If it wasn’t for Robbo and some strangely poor finishing by Villa we would have been 6-0 down. In all honesty we should have been thrashed after such a bad performance. Got to take the positives though and the gap is only 1 goal! Gonna be a huge ask but this is football and anything can happen, especially with Dunny back. Bring on Villa Park!

  • Hey I only disagreed with 2 Mikey! Also I don’t think BSA will get the sack based on last night. Maybe if we don’t win any of the next 3 then there will certainly be some pressure on the board to consider other options but tbh I see him hanging around for a while yet.

  • Poor first half but fight in the second half. I have to give credit to Villa, O’Neill got his tactics spot on and we were well out played. 2nd half some improvement but that goal keeps eluding us. I thought that Young Milner and Aggy were very good – although the amount of backing in Aggy did to Samba was a joke – and it wasn’t a penalty, he definitely fell to the ground. I was disappointed that Villa felt the need to go into the corner at the end rather than play as well. Bad news is that we have an uphill battle – good news is Sam will have to play attacking football!

  • It’ll be very difficult for you at Villa Park next week with a SELL OUT 43,000 fans backing our team. Blackburn fans should hang their heads in shame at the lack of support shown for your team. Just when they need some help, it ain’t there. Yes it was a Thursday night, yes the weather was bad but for a crowd of only 18,595 to turn up to a semi-final?

    In the second half, when Blacburn did start to play some attractive football and we were under the cosh – the noise from the Villa fans was deafening! See you next week!

  • i just hope they don’t leave early this time godzvilla. against liverpool i saw so many empty seats with about 10-15 minutes to go i thought there might have been a bomb scare or something. villa fans should hold their heads in shame at the lack of support shown for your team.just when they might need some help it ain’t there. and then you go on and lose.

  • Why did Blackburn refuse to let Villa have extra tickets last night? Our initial allocation sold out immediately, and evidently when we asked for another 3,000 we were told no. Fair enough, if Blackburn were going to sell them, but they didn’t. What I have noticed a lot at VP is that fans leave their seats with about 5 minutes to go and watch the end of the match on the TV’s in the concourse so they can get an early exit. I agree it isn’t great, but it seems to happen at a lot of grounds these days. Have Rovers sold out their allocation for VP do you know? We have to realise that Rovers do not have a massive catchment area, but they should get better support than that for a semi final surely?

  • Blackburn are not doing the basics by closing players down and playing one touch football! they are always getting the ball and thumping it up field hopeing someone gets on to it. they don’t rush players which as you know if you keep rushing players they eventually make a mistake and you counter. pederson just seemed like he didn’t care because he is getting a pay cheque, i don’t think i saw him sprint once he is always jogging as if he expects someone else in the team to pick up the slack. Also where were the bburn supporters? It was a semi final first leg and it looked like more villa fans were there than rovers fans? If i was back home i bburn i would f definitely been there for the game! All in all a disappointing performance from both the players and the fans!!!

  • you cant really compare Villa to Blackburn in terms of support – the catchment areas are so different! it makes me laugh so hard when peeps criticise other teams support – Blackburn is a town of 70,000, Villa re in Brimingham! Yes Rovers should have had more fans there but most were not going as a way of showing their lack of faith in Big Sam. Well done Villa but people like Godzilla who have been bragging on my blog and this site should perhaps learn to have a little more class in victory!

  • Another pathetic first half, I’ve seen that far to often this season, why can’t we be positive from the start and not wait until we go behind before we get stuck in. could easily have scored a couple in the 2nd half we were just lucky the gap was only 1-0. we need a 442 which will never happen down in birmingham or suburb of. All the talk of how unlucky Kalinic was is getting boring, he and the rest of the team need to start putting it in the net no matter how it happens. we’re not out yet but nearly???

  • i hate tottenham and your personal attitude to the villa. BUT WE WON TONIGHT and @ le liverpool game the holte end was still full and still singing even when torres stole a game we clearly deserved to win. but dwight schrute is the best character in the world and we’ll finish above you, so i’ll let you off.

  • agree except for Salgado, he made a few good tackles and he was solid when he came back, saved us in the first half. he deserved better. and as for sam well…but it this way, me and a mate where the ones who started ‘mark hughes blue and white army’

  • why are all these villa fans coming on here complaining about the lack of support to some of the most loyal rovers fans? I dont get it… Blackburn is a small town… and in this next comment, im not a racist at all.. but almost half of our town is asian, who tend to follow arsenal, liverpool, man u, or chelsea… you are in one of the largest cities in the UK? big difference

  • I would swap the scores for Dunn & Kallanic – David Dunn isn’t where he left off before injury – he tried hard but never really made the class tell. Kallanic worked hard from whistle to whistle – he chased balls down, harried the defence and showed his physical presence. Pity one of those near misses didn’t go in – he would have deserved it. Can’t say I remember much from Benni. The one thing that was clear is that Rovers lack Villa’s pace and accuracy of passing – at times it looked as though Rovers had put out a Sunday League side. Rovers were terrified of Villas pace and as a result too much last ditch defending was done around the penalty area. We need some pace and inspiration, particularly in midfield and to cover defence! Some great saves from Robbo but he can’t do it all himself – he needs some help!

  • I’m with everyone who thinks Kali played well. He put in the work but didn’t see the reward. 3″ to the left on both the header and the shot and the Rovers would be going back to Villa Park with a 2-1 (undeserved) lead. Dunn and Emo are hardly match fit. Chimbo got run ragged down the wing. Not impressed. Salgado is 3 steps behind. At least he looks like Tugay. If he ever touched the ball, I would be he plays like him too!

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